Cuapa, Nicaraugua: Little Known Approved, Astounding Messages of Mary

Approval:   In 1982, both Bishop Bosco M. Vivas Robelo, Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Managua and Bishop Pablo Antonio V and ega M., Prelate Bishop of Juigalpa (the diocese where the apparitions took place) released statements positively affirming the apparitions. 

1982  Bishop Bosco M. Vivas Robelo, authorizes the publication of the narration of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cuapa.

A Word From Mons. Pablo Antonio Vega M.                                                                                 Prelate Bishop of Juigalpa                                                                                                                  November 13, 1982

“The report that we present retains the accurate content and language used by the individual who received the visions.

For our part, we are surprised at the emphasis that is given to the responsibilities that weigh on man in his duty to “make peace” and “to construct the world.  This is a religious emphasis that is not typical of popularreligion, which more than likely leaves it all up to God.

We hope that the report which we present will serve as an invitation to reflect on the social obligations that very often are largely forgotten by many of our Christians.

My Personal Comments and The Story of Bernardo Martinez, the Seer of Cuapa:

Three things struck me forcibly about these apparitions:

First was that each time Our Lady appeared to Bernardo, it was preceded by two flashes of lightning.  Ditto her apparitions at Fatima, and, I think, Garabandal.

Second was Our Lady’s special message to Bernardo:  “If you want peace, you must make peace.”  

I wondered whether that message, so different from all of Our Lady’s other messages, was specifically for Nicaragua, or for the whole world.

Certainly it is appropriate to both, but may be aimed more so at Nicaragua because of its long-time ‘addiction/ to violence, war and upheaval.

Way back when Nicaragua first gained its independence form the Spanish Crown in 1821, every few years seemed to see some battles developing, either with external or internal forces.  Probably the most hofficic and brutal being the clashes between the Sandinista and the Contras c.1980, which cost many political assassinations, 60,000 lives, 178 billion dollars and destroyed the Nicaraguan infrastructure and economy … and the hopes of the people.

Third …  is of absolutely terrifying importance.  Our Lady refers to “The Third World War.”  She doesn’t refer to “A” Third World War.  She refers to “THE” Third World War. At Fatima she warned of a second World War, at a time when this was completely unthinkable, and it happened just when she said it would.  She didn’t give a date for THE Third World War, but my using the word “THE” she definately indicated that this WOULD happen,less we change and do as she asks.  So see how vitally important the daily Rosary and the First Five Saturday devotions are – they are not just pious requests – they are absolutely essential if we wish to avoid THE Third World War.

Nicaragua and Cuapa

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Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America, nestled between Honduras and Costa Rica on the relatively narrow strip of land running between mexico and South America.  The capital Managua was destroyed by a violent earthquake on Dec. 23, 1972


Three -quarters of Nicaragua’s population are mestizo, a mixture of White and Indian, with aobut 0ne-tenth of the population classed as white.  Most of the workers are engaged in Agriculture – cotton, coffee, and beef cattle.

Cuapa is a small village, latitude 12 15’0″N’ longitude 85 22″ 60″W, some kilometres east of Lake Managua.

The story starts as bar back as 1880, when Father Andres Rongier SJ, a Jesuit missionary from Mexico prophesied that one day cuapa would become a famous site of a Marian apparition.


Bernardo Martinez, when he was still a teenager, fell in love with a particular statue of the blessed Virgin Mary in the church at Juigalpa.  Learning that it was to be replaced by a new one, he organized a collection, bought the statue and paid for it and transported it over a rough and bumpy road on the back of a donkey from Juigalpa to Cuapa, and had i it installed in the church there.

On April 15, 1980 Bernardo discovered that the statue was supernaturally lighting up on its own.  He told a few people about it, but they laughed at him.

On May 8, 1980, the Virgin Mary appeared to him, dressed in white, similar to the beloved statue, and asked for the daily recitation of the Rosary with biblical citations, and to have the Five First Saturday devotions renewed.

She also warned of future sufferings for Nicaragua if the people did not change.  She told Bernardo to spread her messages, but he decided to keep quiet about it for fear of being further ridiculed.

Let Bernardo tell you himself in his own words about the first encounter:

The First Vision

“Early in May I felt sad because of financial problems, employment problems, and even spiritual problems. And I felt bored, had even said in the morning that I wished to die.  I didn’t want to exist.  I had worked a great deal for the people of the town and i could see that they did not appreciate anything.  I had no desire to continue forward.”

hs_cuapa_04tn 2“In the chapel I swept … I removed the dust … I washed the altar cloths and albs ”’ and for this very same thing I was scorned, I was called a fool.  Even my own family, my blood brothers, would say that I did not prosper financially because of my involvement with things at the sacristy.

I have been a sacristan but without earning any money for this.  I began to work in the house of God since I was able to use the dustcloth and broom … I was at the time very small.  I have done it because in that way I serve the Lord.  At any rate, now in Cuapa everything was changed, because sweeping the chapel is an honor.  It is now an honor !!  the altar cloths are washed in the blink of an eye;  before you are able to notice they are washed and ironed.

Returning to how I was feeling in the early days of May, I hardly slept on the night of the seventh.  All night I felt ver hot and feeling this heat I got up.  I ate something and said to myself:  “I will go to the river to fish so that I will feel cool and more tranzuil.  I left early in the morning witha sack and a machete.  I went to the river … and I felt happy …content … in a pleasant environment.  And I did not remember anything.  When it was twelve noonI did not want to leave because I felt tranquil … joy … and I felt no hunger.  At one it rained and I went to the base of the tree;  I started to pray the Rosary.

