The Sacred Heart Stopped the Bubonic Plague in Marseille, France, 1720

It’s helpful to read of how one brave Bishop helped the sick and dying in the streets and consecrated Marseille to the Sacred Heart. Especially now with the coronavirus spreading rapidly with the possibility of China’s aid. Those in power want population reduction with abortion and euthanasia … and corona virus spreading … all for the new one world. Down with the One Worlders! Prayer and Sacrifice will win as Our Lady tells us so frequently during her visits to earth.


Belsunce2.jpgHero of the Marseilles Plague, Bishop Henri Francois-Xavier de Belsunce de Castelmoron, the Bishop of Marseilles tends the sick in the featured color photo..

“I am still, by the grace of God, on my feet among the dead and dying.  Everyone at my side has been stricken, and of the many ministers of the Lord who have accompanied me, I have only one remaining.  My household itself has fallen ;  eleven have died and five are still ill, though out of danger…the plague has been in Marselleises for three months and still shows no sign of abating.

What horrors have I not seen or heard?  For eight whole days two hundred corpses rotted around my house and under my windows. I was obliged to walk in streets flanked on both sides of half rotten, dog-chewed bodies, with so much plague-ridden debris and filth underfoot that it was impossible to know…

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