Matrimony of Desire and Lifestyle Ecumenism

He defended the dogma “Outside the Church there is no salvation” The powers that be persecuted him relentlessly. I remember him speaking on Boston Common. He is surely in heaven now looking down on a Church in shambles. Perhaps it didn’t have to be if this dogma had not been blown to bits by ecumenism. Ah! What could have been !! Pray for us Father Feeney …

Driftless Catholic

“For they shall sow wind, and reap a whirlwind, there is no standing stalk in it, the bud shall yield no meal; and if it should yield, strangers shall eat it.” Osee (Hosea) 8:7

Once upon a time, a Feeneyite* writer — Charles Coulombe, I think — made some remark about Baptism of Desire. The remark went something like, “Have you ever heard of Matrimony of Desire? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Neither does Baptism of Desire.” In other words, neither implicit nor explicit desire for a sacrament realizes that sacrament.

Except that is what Pope Francis seems to think. The canon law requirements for sacramental matrimony don’t matter — that’s just legalism. The vast majority of marriages that would pass the canon law definition are actually null, while cohabitations are valid marriages. Why can’t we extend this type of rationalization to any type of relationship at all, heterosexual or not? It’s about…

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