Marian Apparitions Which Are Preludes to the Lipa Apparition

1830 Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure and gave the Church the Medal of The Immaculate Conception. The name was changed to The Miraculous Medal by the people because of its’ many miracles, cures, and, conversions

“All at once I saw rings on her fingers, three rings to each finger, the largest one near the base of the finger, one of medium size in the middle, the smallest one at the tip. Each ring was set with gems, some more beautiful than others. The larger gems emitted greater rays and the smaller gems, smaller ray” The rays bursting from all sides flooded the base, so that I could no longer see the feet of the Virgin. I could not express what I felt when I saw the beauty and brilliance of the dazzling rays. “These are symbols of the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.” This made me realize how right it was to pray to the Blessed Virgin and how generous she was to those who did; what graces she gave to those who asked for them, and what joy she had in giving them. “The gems from which rays do not fall are the graces for which souls forget to ask… “continued the voice. St. Catherine Laboure

Graces are shown as coming from Mary to us!

Our Lady then showed Catherine a model for the Miraculous Medal and said: “All who wear it will receive great graces; they should wear it around the neck. Graces will abound for those who wear it with confidence.


1876 Our Lady appeared to Estelle Faguette in Pellevoisin, France. Estelle was cured of end stage Tuberculosis on her death bed. This cure is recognized by the Church. Mary gave the Sacred Heart Scapular to the Church. It also is approved by the Church. The Sacred Heart Scapular must be differentiated from the Sacred Heart Badge which was given to St. Margaret Mary Alocoque.

Again she saw abundant rain drops falling from the outstretched hands of the Virgin. This was indicative to her of the flood of graces that was to descend on mortals in connection with the wearing of the scapular. Our Lady asked only that the scapular, which she had given the design for, be worn by her children. She said “Go yourself to the prelate and show him the model of the scapular you have made. Tell him that he is to help you to the utmost of his power; and that nothing will be more agreeable to me than to see this livery on each of my children.”

Pope Leo XIII himself added many indulgences for this scapular and added the image of Our Lady to a back panel with the liturgical words: Mater Miserecordia (Merciful Mother)

“These graces are from my Son. I take them from His Heart. He can refuse me nothing.” Our Lady of Pellevoisin

The graces shown and described are definately coming from and through Our Lady. This time they are drops of water.

I love this devotion; it is here that I shall be honored.” Our Lady of Pellevoisin

” I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace” Our Lady to Sister Teresita Castillo 1949 Lipa, Philippines

I cannot find any other pictures of apparitions of Our Lady with grace flowing from her hands … demonstrating that it has come through her. Particularly touching is the apparition of Pellevoisin where Mary said:

“These graces are from My Son. I take them from His Heart. He can refuse me nothing.” The meaning seems clear. Graces given from Jesus through Mary to us.

She takes them from His Heart … and gives them to us. She is Mary Mediatrix of all Grace”

It doesn’t seem to be such a difficult problem to give Mary her title. Especially since it has been in use for many years through many generations of Catholics.

However, some of our Cardinals think otherwise.


Cardinal Doepfner spoke in the name of 90 Bishops of Germany and Scandinavia. He said the “chapter should not say too much about Mary as mediatrix, since this would lead to controversy. He said objections could be anticipated by bolstering the text’s assertion with Scriptural quotations, and urged that the text’s terminology should be modified to show that Mry shared in our redemption but in a more sublime fashion.”

Cardinal Silva called on Scripture scholars to re-examine the text. Too much is said of the mediation of Mary and not enough of Christ’s, he said,” speaking in the name of Jose Cardinal Quintero of Caracas, Venezuela, and 43 other Latin American bishops.

Cardinal Bea said that criticism of the chapter springs only from a desire to protect the Church’s interests and should not be seen as a reflection on the devotion of the critic. The chapter fails, he stated, to keep the promise not to enter into theological controversies. He added that practical directives about abuses should be given and that the text should be more precise. The use of the word mediatrix causes very serious difficulties for the separated Christians,” Cardinal Bea noted.

Archbishop Djajasepoetra pointed out that the term “mediatrix should not be used because, although Catholics may be able to make proper distinctions in the matter, pagans cannot.” (?)

