Scandalizing the Faithful: Truth or Fiction? A Crusader’s Perspective

Did he or did he not say that Jesus was not Divine when He walked the earth? We still have not heard an official denial of his disbelief in the Incarnation, as was given by Scalaeri. Want it from the lips of Francis.



Of course we all know how Bergoglio works by now, but we can’t always convince others who still question who is the villain – Scalfari or Bergoglio? The following arguments (from TM) may be useful to reflect upon, in the case of: 

“Did he deny the divinity of Christ?”

Tony writes…

“So many commentators who, after a ponderously long number of years have finally woken up to the heretical antics of JM Bergoglio, still seem to remain uncertain as to whether he ‘really said’ what his favourite journalist quoted him as saying regarding Christ’snot being Divine whilst He was on earth. 

Michael Voris, in a youtube chat with Dr Taylor Marshall said that the most disturbing news to emerge during the Amazon Synodwas of Eugenio Scalfari referring to Bergoglio as having said that:

Anyone who has had the good fortune to meet with him…

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    1. Sadly we probably will hear it through another spokesman with a twisted version of the awesome event and dogma of the Incarnation. Did he say it or didn’t he? He leaves us hanging … playing with our minds.

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