Some Words of Benedict XVI on Gender Theory Which Had Been Thrown Under the Bus

“Gender theory is ultimately a revolt against God and man.”  Pope Benedict XVI Christmas address to the Roman curia 2012

Speaking in the Clementine Hall, surrounded by ancient frescoes of antique beauty, the Pope had continued on with a strong voice which carried truth with the clearness of a bell. These snippets of words display clearness of mind and a non revolutionary spirit which was his utter downfall !

How desperately our hearts need to be lifted with this language now!

The Fatima Network has retrieved and  inserted his words into an article which originally was intended to report on the Synod on the Family 2015.  The authors thought that these words of Benedict should have been presented to the Synod Fathers.  Nice thought, good Fatima Center!!

Here it is!  A 2012 homily from Pope Benedict XVI pulled out of the dustbin of history

“Pope Benedict XVI, in his 2012 address to the Roman Curia warned against what is called Gender Theory.  This theory , which coincides with the rise of homosexuality in society, claims there is no such thing as a God-given masculine nature or a feminine nature.

Individuals are free to choose and remake their gender.

The acceptance of such theories not only defies God and nature, but gives rise to the persecution of Christians, and of anyone who opposes the pro-homosexual program, as will be later explained.

According to this philosophy, gender is no longer a given element of nature that a man has to accept and personally make sense of.

Those who promote gender theory falsely claim there was never any such thing as a masculine nature or a feminine nature that has defined us since our conception.

We are now at the point where man decides his own gender.

The profound falsehood of this theory, and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious.   People dispute the idea that they have a nature, defined by their body which serves as the defining element of every human being.  People are denying this natural definition and deciding that  it is not something previously God given to them.  They can change it …

According to the biblical creation account, being created by God as male and female pertains to the essence of the human creature.  This duality (male and female) is an essential aspect of what being human is all about, as ordained by God.  This very duality is now disputed.  The words of the creation account no longer apply.  No, what applies now is this:  it was not God who created them male and female.  Now we decide for ourselves!  Man and woman as created realities no longer exist.  Man calls his nature into question.

From now on he is merely spirit and will!

Man chooses his own false reality.

There is a repugnance toward the misuse of nature when it comes to the earth, yet many are willing to believe man may restructure his own nature

Thus the family as God established, which is father, mother and children, can also be changed by human will.  Man will believe he can define the family any way he wants:  two men and a son, two women and a canary, three men, three women, and almost any other aberration.

Likewise the child has lost the place he had occupied hitherto and the dignity pertaining to him … the child has become an object to which people have a right and which they have a right to obtain.  (homosexuals adopting?)

Gender theory is ultimately a revolt against God and man.  When the freedom to be creative become the freedom to create oneself, then necessarily the Maker is denied and ultimately man too is stripped of his dignity as a creature of God.  When God is denied, human dignity also disappears.”  End of Benedict quotes



Benedict entering Clementine Hall dressed regally in papal regalia which we have loved.  He is wearing red shoes which signify the blood of Catholic martyrs following the footsteps of Christ.

These words indeed should have been used by the Synod Fathers of the 2015 Family Synod.  This part of the 2012 Christmas address to the Roman Curia does not appear on the Vatican web site as part of that 2012 address.

Benedict’s words of the past, so suitable and helpful to thoughts of the family, did not fit the revolutionary objective of that Synod.

It was at this Family Synod where brave Cardinal Pell objected to the program by slamming his fist on the table exclaiming to Francis “You’ve got to stop manipulating this synod.”

Where is Cardinal Pell now?

Where is Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI now?



The Corona Virus: Evil Endgame (part1)

There is much food for thought here. The author has put many pieces into the puzzle and they fit. The Black Plague in Marseilles, France ended when Bishop de Belsunce propagated the Sacred Heart Badge and held a Eucharistic procession. This was the badge given to St. Margaret Mary. The Sacred Heart Scapular was given to the church (approved) by Pellevoisin. The badge reads on the reverse ‘Cease! the Heart of Jesus is with me.” The scapular has Mary Merciful Mother on the reverse. Put on the armour of God.