Cardinals’ quotes from their discussion on the text for the old “Mary Mother of the Church’tothe new one they are considering

Manila Times Jan.26, 1949 Noted Officials Pay Tribute to Lipa Apparitions

Manuel Aruna Roxas First President of the Independent Third Philippine Republic which was established when the United States ceded its sovereignty to the Philippines

“No body of men had discredited miracles in the past as much as scientists, but the 20th century scientist must believe in miracles or the whole foundation of science will collapse.” Manuel Roxas

He said that as a scientist, his first instinct is to investigate. He said he made a thorough check of the “flying petals” and that he is “convinced that no human hand had intervened in the miracle.”

Supreme Court Justice Arrives in Lipa

Chief Justice Manuel V. Moran arrived in Lipa City yesterday morning in one of his periodic pilgrimages to the scene of the miracle. He was accompanied by Mrs. Moran

“The miracle of the shower of rose petals at the Carmelite Convent in Lipa City is not the work of man but of God.” declared Chief Justice Moran. There can be no doubt about it. If I am not absolutely convinced, I would not waste my time coming to this place.”

Chief Justice Moran has a Bachelor of Law Degree. After leaving office he became First Philippine Ambassador to Spain and THE HOLY SEE.

The 1951 Decree Against Lipa was Canonically Null and Void: It is Legitimately Struck Down by the Decree of Approval of then Archbishop of Lipa, S.E.R. Monsignor Ramon Arguelles

The last words of the Beautiful Lady in white, who appeared to the Carmelite Sister Teresita Castillo in 1948, were: “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.”

The Committee formed by the Apostolic Administrator of Lipa in 1951, Bishop Rufini Santos, ruled that the apparitions were not authentic. On November 12, 2009, then Archbishop Ramon Arguelles lifted the ban.

A feature of the apparitions were rose petal ‘showers’ which petals had imprinted on them various heavenly images such as this. They reportedly wafted slowly from the sky, sometimes against the wind.

The April 11, 1951 Decree of Archbishop Santos Et Al, was Null and Void

Can. 125 – 1. Actus positus ex vi ab extrinaseco personae illata, cui ipsa nequamquam resistere potuit, pro infecto abitur.

2.Actus positus ex metu gravi, iniuste incusso, aut ex dolo, valet, nisi aliud iure caveatur; sed potest per cententiam iudicis rescindi, sive ad instantiam partis laesae eiusve in iure successorum sive ex officio.

Can. 125 – 1. An act placed out of grave fear, inflicted on a person from without, which the person was not able to resist in any way, is considered as never to have taken place.

2. An act placed out of grave fear, unjustly inflicted, or out of malice is valid unless the law provides otherwise. It can be rescinded, however, through the sentence of a judge, either at the insistance of the injured party or of the party’s successor’s in law, or ex-officio.

(coercion – noun: the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.)

(duress, noun: the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats) “confessions extracted under duress” synonyms: coercion, compulsion, force, pressure, pressurization, intimidation, threats, constraint, enforcement exaction; informal arm twisting “their confessions were extracted under duress constraint illegally exercised to force someone to perform an act ex vi defined by Lewis and Short: (with might, strength, physical or mental, force, vigor, power, energy, virtue (cf. robur)

The signatures of the Bishops on the April 11, 1951 decree have been demonstrated beyond all shadow of doubt to have been obtained by coercion – by threat of excommunication. The coercion was therefore of a nature that constitutes force or duress as properly and commonly understood and defined. Therefore, according to Canon 125 1. it was an “actus positus ex vi, and therefore, pro infecto habeture – and therefore never to have taken place. As such, a decree which is held pro infecto is totally null and utterly void, and therefore is incapable of being validly confirmed because it is a juridical nullity.

Hypothetically, if the signatures had been obtained ‘ex metu gravi, iniuste incusso, aut ex dolo’ (our of grave fear, unjustly inflicted, or out of malice) that would constitute undue influence, and the Archbishop of Lipa would have the authority to rescind the decree in in accordance with the provision of canon 125 2.

Therefore the overturning of the decree by Archbishop Arguelles is valid beyond all shadow of doubt.

From all the above considerations, it is patent that the April 11, 1951 Decree was canonically null and void; it had never received any juridical confirmation by Pope Pius XII, and it was legitimately struck down by the subsequent decree of approval of the Archbishop of Lipa, S.E.R. Monsignor Ramon Arguelles.

The CDF has resorted to a desperate act of fraud in order to uphold the 1951 decree, which according to canon 125 must be held ‘pro infecto’ – and therefore canonically never to have existed.

Note: A search of the AAS documents from 1951 to 1958 confirms that Pius XII never issued any ‘definitive confirmation’ of the April 11, 1951 decree of Cardinal Santos et al. Previous searches of the Lipa archdiocese archives also produced nothing.

