Gathering my thoughts before prayer

Veronica, it is the Lord..

St. Michael and his banner during the War in Heaven.

At war with myself, once again, as I try to collect my thoughts and pray..

So, what’s supposed to happen is I come home, I am with my family – diner, catching up, preparing for tomorrow, and prayer time – then I retire to my bedroom with my husband where we relax, make love, delegate orders to the children to hurry the up, read, and pray.

The whole time, I am preparing to sit with my Lord.. praying, as you will, in a sort of preparatory way. Preparatory prayer.. preparing to sit and be with God, and think, live, breathe singularly for Him. No other thoughts, no other concerns.. focus.

Yet here, I am, dangerously past my bedtime, typing up .. whatever, because I hung around Twitter and chilled with Catholic friends. Because I’m stubborn and want to bookmark this…

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Meet President Trump, The Myth-Slayer

Yes …”Trump is expressing in his usual robus way what we all think. Thank God for this great man.”

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Once again, the Great President took it on himself to expose the myth of the Religion Of Doom and tell the planet that the dangerous fantasies of its priests aim at the total domination of the world population.

This was not only very beautiful and eloquent in itself. It was more beautiful, because the attack was carried out in the very lair of the Globalist Wolf. A wolf cosily sipping champagne and flying private jet, I admit, but a wolf nevertheless. How about this:

These alarmists always demand the same thing – absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.

Trump is expressing – in his usual, robust way – what many thinks. He speaks for the hard working, no-nonsense people.

He is also a powerful voice against atheism, then the fantasy of a world about to self-destruct because of the number of souls living in…

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