Things you may not know

There  are many awful things happening today. This outbreak of the Corona Virus was sudden and unexpected. It seems to be raging through the population in China. Reminds me of the bushfires we have here in this country.

Is it a “Sign of the Times”?

There are many questions. How did it start? Is it a man-made virus?

Why was there a vaccine patented back in 2015? There are a whole lot of things that need explaining. I have some bits and pieces of info that may explain some questions, but which raise a whole lot of others.

At first I thought would be just like the others– ebola,  the bird flu, swine flu… These were all treated like a dreadful epidemic, but they all petered out.

Then I heard that it was a type of flu. Well, ok we have had bad flus before…

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Illegal Immigrant Caravans and Criminal Catholics

By Michelle Malkin  February 2020  The Boston Broadsider

The latest, lawless migrant caravan hurtling from Honduras to our southern border is as organic as Astro Turf.

The Central American trespassers now number between 2,500 and 4,000.  Two weeks ago, some slickly designed flyers,  which were disseminated on social media,  beckoned them to sign up for the latest journey and to meet at a bus stop in San Pedro Sula.  That village is ground zero, where Honduras’s destabilizing Libre Party,  and its former top legislator-turned agitator, Bartolo Fuentes, have brazenly spearheaded caravan organizing campaigns in the past …  since President Donald trump took office.

On Monday, the throngs reached the Mexico-Guatemala border, where mobs of mostly young men threw rocks and sticks at police – while sympathetic, international “journalists” selectively captured and curated tired women and crying children on the trek …  with state-of-the-art cameras and livestreams.

Make no mistake.  These are not desperate people suddenly seeking refuge from violence and harm.

They are low-wage workers, pew-fillers and future ethnic -bloc voters being exploited by Big Business, the Vatican and the Democrat Party.

Pueblo Sin fronteras may be the most recognizable name behind the caravans, but global Catholic elites play a central role in the coordination of this transnational human smuggling racket.  Trump – bashing, American sovereignty-trashing Pope Francis donated $500,000 nine months ago from his Peter’s Pence fund to assist congregations for “housing, food and basic necessities,” as well as “migrant assistance programs run by seven dioceses and three religious congregations:  the Scalabrinians, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Hermanas Josefinas,”  according to the Catholic News Service.

As I have reported on my investigations in “Open Borders Inc., “the Catholic Underground Railroad,  The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration in Mexico of migrant safe houses that extend across Central America, through Mexico, and up to and into the U.S.,  is a well-oiled machine.  The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration in Mexico has guaranteed supplies of medicine, hygiene products, construction materials, as well as therapy services and legal training for caravan marchers who are housed at the Hermanos en el Camino shelter, along with the Catholic-run Hogar de la Misericordia shelter and Jesus el Buen Pastor del Pobre y el Migrante shelter.  Funding comes not just from Catholic parishes, but also U.S. tax dollars.  The La 72 shelter in Tenosique is run by Franciscans.  The El Caminante shelter in Palenque is overseen by Catholic nuns.  The Scalabrinians operate Casa del Migrante in Tijuana and have managed an entire shelter ministry network since 1999.

On the southern border of Mexico is Chiapas, the city of of Tapachula, the first entry point for Central Americans headed to the U.S.  There, the Fray Matias de Cordova Human Rights Center provides “comprehensive support” to illegal immigrant travelers including legal consultations, monitoring of detention centers and “online resources, art and social activities, job training, and basic social services.” The group has received nearly $200,000 from the liberal MacArthur Foundation.

Also in Tapachula, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) opens its churches and pastoral centers to provide shelter, monetary aid, voluntary aid and emergency assistance.  Its’ team of lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and Jesuit clergy spread from Tapachula to Comalapa and Mexico City.  JRS staff served as sherpas for the 2018 caravan marchers and liasons with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees.

