Manila Times Jan.26, 1949 Noted Officials Pay Tribute to Lipa Apparitions

Manuel Aruna Roxas First President of the Independent Third Philippine Republic which was established when the United States ceded its sovereignty to the Philippines

“No body of men had discredited miracles in the past as much as scientists, but the 20th century scientist must believe in miracles or the whole foundation of science will collapse.” Manuel Roxas

He said that as a scientist, his first instinct is to investigate. He said he made a thorough check of the “flying petals” and that he is “convinced that no human hand had intervened in the miracle.”

Supreme Court Justice Arrives in Lipa

Chief Justice Manuel V. Moran arrived in Lipa City yesterday morning in one of his periodic pilgrimages to the scene of the miracle. He was accompanied by Mrs. Moran

“The miracle of the shower of rose petals at the Carmelite Convent in Lipa City is not the work of man but of God.” declared Chief Justice Moran. There can be no doubt about it. If I am not absolutely convinced, I would not waste my time coming to this place.”

Chief Justice Moran has a Bachelor of Law Degree. After leaving office he became First Philippine Ambassador to Spain and THE HOLY SEE.