Discovery of Archived Journal Further Enlightens Fraudulent Character of 1951 Church Commission in Condemning Lipa

 New Shocking evidence of Churchs’ mischievous interference in blocking the messages of Mary has surfaced.



Sister Teresita Castillo.  She saw Mary.   Mother Superior. She helped the Seer.   Bishop Alfredo Obviar, he was Bishop of Lipa 1927-1944.  He saw a rose petal shower after he asked Our Lady for a sign. He was been made ‘VENERABLE  by POPE FRANCIS on Nov. 17, 2018

Within the archives of Santo Thomas, the oldest and largest Catholic University in the Philippines was found a journal from the 1950’s.  Back then “the University was involved in the investigation of the “miracle of the petals” in Lipa, Batangas where rose petals. with images of Jesus and the Saints, were said to have mysteriously materialized from the sky.

The rector then, Father Angel de Blas, O.P, Rector Magnificus, an excellent Psychologist, judged Teresita Castillo, the visionary to be Psychologically Sound.”

The local hierarchy ruled against the genuineness.

“During our time, we (the Dominicans) were involved in the investigation.  Father Blass, as well as Father Carlo Fernandez, counselor of the visionary” UST archivist Father Villaroel, O.P. told the Varsitarian.  “The miracle was condemned, but I have no personal comment on it.”

Attempts are being made to reopen the case by devotees of Our Lady of Lipa and the local archdiocese.  Some of the Bishops who unanimously disapproved the miracle confessed they were coerced to dismiss the reports under threat of excommunication by then papal nuncio Egidio Vagnozzi.

The controversy is back as movie producer “Mother Lily” Monteverde is planning to produce a movie based on an investigation by journalist June Keithley.  

The phenomenon was featured in the March 2, 1949 issue of the Varsitarian Magazine ”     Tomas U. Santos  November 17, 2008  The Varsitarian;  When Seeing is Believing

More From A FaceBook Article   Packages Sent to Rome                                                                                                 By Carlos Marzonia

“Last September 2018, when we were so busy preparing for the TRiduum and the 12th of September celebration of the 70th year of the Lipa Apparition and the unceasing love and devotion to Mary the Mediatrix of All Grace, a total of (3) packages left Manila bound for Rome.

It was officially submitted to Pope Francis Residence (not office) on the 10th of September at 4:20 PM .

Let us pray that this time the Pope will act positively after 70 long years of lies and deception.  Pray as well that one day there will be a  high ranking Church official right here in the Philippines to make a stand for the Mediatrix and Lipa apparition so that everything will be official.

Otherwise, we need to continue submitting documents to the Pope until he realizes we are dead serious for the TRUTH to come out.

Together with the packages were letters from bishops, nuns, priests, and devotees who strongly believed in the Lipa apparition and in MMOAG.

Included in the documents submitted was the English translation of Father Angelo de Blas journal as edited and certified true and correct by Professor of European languages of the University of the PHILIPPINES.

The journal of Father Angel de Blas was found in the archives of SANTA SABINA, headquarters of the Domincan Order.”  Carlos Marzoni

Why so Much Attention to Mary’s Request for Her Title of ‘Mediatrix of All Grace’ at Lipa Now?

At Lipa, among the messages that were miraculously somehow saved from being burned per hierarchical instruction were these two:

“What I ask here is the same as I asked at Fatima”

I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”

These two messages come together as one reads ‘Mary At the Foot of The Cross.’

This is a book of Acts from ‘The International Symposium on Marian Redemption held at Radcliffe College on the Wreak, England  April 1-April 7 2001 printed by the Academy of the Immaculate with an Imprimatur by Most Rev. Sean Patrick O’Malley OFM Cap., 

Here it is suggested that when the Fifth Marian dogma is proclaimed ( Mary Mediatrix of All Grace ) a torrent of Sanctifying Grace will be released upon the world, because Mary has been enabled  further in her office of Prayer, for her children,  by the obedience of  the earthly Vicar representing her Son

This powerful grace flooding the world, will enable the will of that earthly Son, the Pope,  to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, which will then pour down immense graces upon the whole world.