Jaime  Calderon, the Catholic bishop of Tapachula, Mexico, immediately pledged aid this month to the newest waves of border-jumpers and river-crossers, openly acknowledging that he received a heads-up from other bishops in the Northern triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador).  But while Calderon and the bishops blame “violence” for the most recent invasion …  homicide rates have either fluctuated or fallen significantly in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador since Barack Obama’s executive amnesty programs (DACA and DAPA) were announced in 2012.

Migrants themselves refute the “fleeing violence” narrative:  An international Organization for Migration poll of more than 3,000 Guatemalan households in 2016, highlighted by the Center for Immigration studies’ Kausha Luna, reported that 91% of migrants surveyed had moved to the U.S. for economic reasons  (jobs, homes, income boosts)  —  while only 0.3% cited extortion and 0.2% attributed their decision to gangs.

Meanwhile, the percentage of the population of Guatemala now living in the U.S. is close to 7%;  for El Salvador, the percentage now stands at 22%; and for Honduras, we now have absorbed 9.2% of their people.

This is a deliberately orchestrated, relentlessly executed, slow-motion criminal invasion.  If my fellow Catholics continue to aid and abet these illegal immigrant gravy trains without consequences, American sovereignty doesn’t have a prayer.

The Vatican Caucus

Francis wants World Socialism and Bernie Sanders as American President. He will Never get his dream of world socialism as long as Trump is in office.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

By Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant:

The Vatican Caucus is gearing up to defeat Donald Trump, as they promote their socialist darling, Bernie Sanders.

It’s 2016 all over again…

Francis is gearing up for the 2020 Vatican Caucus.

The campaign is now underway, the Bernie supporters are firmly ensconced, the pope’s political proxies are issuing statements trashing Donald Trump. The papal bully pulpit is now primed for political warfare.

yore quote 1

American Catholics, gird yourself for the continuing onslaught on America’s most pro-life President by none other than the Holy See. This is just the first round of a Vatican full scale assault on the Trump Administration. Move over, Nancy Pelosi. The Bergoglian henchmen are ready to rip on Trump. They will make the 2016 campaign look like a romp in the Vatican Gardens.

Remember the tumultuous 2016 election?

Lest we forget, Socialist Bergoglio rolled out the Vatican red carpet and white…

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Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler

Do not despise prophecies but test everything and hold fast to what is good.

Father of Love and Mercy

My dearly beloved daughter, how the Truth can shock you. Although you accept My Holy Word, it is only when the prophecies I reveal to you materialise, that you understand the seriousness of this Mission to save humanity.

The introduction of a global vaccine, targeting infants and young children, will be one of the most wicked forms of genocide ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler.

This evil plan will be possible because many of your governments forced their people to accept changes in their laws giving their governments power to enforce laws against your innocent children.

Remember that the only thing that has stopped My Father from bringing the world to an end is because of the love of those loyal servants amongst you.

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Holy Roman Catholic Church Responsible for “Murder of the Divine Message”: Maria Divine Mercy

It is time to look again at the prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy, who asks for your prayers. Her prophecy of a global vaccination for a global disease perfectly fits the corona virus for which a world wide vaccination is being considered and has been already made in 2015 in China.


It with sad news that we announce that the Holy Roman Catholic Church has performed a  modern day witch hunt on the woman from Dublin Ireland who was responsible delivering the message from Mother Mary and Jesus Christ about coming world events for the last four years.

Millions of people around the world have read the messages of Maria Divine Mercy who wrote anonymously from her home in Ireland, and unlike many she chose not to seek fame and fortune from her gifts as an seer of Mother Mary/Jesus Christ. She wished not to be known because it was about the message and not about her.

But the Holy Roman Catholic Church was against her because she gained a huge following and predicted the end of the Mother Church within in our timeline as was predicted with the Fatima prophecies and many other mystic including myself.

Recently, the church published…

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