Father Paul Kramer: “Pius XII Never Condemned Lipa Apparitions”

In its decree, the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) of the Holy See argued that Pope Pius XII made a “definitive” condemnation in 1951 against “the supposed apparitions” and declared they “were not of supernatural origin”

If Pope Pius XII made a “definitive confirmation” in 1951, of the decree, as the CBCP claims, then that “definitive confirmation” would be noted on the decree itself, as is the case with the July 1961 decree of the Holy Office condemning the “All Nations” apparitions in Amsterdam.

The significance of such a notation is explained in Code of Canon Law and Commentary by James Corriden et at, published by the Canon Law Society of America.

According to Canon Law, if there appears on a decree of the Holy Office such words as “With the approval of the Supreme Pontiff”, or, after consultation with the Supreme Pontiff”, then the decree has the authority of a papal act.

If a diocesan decree has such a phrase as “after consultation with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” … as is the case with the Declaration of the Diocese of Brooklyn, N.Y. on the alleged apparitions of Bayside … or “with the approval of the CDF” then the Decree has the force of a Roman curial act.

There is no such clause on the April 11, 1951 decree:                                                                                                                             We, the undersigned Archbishops and Bishops, consulting for the purpose of a special commission, have attentively examined and reviewd the evidence and testimonies in the course of repeated long and careful examinations, have reached the unanimous conclusion and hereby officially declare that the above mentioned evidence and testimonies exclude any supernatural intervention in the reported extraordinary happenings, including the shower of petals, at the Carmel of Lipa                                                                                                                      (Signed)  Gabriel M. Reyes                                                                                                      Archbishop of Manila                                                                                                            (Signed)  Mariano Madriaga                                                                                                  Bishop of Lingayen                                                                                                             (Signed)  Cesar M. Guerrero                                                                                                  Bishop of San Fernando                                                                                                         (Signed)  Juan Sisson                                                                                                            Auxiliary Bishop of Nueva Segovia                                                                                      (Signed)  Vincent Reyes                                                                                                         Auxiliary Bishop of Manila                                                                                                 (Signed)  Rufino Santos                                                                                                           Apostolic Administrator of Lipa, Manila,

11 April 1951                                                                                                                         Concordat cum original                                                                                                    (Signed)   Egidio Vagnozzi                                                                                                     (Apostolic Nuncio)

“If Pius XII whispered his “definitive confirmation” or wrote it, signed it and put it in a drawer – but it was not noted on the decree, then the decree has no force beyond its own face value, and the alleged “definitive confirmation” would be utterly bereft of any juridical force whatsoever.

The onus is on the CDF to produce the evidence of the alleged confirmation, otherwise the claim must be dismissed by the CBCP as apocryphal.  It is standard procedure to note the approval of a higher authority on the decree itself.  Such a notation is nowhere to be found on the decree April 1951;  and it is inconceivable that Pius XII issued some other decree condemning the 11/04/1951 decree on Lipa, since such a decree is totally unknown to ever have existed, and unless duly promulgated, it would remain bereft of all juridical force.

A Deliberate Act of Fraud in Order to deceive the Catholic Hierarchy and the Faithful of the Philippine

Whoever it was in the CDF who claimed that Pius XII made a “definitive confirmation in 1951” and declared “they were not of supernatural origin” must have studied Canon Law at the Alice in Wonderland Institute, or else has perpetrated a deliberate act of fraud in order to deceive the Catholic hierarchy and the faithful of the Philippines.


There are many in the Vatican who hate the true message of Fatima (real 3rd secret of apostasy) because the Vatican is entrenched with Modernists, Masons and Marxists … all trying to finalize their One World Religion”


Father Paul Kramer

Mystery of Iniquity                                                                                                                                 The Devils Final Battle                                                                                                                            To Deceive The Elect













































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  1. I see another problem with this decree of the Bishops. As far as I know the only competent authority to discern the supernatural origin of a local apparition or miracle is the local bishop. A committee formed by Bishops of the nation or region has no authority whatsoever to pronounce on the matter, even if such a commission includes the said bishop.

    This has to to with the proper subject or authority of a canonical act. If the wrong authority issues the act, it has no force. This is a standard rule of law. Also, the Bishop of the locale makes this decision on hiw own before God, with only those consultors he choses. A national committee is more likely to force him to a political decision, and thus puts in doubt his freedom, consent and due process.


    1. Thank you. Such help is greatly appreciated. The entire investigation was a farce. Teresita, the seer, states on video, in answer to a question by June Keithley, well known Philippino TV anchor, and author, that “no” they never interviewed her. The Priest Psychologist has written that she is “normal” Therefore how does this investigation get away with stating “no supernatural”? Heaven wants the fifth Marian Dogma. It is tied to Fatima. Thank you so much for your input.

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