The Bushfires described as “Apocalyptic”

To Break the Seal of Confession and to keep a high Prince of the Church, Cardinal Pell, in an abominable isolated cell in prison are only two of many which Australia has wounded heaven with. The rest of the world is not far behind! Be Prepared … as the author of this post writes.



Fire is burning all around us.

For weeks the fires have been burning – from the north of Australia, to the south. We have had a very dry winter and bushfires are expected in summer, but never to this extent. Summer has not even yet begun! National Geographic described them as “apocalyptic”. A firefighter in Qld. said they were like the “gates of hell”.

The air is full of smoke. It chokes us. we must keep our windows closed. Some people don’t have air conditioning! They absorb a greater amount of suffering for us. Our air quality – usually excellent – is amongst the worst in the world at this time. We have never had so much smoke and smoke haze. The air quality has been rated as hazardous (over 300+). We have had a day or two of reprieve, when the wind cleared the smoke temporarily, but the…

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