As the rain was stopping I was finishing the Rosary.  I was all wet, my clothes all soaked.  I collected the fish which were in the sand, put them in a sack, and went to a mango tree to see if the fruit was ripe.  I then went to a hill to cut a branch to gather coyoles.  Immediately after, I went to a jocote tree to pici jocotes.  I then thought it must be late.  I looked at the sun because I do not have a watch.  For us in the country, the sun is our clock, where we read the time.  It was three o’clock in the afternoon.  The hours had been like minutes.  I said to myself:  “It is late.”  I remembered that I had to feed the animals and then go to town to pray the Rosary with the people at five.

I left, then, walking from the jocotes in the direction of the coyote trees, when suddenly I saw a lightning flash.  I though and said to myself:  “It is going to rain.”  But I became filled with wonder because I did not see from where the lightning had come.  I stopped but could see nothing:  no signs of rain.

Afterwards I went over near a place where there are some rocks.  I walked about six or seven steps.  Than was when I saw another lightning flash, but that was to open my vision and she presented herself. I was then wondering whether this could be something bad, whether it was the same statue as in the chapel … But I saw that she blinked … that she was beautiful … the pile of rocks was … she remained … as if … thecloud … as covered with Jaragua grass.  And there was a little Norisco tree over the rocks and over that tree was the cloud.  That is how high the cloud was.  It was extremely white and it radiated in all directions … rays of light with the sun.  On the cloud were the feet of a very beautiful lady.

nicaragua-picture-2 3Her feet were bare.  The dress was long and white.  She had a celestial cord around the waist.  Long sleeves.  Covering her was a veil of a pale cream color with gold embroidery along the edge.  Her hands were held together over her breast.  It looked like the statue of the Virgin of fatima.

I was immobile.  I had no inclination to run to yell.  I felt no fear.  I was surprised.  I thought and said:  “What am I seeing? …  Could it be the same statue of the Virgin that they … brought and placed here for me … the statue from the chapel … is it in order to play a joke on me because I said I saw it illuminated … is it a trick?  But no!  Iwould have seen them carrying it.”  I then passed my hand over my face because I thought that what I saw was a drream.  And I said:  “Could it be that I am asleep, but I have not tripped over anything.”

And when I removed my hands from my face I saw that she had human skin and that her eyes moved and she blinked.  I then said, in my thoughts because I could not move my tongue … I said:  “She is alive … she is not a statue !  She is alive!”

My mind was the only thing that I could move.  I felt numb, my lower jaw stiff and my tongue as if asleep:  everything immobilized, as I said, only the ideas moved in my head.  I was in those thoughts when she extended here arms … like the Miraculous Medal which I never had seen, but which later was shown to me.  She extended her arms and from her hands emanated rays of light stronger than the sun … she was … she rested up high and the rays that came from her hands touched my breast.  When she gave out her light is when I became encouraged to speak, because it was I who spoke to her first … when she gave out the light I was able to move my tongue, although somewhat stammering.

I said to her:  “What is your name?”  She answered me with the sweetest voice I have ever heard in amy woman, not even in persons who speak softly.  She answered me and said that her name is Mary.  I saw the way she moved her lips.  I then siad:  “She is alive!  She spoke!  She has answered my question!”  I could see that we could enter into a conversation, that I could speak with her.  I asked her, then, where she came from.

She told me with the same sweetness:  “I come from heaven, I am the Mother of Jesus.”

At hearing this I immediately asked her … remembering what the priest had told me … I asked her:  “What is it you want?”

She answered me:  “I want the Rosary to be prayed every day.”

I then interrupted and said to her:  “Yes, we are praying it … the priest brought us the intentions of the San Francisco parish so that we could unite ourselves with them.”

She told me … “I want it to be prayed permanently, within the family … including the children old enough to understand … to be prayed at a set hour when there are not problems with the work in the house.”

She told me that the Lord does not like prayers we make in a rush or mechanically.  Because of that she recommended praying of the Rosary with the reading of biblical citations and that we put into practice the word of God.  When I heard this I thoght and said: “How is this?”  because I did not know the Rosary was biblical.

That is why I asked her and said:  “Where are the biblical citations?”

She told me to look for them in the Bible and continued saying:

“Love each other.  Comply with your obligations. 

Make peace.

Don’t ask Our Lord for peace because if you do not make it there will be not peace…

Renew the five First Saturdays.  You received many graces when all of you did this”

“Before the war we used to do this.  We went to Confession and Communion every First Saturday of the month … but since the Lord already had freed us from the shedding of blood in Cuapua(1980) we no longer continued this practice.

Then she said:  “Nicaragua has suffered much since the earthquake (1972).  She is threatened with even more suffering.She will continue to suffer if you don’t change.”  And after a brief pause, she said::

Pray, pray, my son.  Pray the Rosary for all the world.  Tell believers and non-believers that the world is threatened by grave dangers.  I ask the Lord to appease His justice, but, if you don’t change, you will hasten the arrival of the Third World War.”

These continuing messages and the story as written by  by Mons. Pablo Antonio Vega Prelate Bishop of Juilguapa can be found on:


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Sept. 9, 2019  Managua, Nicaragua.  Demonstrators take part in a protest against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s government.  With increasing concerns worldwide about human rights violations in Nicaragua, a Vatican representative has called for an immediate return to negotiations and a rollout of reforms necessary to hold “free and transparent elections” there.  (Credit:  Oswaldo   Rivas/Reuters  via CNS)  


The SocioPolitical Situation in Nicaragua continues to worsen … as it has in Venezuela where Socialism Communistic dictators hold sway.  Just as Our Lady promised.  We have the free will to change the world if we divert our attention to the messages of Mary and the good priests who will help us to discern … such as the Bishops in Nicaragua who did such a splendid job with this apparition, even writing the story and the messages.

Viva Cristo Rey!  Thank you, your Excellencies!

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