Holy Roman Catholic Church Responsible for “Murder of the Divine Message”: Maria Divine Mercy

It is time to look again at the prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy, who asks for your prayers. Her prophecy of a global vaccination for a global disease perfectly fits the corona virus for which a world wide vaccination is being considered and has been already made in 2015 in China.



It with sad news that we announce that the Holy Roman Catholic Church has performed a  modern day witch hunt on the woman from Dublin Ireland who was responsible delivering the message from Mother Mary and Jesus Christ about coming world events for the last four years.

Millions of people around the world have read the messages of Maria Divine Mercy who wrote anonymously from her home in Ireland, and unlike many she chose not to seek fame and fortune from her gifts as an seer of Mother Mary/Jesus Christ. She wished not to be known because it was about the message and not about her.

But the Holy Roman Catholic Church was against her because she gained a huge following and predicted the end of the Mother Church within in our timeline as was predicted with the Fatima prophecies and many other mystic including myself.

Recently, the church published…

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