Gathering my thoughts before prayer

Veronica, it is the Lord..

St. Michael and his banner during the War in Heaven.

At war with myself, once again, as I try to collect my thoughts and pray..

So, what’s supposed to happen is I come home, I am with my family – diner, catching up, preparing for tomorrow, and prayer time – then I retire to my bedroom with my husband where we relax, make love, delegate orders to the children to hurry the up, read, and pray.

The whole time, I am preparing to sit with my Lord.. praying, as you will, in a sort of preparatory way. Preparatory prayer.. preparing to sit and be with God, and think, live, breathe singularly for Him. No other thoughts, no other concerns.. focus.

Yet here, I am, dangerously past my bedtime, typing up .. whatever, because I hung around Twitter and chilled with Catholic friends. Because I’m stubborn and want to bookmark this…

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