Pope Francis: Mary helps Christians enter heaven through the ‘narrow gate’ Mary herself entered through the narrow gate

The Boston Pilot.com    Vatican City, Aug 25, 2019  CNA  The way to heaven is difficult and the gate to enter small, but Jesus’ Mother, Mary, who herself entered through the narrow gate, will help those who ask, Pope Francis said Sunday.

Mary was assumed into heaven in great glory … this is not the same as a narrow gate.  Body and Soul she was assumed.   She did not enter heaven as we may someday.  I would like to ask … who does enter into heaven through the narrow gate?  I never heard of a narrow gate into heaven. Please someone explain? Perhaps he means Purgatory? I Don’t think so!!  And whatever ‘narrow gate’ Mary had to pass through on earth was done by her with all her will.  She was “full of grace” due to the Will of God who created Her without Original Sin.  She could have said “no” to any of the Fathers requests but she was so filled with grace that she probably never even thought of it.      M.A.

“Mary can be invoked under the title ‘Gate of Heaven”   he explained in his Angelus address August 25.

She welcomed  Jesus with all her heart and followed him every day of her life, even when she did not understand, even when a sword pierced her soul.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a “gate that exactly follows the form of Jesus, the gate of the heart of Jesus, demanding, but open to all, he said.  “May the Virgin Mary help us in this?

A gate that follows the form of Jesus?  The gate of the Heart of Jesus?  Does the Pope mean ‘The Sacred Heart”  as we understand it, and, as the Jesuits were requested by God through St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, to spread the devotion to it?     M.A.

Pope Francis reflected on the day’s Gospel passage from Luke, when someone asks Jesus, “Lord, will only a few people be saved?”

“This was a highly debated issue at the time, Francis said, and with his answer, Jesus turns the question ‘upside down'” Instead of focusing on the number of people who get to heaven, he speaks of the path to heaven, and how many will choose to follow it.

How does the Pope know this about Jesus turning the question upside down as “there were no tape recorders in the day of Jesus?”  (according to a reported comment of Pope Merciful Francis)      M.A.

Using the present tense, Jesus invites people to take personal responsibility, saying “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.”

Not a problem.  They will simply be “annihilated”      M.A.

With these words, Jesus makes it clear that it is not a question of numbers, there is no closed number in Paradise!  But it is a question of going through the right passage, which is there, for everyone, but it is narrow.”  Francis said.

ibid M.A.

He explained that Jesus does not deceive people, he does not say that the way to heaven is a big, beautiful highway with a large door at the end, to not worry.

“For us Christians, this means that we are called to establish a true communion with Jesus, praying, going to church, approaching the Sacraments and nourishing ourselves with His Word.”  he explained.

We approach the Sacraments and we nourish ourselves with them.  We LISTEN  to the Word and hear it and  try to live by it.    M.A.

This keeps us in faith, nourishes our hope, revives charity” he continued.  “And so, with the grace of God, we can and must spend our lives to the good of our brothers, fight against every form of evil and injustice.

Even homosexuality?  Abortion?  Even the injustice which the Pope himself shovels out against those Priests who remain traditional  (or rigid as the Pope has called both Priests and people who remain rightly and with great difficulty in the cradle of Catholicism)     M.A.

After the Angelus, Pope Francis spoke about the ongoing fires in the Amazon, saying that “forest lung is vital to our planet.”

This above  statement by Pope Francis opens a “wide door” for dialogue!       M.A.

“We pray that, with everyone’s commitment, they may be tamed as soon as possible” he said.

The Pope is going on about the fires in the Amazon and he hopes that they will be tamed as soon as possible..  Preferably before early October 2019.      M.A.

Francis also greeted the community of the Pontifical North American College (NAC) the American seminary in Rome, especially, he said, the new group of seminarians who arrived this month to begin their studies.  U.S. seminarians studying at the NAC usually stay four to five years.