“I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace” Your Spiritual Mother at Lipa Philippines

“This is my last apparition here.” Through Sister Teresing. Our Lady wanted to make it known to the world that her other messages remained unheeded. Among other things … 1948

Pope Francis had consecrated his Papacy to Our Lady of Fatima and that gives us a little hope in our hearts. Not a whole lot. The world is spinning into darkness.


We pray for Pope Francis .. the chaos in the world would become order if he would honor the requests of Mary given through time and greatly effecting eternity.

How sad it is that Our Holy Father is planning a Sin Nod … instead of making plans to honor Our Ladys requests.

He actually wants us to learn from those who are not quite civilized.

The Holy Father would like to make this man a Viri Probati, or some kind of a Catholic Priest, who would be giving out Holy Communion with some training. This man believes, it he is like others of the Amazon, that cutting into a tree is like cutting God or perhaps a Saint. To him all the forests and plants are spirit gods. It will take some doing to convince Christians of this. There is something wrong with this picture! Very Wrong! Perhaps the Holy Father is in his dotage.
The Blessed Mother appears on a rose petal which drifted down amongst the thousands of pilgrims who went to the Lipa apparitions. There were petals all over the ground. This one was given to the Carmelite Sisters. It is truly special. You can clearly see Our Lady holding Jesus. Now, who could ever produce this unearthly beauty? Can you believe that they tend NOT tobelieve in the supernatural any more? The supernatural gifts from the Triune God in heaven, that is. They prefer a plant or a tree to worship. Not all of them. We are praying hard for Cardinal Burke and Archbishop schneider. They are the heroes of the day. Hope there’s more coming along.

Deathbed Confession of a Bishop Who Signed Official Document About Lipa Apparitions Under Duress

Testimony of Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, S.J.


I, Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, S.J., of legal age, residing in Sta. Ana Manila, after being sworn to upon oath, depose and state:

  1. That the Philippines Catholic Hierarchy issued the following Official Statement in the year 1951:                                                                                                                                 “We, the undersigned Archbishops and Bishops, constituting for the purpose a special Commission, having attentively examined and reviewed the evidence and testimonies collected in the course of repeated, long and careful investigations, have reached the unanimous conclusion and hereby officially declare that the above mentioned evidence and testimonies exclude any supernatural intervention in the reported extraordinary happenings … including the shower of petals … at the Carmel of Lipa”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Manila, April 6, 1951                                                                                                                                                                  (Signed)   Gabriel M. Reyes … Archbishop of Manila                                                             (Signed)   Cesar M. Guerrero … Bishop of San Fernando                                                     (Signed)   Mariano Madriaga … Bishop of Lingayen                                                             (Signed)   Rufino Santos … Apostolic Administrator of Lipa                                                 (Signed)   Juan Sison … Auxiliary Bishop of Nueva Sergovia                                                (Vincente P. Reyes … Auxiliary Bishop of Manila
  2.  That while my uncle, Bishop Cesar Guerro, was still alive, I heard from his lips that he signed the above Official statement under duress.
  3. That the said Bishop had expressed his personal belief in the fact of the apparitions of Our Lady Mediatrix of All grace in the Carmelite Convent of Lipa during the year of 1948.

In witness whereof, I hereunto sign this sworn statement this 11th day of February, 1990 in the City of Manila, Philippines.

(Signed)  Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, S.J.


H. Mandadero                                                                                                                                          Amelia Kison

According to Ms. June Keithley, Philippine Television Anchor and author of the book ‘Lipa’, a source testifies that Bishop Patrick Shanley of Isabela (sic Infanta) was reportedly so disgusted by the conduct of the investigation and the manner in which certain church officials influenced the outcome of the verdict … that …

in a fit of anger, he denounced the proceedings and revealed that the bishops had been forced to sign the verdict by the papal nuncio ( Monsignor egidio Vagnozzi … Apostolic Delegate to the Philippines 1949-51, then Apostolic nuncio 1951-1958) … upon the pain of excommunication.




Cardinal Vidal reveals 1949 ‘Secret of Lipa: ‘Pray Hard For China’


“Cardinal Ricardo J. Vidal, Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu, had written to the Philippine bishops that:  ” On October 17, 1949, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace, in her 1949 apparitions to Teresita Castillo, has revealed the following secret as it was given to the seer Sister Teresita Castillo” :

Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world.  The Philippines is one of its       favorites.  Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction..”              

