Pope Francis Further Clouds the Dogma of The Incarnation

20191031T1029-31580-CNS-LORETO-FEAST_800-690x450Pope Francis prays in the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto. Here, Our Lady lived.  Here the Angel Gabriel announced to her that, if she were willing, she would become the Mother of God. Here she accepted the will of God and the Holy Ghost overshadowed her and the “Word became flesh”  …  The dogma of the Incarnation was born in this hour.    Credit photo: CNS/Vatican Media via Reuters March 25, 2019

Here, a few days ago, Pope Francis approved adding the December 10 feast of Our Lady of Loreto to all calendars and liturgical books for the celebration of Mass and the liturgy of the Hours.  Is this Pope Francis’ way of clarifying … to the sheep … his alleged denial of the Incarnation to journalist Eugene Scalfari, editor of La Republica 1976-1996 and close friend of the Pope … just days ago?   It does not compute.

Here is what Pope Francis allegedly said to Eugene Scalfari, editor of La Republica 1976-1996:

“Once he has become incarnate, Jesus ceases to be a God and becomes a man up until His death on the cross.”

Here is what the official decree, making Our Lady of Loreto an official feast day of the Church states:

“this will help all people, especially families, youth and religious to imitate the virtues of the perfect disciple of the Gospel, the Virgin Mother, who, in conceiving “the head of the Church,  also accepted us as her own.”

The words “the head of the Church” are not the same as “Jesus Christ true God and true Man”.  And were we not accepted “as her own” in the dying words of Jesus?  “Behold your Mother”

Are they?  I would like to hear the words  “true God and true Man” from the Pope

I remain in a state of perplexity!  I remain adhered in faith to the dogma of the Incarnation but I remain in a state of sadness and confusion that the words of a Pope which denied the same have reached my eyes and ears.  I believe I have a right to demand truth from Pope Francis.

I demand it.

Especially after the Amazonian Synod … rife with heresy and complete with ugly pagan idols which were adored in the Vatican Gardens where Pope Leo had once prayed the prayer to St. Michael and Pope Pius XII saw the Miracle of the Sun.  Which …  were acknowledged and approved by the Pope’s bowing and scraping to the muslem like touching of the head to the earth by indigenous people in tribal attire.

Especially after the plant with mother earth within it was slipped to the Pope at the final Synod Mass, and, placed on the altar of St. Peter’s Basillica during the Consecration.

Yes, especially after this.

The words of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora come into play at this point.  1816.blessed elizabeth canori mora

“On Christmas, 1816, Blessed Elizabeth saw Our Lady, who appeared extremely sad.  Upon inquiring why, Our Lady answered:

“Behold, my daughter, such great ungodliness.”  Blessed Elizabeth then saw “apostates brazenly trying to rip her most holy Son from her arms.”

Confronted with such an outrage, the Mother of God “ceased to ask for mercy for the world.”

Instead she requested justice from the Eternal Father.

For what need is there of Mary, full of Grace, Mother of God, … for a Baby Who is not also the true God?

Clothed in His inexorable Justice and full of indignation, He turned to the world:

“At that moment all nature went into convulsions, the world lost its normal order and was filled with the most terrible calamity imaginable.

This will be something so deplorable and atrocious that it will reduce the world to the ultimate depths of desolation.”


Ripping the most holy Son from the arms of His Mother could, in the vision of Blessed Elizabeth, portray the words of a future Pope which deny the Incarnation. What Pope Francis is saying is that Jesus was just a man.  In this writer’s fear laden opinion.


Christus Vincit !

Christus Regnat !

Christus Imperiat !




8 thoughts on “Pope Francis Further Clouds the Dogma of The Incarnation

  1. O MaryAnn, I agree!! Mary, Our Beloved Virgin Mother, did not conceive a head of state; a person of a political position- the head of church!! She conceived God made Man- the Son of God; fully human and fully divine!! We do not celebrate a house; even if “the house”: we celebrate The Incarnation!! Or the Annunciation! It does seem that PF (BerGOGlio) is taking every opportunity to confuse the faithful about what we believe! Jesus is being ripped from her arms because her child is the Son of God, only Saviour of the World, not a head of church! They are attempting to wipe out who He truly is! By destroying His True Identity. By trying to turn Him into a political figure! The child in HER arms is the Christ-Child. Long live Christ Our Saviour – in the arms of our Holy Mother.

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    1. Well said indeed! He is not confusing me anymore. I will resist him … albeit it with fear and trepidation … but that is how we work out our salvation. We are but little peons before the might of Rome but God has promised to put the words in our mouths when we go before them.

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    2. Scandalizing the Faithful is an excellent portrayal of the Bergoglio/Scalferi affair. I am sad that your reblog button did not work. Tony has caught the big picture in compelling words that draw attention big time. It is uncanny that we have both touched on the affair from different angles and that it meshes so well.. The Incarnation is not to be meddled with. “He who dissolveth Jesus is not of Christ but of the anti Christ…” John 1:4-16 Douay Rheims


  2. Not only were the postings uncanny but I was talking with mum via text message about the connection God has enabled between us and mum said we are all like “little dots” that God connects. At the same moment you posted your comment calling us “little peons”! I laughed! I love it. God has such a good sense of humour. And I felt it confirmed what we thought!


    1. I guess it is better to be a little dot. Then we can be connected as Mum says. Thank you for reblogging my post. I am honored. Perhaps you could fix your reblog button? The ‘happiness engineers’ can be a big help. I would love to reblog yours. It is excellent. I am feeling more emboldened to speak out against matters. How about you? Do you feel the ‘burn’? Ha Ha That’s the question they ask here to see if the questioned party is going to vote for Bernie Sanders. Bernie. He is a communist running for president in 2020. Hope he drops out like Beko did. Beko was also running for president and our first lady would be a first man.


      1. We can pray for that outcome! I think they fixed the reblog button as it didn’t work for me the other day either. Today it did. God bless: His Will be done! Many are burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit now. 🔥


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