The Great Apostasy of The Last Times is A Departing From The Authority of Christ The King, Who IS the Incarnation! He Cannot Be Dissolved. He is Man and God

christ-ban2 2The Kingdom which the God of Heaven set up is “a stone cut out without hands. 

It became a great mountain and filled the whole earth … the one and universal Church.

It was founded by our Divine Lord, and spread by His Apostles throughout the world. 

In this one, only supernatural kingdom was deposited the true and pure theism, or knowledge of God, and the true and only faith of God incarnate, with the doctrines and laws of grace.”                        Daniel 2:45

This, then, the Catholic Church, the one and only true Church, is the authority …  from which the great apostasy is to be made, or is being made.

This supernatural Kingdom, came from the mind and will of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ.

God Incarnate or Jesus Christ … True God and True Man … set up the doctrines and laws of grace when He walked upon the earth. He is a Man and He is God.

Perhaps perhaps we will see Him when he returns to earth as Christ the King.  A King is a Man whom one can see with the eyes.  He promised that when He comes again we will see Him exactly as He left the earth, a Man.  Although both Man and God He appeared as a Man to the eyes of the apostles.  The mysteries of our faith are awesome!

St. Paul, St. Timothy and St. Jerome, and St. John, all  speak of the latter days when some shall apostatise for the faith.

These Inspired Writers Express the Character of These Days:

The first is, schism, as given by St. John:  “It is the last hour: and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh: even now there are many Antichrists whereby we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us.  If they had been of us, they would no doubt have remained with us.” Example below:  Henry VIII Was Schismatic Head of the Church of England. 

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The second character is, the rejection of the office and presence of the Holy Ghost.  St. Jude says, “These are they, who separate themselves, sensual men, having not the spirit.

This necessarily involves the heretical principle of human opinion, as opposed to Divine faith, and to the infallible voice of the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Church of God.

Below is pictured our Pope who speaks his private, perhaps heretical, human  opinions, which are at times opposed to the infallible voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through the Church of God.

The quote from him,  above his head surely rejects the papal office and is a personal opinion, perhaps held to further the cause of sinful ecumenism.


The third and last character of the end times is the denial of the Incarnation. This is very serious and has many effects which will be dealt with in another writing.  Our Catholic Pope is reported to have supplied this last character when he supposedly said, to Eugene Scalfari, former editor of La Republic Magazine, that he believes that Jesus was a man only when He walked the earth.  A man only! Not Man and God! A denial of the Incarnation, which if incorporated into our beliefs by the Pope, will lead many souls to hell.  Let us pray that he publicly and personally recants.scalfari-and-pf.jpg

A Catholic outcry followed this statement by Calfari, demanding clarification of this heretical statement of the Pope’s belief.  Nothing was forthcoming as far as a clear denial by the Pope. The Vatican said it was not true.  The Pope went to the Shrine of Loreto and designated it a feast day to be put on all the calendars.  He didn’t say anything about the Incarnation as he gave us this gesture in the home where the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and the Incarnation occurred.  He said nothing about that … I searched for a clarification of his denial of the Incarnation fruitlessly.

Catholics were already outraged by the Amazonian Synod,during which Amazonian idols were worshipped in the Vatican Gardens and again in St. Peters Basillica.  The Pope was seen bowing his head respectfully in apparent approval and love of the indigenous peoples who prayed before him to a wooden carving of a’mother earth’ or ‘pachamama’ … a highly immodestly dressed or undressed  mother earth.  Nothing beautiful about mother earth either.

So upsetting was this bomb against our faith that perhaps we didn’t notice or give impetus to his words as much as we should have.  We are victims of papal brainwashing and some of even us suffer from post traumautic stress syndrome perhaps. Just an observation from my nursing days.  Gather around Mary, all you poor people.

This wagon load of words as delivered by Eugene Calfari, to a sorrowful and disheartened milieu of Catholics, has not been withdrawn by the Pope, nor the Vatican.  Not in words which were definite and true.  Mr. Scalfari is a friend of the Pope and benefit of many visits and conversations.  A personage such as Cardinal Zen would love to have that much time with the Pope.

Personally, I would like to hear the Pope recite the Apostles Creed for all the world to hear. The Pope.  Not atheist Scalfari. telling us that the Pope did this.   Not a Vatican spokesman telling us the Pope did this.   The Pope.

Perhaps that would diminish the punishment which is sure to come, and soon.  The catastrophe which Our Lady of Akita foretold for instance:  “Fire will fall from the heavens … the dead will envy the living … the living will not recognize one another …

These last words bring to mind a nuclear disaster.  Sometimes at  Hiroshima the people did not recognize one another, their faces were melted from the heat.  Eyes were missing. The U.S. had dropped an atom bomb on a civilian population.  They joked and called it ‘Little Boy’..  How shameful !! I’m ashamed that America did this.  Yes, I read this in the book ‘Hiroshima’ by John Hersey.

When you see fire falling from the sky, your Holiness, and, the thundering of magnitude 8 earthquakes … or two comets colliding … You will finally know that it is not Climate Change. Two comets collided over Sodom and Gomorrah … science has just discovered. Two comets colliding is no small event, and it was not climate change.

Perhaps then you will decide to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  If you have time. If you are physically able … perhaps … but as you think you are the ‘bishop in white’,  as you proclaimed at Fatima,  you may not be able.

In that case you will be shot down with bows and arrows.

That is what Rome told us would happen to the bishop in white.  Only the vision was relayed and Our Lady’s words were replaced by those of a Cardinal who didn’t give us the true words of our Mother.

No, it is not climate change we are going through with  severe weather,  fires with firestorms, floods, the shootings of little children in their schools … the rape of young girls by the hundred fold in Nigeria … babies slaughtered in hospitals  … the wrath of God is kindled by your heretical words, your Holiness. He warns.

Every spirit, which confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.  And every spirit which dissolveth Jesus, is not of God and this is antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.”   1John 4:3

“And he is now already in the world”

We need the truth thundered from the mouth of the Pope to soothe a world which cries out in terror of what will happen next.

The Pope “dissolveth” Jesus.  His words are deadly according to St. John.


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Christus Vincit!   Christus Regnat !  Christus Imperiat !