“I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace” Your Spiritual Mother at Lipa Philippines

“This is my last apparition here.” Through Sister Teresing. Our Lady wanted to make it known to the world that her other messages remained unheeded. Among other things … 1948

Pope Francis had consecrated his Papacy to Our Lady of Fatima and that gives us a little hope in our hearts. Not a whole lot. The world is spinning into darkness.


We pray for Pope Francis .. the chaos in the world would become order if he would honor the requests of Mary given through time and greatly effecting eternity.

How sad it is that Our Holy Father is planning a Sin Nod … instead of making plans to honor Our Ladys requests.

He actually wants us to learn from those who are not quite civilized.

The Holy Father would like to make this man a Viri Probati, or some kind of a Catholic Priest, who would be giving out Holy Communion with some training. This man believes, it he is like others of the Amazon, that cutting into a tree is like cutting God or perhaps a Saint. To him all the forests and plants are spirit gods. It will take some doing to convince Christians of this. There is something wrong with this picture! Very Wrong! Perhaps the Holy Father is in his dotage.
The Blessed Mother appears on a rose petal which drifted down amongst the thousands of pilgrims who went to the Lipa apparitions. There were petals all over the ground. This one was given to the Carmelite Sisters. It is truly special. You can clearly see Our Lady holding Jesus. Now, who could ever produce this unearthly beauty? Can you believe that they tend NOT tobelieve in the supernatural any more? The supernatural gifts from the Triune God in heaven, that is. They prefer a plant or a tree to worship. Not all of them. We are praying hard for Cardinal Burke and Archbishop schneider. They are the heroes of the day. Hope there’s more coming along.

4 thoughts on ““I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace” Your Spiritual Mother at Lipa Philippines

  1. hellenback7

    Just watched Cardinal Burke recently on YouTube in an interview on Patrick Coffin Media (Aug 19th?)
    Although his camera and Mic need to be updated (so that he can be heard more clearly), i’s a great interview with a wonderful, respectful and humble man, who is a faithful Cardinal in a Church so filled with heterodox, compromised Prelates.
    May God Bless him for his love of Christ and His Church in this time of trial.
    Let’s hope and pray the disorientation doesn’t go on much longer.

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    1. How much more can we take? Someday people will be reading about the heroes of the faith of our day and Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Schneider will be in the first pages. I will watch the interview. Thank you for your commwnt. Stay strong.


    1. Some of us are destined by the will of God to stay here for the duration … arrgghh!! Maybe he wants you to help out in something special. Who knows? Maybe the new Angelic Pontiff will want his own Swiss Guards.


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