You Tube Video of Judge Peter Kidd Sentencing George Cardinal Pell to 6 Years Jail Time

Cardinal Pell has been sentenced to six years in jail for (still questionably in most peoples’ minds) abusing two youth choir members.  One of them has passed away but not before telling his mother twice that no one abused him.  The father of the boy, has taken up the cause of his child, nonetheless.  The remaining choir boy is now a young man in his thirties, as the deceased boy would be. The incident occurred in 1996, as reported.

Much credible evidence was given by the defense proving the innocence of his client. Indeed, the client himself, Cardinal Pell has denied the charges.  Evidence of innocence was not admitted.  This was a graphic drawing or video of the Cathedral and, according to the Defense Counsel, would have proved the innocence.

As Judge Kidd states in the video, Cardinal Pell, you are now in your late 70’s and might possible die in jail.  The Judge went on to say that “you have congestive heart failure, you have a pacemaker, a dual chamber one” It has been reported also that Cardinal had just had two knee replacements.

The video is long.  I wonder why it is being shown publicly now.  There was a total blackout on the trial.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the Vatican is opening a Canonical investigation of Cardinal Pell, who in his position at the IOR found money … billions of dollars … not accounted for?  Could it be that he slammed his fist on the table at the Synod on the Family in 2014 and said “You’ve got to stop manipulating this synod!” This was followed by thunderous applause.”  (Alelia website)  Could it be that he has been the voice of traditional Catholic teaching in his native Australia?  We’ll see!

Why did Judge Kidd tell Cardinal Pell towards the end of the video that he was to have “an intimate test” and warned him that police would be in attendance should he object?


I guess you will have to google ‘Judge Kidd Sentences Cardinal Pell.  Sorry  again. I apologize.  The video is not available for showing in this arena.  Obviously.   Two tries!