God bless you, dear seminarians, you will always be in our prayers.      M.A.




17 thoughts on “Pope Francis: Mary helps Christians enter heaven through the ‘narrow gate’ Mary herself entered through the narrow gate

  1. FP always mixes truth with lies. Jesus calls the entry to heaven a narrow gate. In this way, he does answer that many do not go to heaven and that the path to hell, which appears as the easy road, is taken by most. In other words it is really hard to enter heaven.
    In Matthew chapter 7:13 Jesus indeed says “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are they who enter through it.” Jesus did not turn their question on it’s head. He answered their question and gave them food for thought about the way they must live in order to obtain heaven – And yes: Jesus talks numbers. So as usual Francis twists what Jesus says to imply something that was not said. PF repeats the heresy that souls are simply “ annilihated” -and what’s this “no worries” business? As if the destruction of a soul is of little or no consequence: and this coming from the supposed leader of the Catholic faith. As far as I know, this is the first time that he has publicly admitted that particular heresy. Previously, it was only Scalfari Reporting that Francis had said that heresy.


  2. So true! The truth with the lie! That’s our fearless leader!! It appears he has outdone himself this time, however, for Mary IS the gate of heaven. Jesus came to us through Mary and we must go through her to Him. THIS truth is what Pope Francis is trying to steer his audience away from. Remember “To Jesus through Mary?” Didn’t we learn it in school? The fact that Vatican II refused to give Mary her title of Mediatrix of ALL Grace is in play here. And if perchance that fifth Marian dogma had been proclaimed … all Vatican II participants and protestant periti’s hopes and dreams for ecumenism would have been shattered. The Protestants would never go along with Mary being such an exalted being … as She truly is … She was created without original sin, possessing the attributes of our first mother, Eve. But Eve used her free will and said ‘yes’ to a sin. She failed the test and sin came unto man. Mary used her free will and said yes to God through Gabriel and Jesus, the Godman, came unto mankind. Our Redeemer. Viva Cristo Rey!!


  3. hellenback7

    “….there were no tape recorders in the day of Jesus? M.A.”
    I understand the point you’re trying to make but believe we need to be careful how we state the Truth.
    This very same argument has been used by a high ranking prelate (with ill will) in an attempt to nullify the meaning and intent of Christ’s teaching on a particular subject. (I forget atm which prelate by can look it up).
    Some heretical PF sycophant declared there were “…no video cameras in Christ’s time” so we couldn’t be sure of some particular thing that is an actual article of Faith.
    Modern technology or the lack of it has nothing to do with the validity of an Eternal Truth.


    1. “Modern technology or the lack of it has nothing to do with the validity of an eternal Truth” This is a truism. We have our truth “handed down” from the apostles and we have the Bible. We have always had a Pope who could and did, like Piux IX who declared that Mary was an “Immaculate Conception” It had always been thought of as that and believed by the laity but Pius made it a dogma of the Church. How blessed we were to have Popes like that.


      1. hellenback7

        I’m not sure what you mean by my statement being a “truism”.
        The point I’m making is that the lack of technolog at any point in history does not dermine the Truth of what is as ed on.
        Christ said You ask for signs…but you were to see a man raised from the dead you would not believe”.
        If faith is not active, all the roof in the world won’t help with had heard people.
        If there were tape recorders or video cameras the unbelieving would simply say they’d been “manipulated”.
        Christ said to Thomas he was blessed because he saw and believed (how could he not in his case).
        But Jesus also said we are MORE blessed if we do not see and yet believe (ie recognize and believe the Truth when we see and here it from a trustworthy source).


      2. trueism = true + ism. ism is a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory. I put the two together sometimes in my weird, coloring vocabulary. I’m sorry if my language is throwing you off. I will be more careful in the future. You certainly have the right to receive truth from a trustworthy source, as we all do. I cringe to think that I threw you off with my words. I will certainly be more careful of the words I use, and, how I present a happening on this website. I don’t think it is a sin to dislike Francis, however. .. I pray for him, but, admit that I do not like him. I love him with the Catholic love, but cannot “like” his words. Are you a priest, hellenback7 ?


