Proof Needed: From CDF RE: Pius XII’s Definitive Affirmation To Negative Findings in Special Manila Commission Investigation of Lipa Apparitions Report 1951

On April 11, 1951, a document was signed by Archbishops and Bishops, constituting for the purpose, a special Commission, which “attentively examined” the apparitions of Our Lady of Lipa, Philippine apparitions, and found them to “exclude any supernatural intervention – ” including the shower of petals at the Carmel of Lipa.”

This included the reported “negative finding” of Pope Pius XII and it reversed the declaration made earlier by the local Bishop, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles that the apparitions were “worthy of belief.

As proven earlier in these pages, the local Bishops who signed the document, testifying that they agreed with the findings of the local Bishops, the verdict of the CDF, and the reported negative finding of Pope Pius XII, had signed this under duress.

That duress being a threat of excommunication.

What follows is an exploration of the question of where the apparently hidden statement of Pope Pius XII can be found:

“If Pius XII whispered his “definitive confirmation” , or, wrote it, signed it, and put it in a drawer … and it was not noted on the decree, then the decree (of negativity) has no force beyond its’ own face value, and the alleged “definitive confirmation” would be utterly bereft of any juridical force whatsoever. (It was not noted on the decree)

The onus is on the CDF to produce the evidence of the alleged “definitive confirmation” (by the Pope), otherwise the claim must be dismissed by the CBCP as apocryphal (of doubtful authenticity).

It is standard procedure to note the approval of a higher authority on the decree itself. Such a notation is nowhere to be found on the decree of April 1951.

It is inconceivable that Pius XII issued some other decree confirming the April 11, 1951 decree on Lipa, since such a decree is totally unknown to ever have existed, and unless duly promulgated, it would remain bereft of all juridical force.

Whoever it was in the CDF who claimed that Pius XII made a “definitive confirmation in 1951” and declared “they were not of supernatural origin” must have studied Canon Law at the Alice in Wonderland Institute, or else they have perpetrated a deliberate act of fraud in order to deceive the Catholic hierarchy and faithful of the Philippines.”

Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.T.