NSW Australia Considers Drastic Abortion Laws Where Anything Goes

The ladies in the above photo are proclaiming their unbased beliefs in a certain right they believe is theirs. That is that the little bodies within their bodies and the little bodies that make it out into the world, despite the saline, scalpel and scissor attacks, have no rights.  The ladies believe they have the right to deprive life on this earth to those small bodies.

Here is what the draft law looks like:

  1. This bill would legalise abortion on the basis of sex selection.  Meaning healthy baby girls could be aborted simply because the parents want a boy.
  2. The bill would force doctors and nurses to participate in abortion, evn if they object to abortion on ethical or religious grounds.
  3. The bill allows open-slather abortion, including late term after 22 weeks.
  4. There is no mandatory requirement for counseling in the bill, which might provide women with an opportunity discuss more options.
  5. There is no requirement that neonatal care be given to a child born alive at a consequence of undergoing an abortion procedure.
  6. There is currently no requirement that medical practitioners report abortion procedures performed on girls under 16 years to the Secretary of the Department of Communities and Justice.


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