      3. hellenback7

        Mary Anne

        I am not criticizing your dislike of Francis as I am sorry to say I feel much the same.

        All I’m trying to say is that if our criticism is to be effective we need to be careful in how we present our case.

        Everyone in the “Church of be Nice” is just looking for reasons to pounce on any mistakes or errors we make when we speak.

        I was merely pointing out that the knife cuts both ways with video and audio recordings and that the enemies of the true Church have used the fact that there were no video cameras to dispute the reality of the Resurrection.

        We are MORE blessed because we believe without seeing.. And because we DO believe because of the Word of reliable witnesses (ie The Apostles). Unlike Thomas who refused to believe until he had physical proof.
        We are to trust that we can discern good from evil and vice versa, because of The Gift of The Holy Spirit and Tradition.
        You do a wonderful service with your blog.
        We simply need to be accurate and measured and in our criticism and not use any of the tactics that those without Faith resort to.

        God bless you,


        PS It is not your fault there is no editing of posts.
        I don’t see any available on Bishop Gracida’s blog either. I think it’s just the way the site is formated.
        I need to do a better job of proofreading. 😉


  4. hellenback7

    @Remnant of Mary

    “Not a problem.  They will simply be “annihilated” M.A.”

    These words in bold in MA’S blog are her own replies. She is restating here what Francis is reported to have said to Scalfari.
    I don’t necessarily doubt he said it but this should not be taken as a confirmation that he repeated it publicly.
    Mary Anne is good intentioned but IMO her dislike of PF can cloud/color her posts.
    As I stated previously, I believe we need to be careful and precise in our statements and criticism of the things said by Francis. Otherwise we fall into the trap of simply looking for confusion of what we already belive, or even know. It’s called “confirmation bias”.



  5. hellenback7

    Typo mistake in above post:
    “..confusion of what we already..” Should read “..confirmation of what we…”

    I find myself wishing (again) that there was an edit function on this blog. If there is one, I’d be happy to be corrected and pointed towards it.
    There are some words that even if corrected, sometimes revert to the previous mistaken word, due to the iPhone/iOs “dictionary”..


  6. hellenback7

    Mary Anne
    You do a good job here. And I am no defender of Francis.
    It is difficult not to have him make us “see red” as he “speaks from both sides of his mouth”. I now don’t even trust the good things that he says, because I don’t know why he’s saying them or if the words he uses even mean the same thing as they have traditionally meant.

    For example, he frequently speaks of “the devil” but the head of his order, (who is likely quite close to him) says and teaches that the devil is a “symbol” and not a personal reality (ie a fallen angel).
    I don’t trust Francis at all but don’t want to fall into a trap of not doing what Christ asked us to do in regard to loving our enemies.
    You are loyal and dedicated to Jesus and His Mother Mary Anne and you do what you can to spread The Truth.
    That’s much more than most do in this troubled time.
    God Bless

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    1. Thank you hellenback7! I couldn’t be more discouraged about the way things are. I am so worried about my children, grandchildren, and, yes, great grandchildren. I guess I take it out sometimes with verbal swipes at pf … thinking they are hidden. Not so. God Bless you. I hope you have not really been to hell.


  7. hellenback7

    Mary Anne

    “Pray, Hope and Don’t worry.” St.Padre Pio

    PS I wrote a long reply but it got lost trying to post it. Don’t worry about me…God is good;)

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  8. hellenback7

    He didn’t die until 1968 and I believe my mother’s devotion to him helped me survive a very tumultuous past and assured my return to Christ and His Church 21 years ago. It also pains me to see what has happened over the years.

    But just ask him to take care of your children and your cares and trust in God, Who loves you more than you can imagine Mary Anne.
    All will be well in time ☦️

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