The ping pong game between the Lipa apparitions and the Holy See have been playing out for 70 some years.  Despite the download 8raining of innumerable rose petals upon thousands of pilgrims and their testimony of heavy floral fragrances from the petals and of how they fell … slowly drifting from side to side, despite the wind blowing.  Rose petals with holy images finely etched upon them such as no human hand could ever do showered thousands of pilgrims. They even fell on a Bishop. .                                                                                    mary-mediatrix-of-all-grace-2-e1569109968371.jpg

Mary, at Lipa, identified herself with these words to Teresita Castillo:                                      “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All grace”

The Importance of the Lipa Apparitions is Huge

The story of Lipa is huge in importance !  The bellicose actions of China in the South Sea which are ongoing with the building of militarily fortified islands on reefs, which gives them easy access to the Philippine islands.  China has changed the map of the area, showing that they own more than previously. They say that the map  has always been that way. “China’s nine dash line (the tongue of the dragon) reaches deep into the South China Sea regardless of neutral international waters.”

“As Mary said “their dream is to invade the whole world.”

During September 2015, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles “released an official statement declaring the Lipa apparitions worthy of belief and  exhibiting  supernatural character.”   The Manilla Times  Feb. 4 2017

This approval was over ruled by the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith, according to the Manilla Times article.  They even called the apparitions  a “hoax”

There is a thread present in Vatican II documents which give light to the ping pong game which the Vatican plays with the Lipa apparitions.  That is that there is an aversion to Mary’s requests and it seems to be that some think it would offend our separated brethren.

They do not like this title:   “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.” It would certainly dampen the spirit of the new ecumenism which actually has been declared a heresy by some Popes …

It is heartbreaking to read of the persecution which the Carmelite Sisters endured  because of this apparition of Mary to one of them.                      

At The Vatican II Council the Title Was Discussed and Cast Aside

The Council members wrangled about this title:  According to the report of Father George H. Tavard, official consultor for the Second Vatican Council, and a member of the U.S. bishops’ press panel in Rome:

“As several speakers have pointed out, the term “Mediatrix” as applied to Mary is incompatible with the teaching of St. Paul.  ‘As there is only one God, so there only one Mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ, who gave himself as a ransom for all.”   (Tim., 2:5-6)    Cardinal Bea

“Several Cardinals and Bishops, some of them speaking in the name of a large number of their colleagues, have asked for the total removal of the word “Mediatrix” from the schema.  Others, on the contrary, have insisted that it be kept, and, if possible, reinforced.

Drawing from Father Tavard’s notes, it was stated that “It is of course impossible to conceive that all graces without exception must come through Mary.  The grace of God was already given in the Old Testament before she was born.  And Mary herself received grace of which surely she could not be the “Mediatrix ” in her own favor.

Would This Title Have Conflicted With the Road to Ecumenism Being Built at the Council?                                                                                                                                                   Yes!

Apparently the title of Mary Mediatrix. which would be called the Fifth Marian Dogma if ever a Pope declares it, is a troublesome matter to ‘progressivists’ because of the new outreach of the Catholic Church, called Ecumenism. Our separated brethren carry a distress in their hearts about Our Lady.  Not all of them.  Most of them that I have spoken to.

According to Pope Pius XI in Mortalium Animos:  “Let the separated brethren return to the Apostolic See.”  Ecumenism is regarded as a heresy by some, including Pope Pius XI in this encyclical Mortalium Animus.

Mary Is the Only Creature Created Without Original Sin Since Adam and Eve

Mary received grace when her soul was conceived by God.  She is the Immaculate Conception.  “Nature’s solitary boast” (Shakespeare)  The original stain was never in her.  

In the apparition of Mary to Sister Catherine Laboure, Mary extended her arms towards the earth and rays of light poured out from her fingers.  Mary said “these rays symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them”  The ball she is standing upon is the earth.  Where did she get the graces flowing from her hands?  God gave them to her!  That makes her a ‘Mediatrix’

Oh !  What graces we could have in this darkening world if the requests of our heavenly Queen were met!

Like These Unfulfilled Requests of Mary

The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The title of ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’… “My Son will give me anything I ask for” (Pellevoisin apparitions to Estelle Faguette resulting in the scapular of The Sacred Heart being given to the Church and accepted by Pope Leo XIII … a prelude to her request for the title of Mary Mediatrix?

And lastly but not least …   the placing of the statue of Our Lady of America in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., where people would come to see her image and pray.

She asked for this too!



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