“The Lord Passed and Left His Mark Which Was Turned Into A Song”

Archbishop Bergoglio describes a Eucharistic miracle as a Song?  Church of Santa Marta; Buenos Aires Argentina;  May 8 1992; Feast of Our Lady of Lujan, Patroness of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay

A priest found two small pieces of a Eucharistic host on the altar.  This was the beginning of the discovery of a stupendous Eucharistic miracle!  I describe it as ‘stupendous’ because eventually, during investigation, a Doctor reported that the  “sample had a beat” Incredible!  Amazing!  God can do anything.

As Father pondered the two tiny pieces he recalled the Church rules which told him exactly what to do and placed the pieces of host in a chalice with water to dissolve, then he put the chalice in the tabernacle.

One week later – May 8, 1992, feast of Our Lady of Lujan, the priest checked the chalice.  The water had turned a deep red, like the color of blood.  An “informal” analysis suggested that it was indeed blood and so an investigation was begun.  Meanwhile a series of Eucharist miraculous incidents began to occur.

Two years later a Eucharistic minister distributing Communion during a Mass at Santa Maria claimed to see a drop of blood fall inside a chalice.  Two years after that , on the feast of the Assumption, a host that had fallen to the floor during Mass was once again placed in water at Santa Maria, and it too turned into what was believed to be blood.

Apparently it wasn’t until this time that the decision was made to call Jorge Maria Bergoglio who was Archbishop of Buenos Aires at the time.  He asked for tests and a local doctor, Ricardo Castanon took a sample from what was known by then as the”1992 sign” and sent it to a lab in San Francisco. The substance was human tissue and “could” belong to a heart.

Dissatisfied with “could” Bergoglio had Catanon send the material to a Doctor in New York and the definitive finding was heart muscle called the myocardium.  Specifically,  the left ventricle which pumps oxygenated blood from the lungs to the body.  This doctor found that the person from whom the sample came had suffered greatly, including trauma to the chest.

“WE DON’T CALL IT A MIRACLE, WE DESCRIBE IT AS A SIGN”                                               Father Alberto Vari, Pastor said that there is “little overt publicity about this.  Some information can be found on line and some reported miracles”. He said his interview with Crux was rare but that is something I want to change … though slowly..  He wants “the sign” to become better known outside Santa Maria, but wants the parish to maintain its intimacy.

This story is strange.  Does our Pope believe in anything?  This is not a sign nor a song!

“We don’t call it a miracle.  We describe it as a sign” said Father Alberto Vari.

This incident, if one can call such a stupendous miracle an incident, could be called  a prelude to the teachings of a Shepherd who wants his sheep to be devoured by ravenous, snarling  wolves.  Pope Francis is brainwashing us about the Holy Eucharist.


In a homily given at the Church of Santa Maria Consolatrice, in the Roman Quarter of Casal Bertone on Sunday June 23, 2019 Pope Francis stated:

“The Eucharist teaches us this:  for there we find God Himself in a piece of Bread.”

This is heresy!  Furthermore … it can be found parading and pretending to be official Church belief on the Vatican Web Site … Homily of His Holiness;  Church of Santa Maria Consolatrice …

Behold!    From:  https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/2019/07/21/enough-is-enough/                                                                                                                        ” In fact Jesus is NOT present in the bread.  The bread is bread and after it is consecrated, using the correct substance of wheat and the correct words that Jesus used – then it becomes the BODY AND BLOOD, SOUL AND DIVINITY OF CHRIST.  It is no longer bread.

The pictures below speak a thousand words


“When surrounded with new ideologies, new doctrines and when you are told that the human race today demands these changes, that will be the time when God’s desires are no longer responded to.

Instead … when man made doctrines, full of error and flaws, declare sin to be no more, the time will be close for Me to destroy my enemies as foretold.

Many more of you will wake up to the Truth and the terrible dishonour, which will be accorded to Me, Jesus Christ, in My Church on earth.  Those faithful servants will recognise the wickedness and then many of them will flee.  But, when the time comes and when this choice is placed before you all, many will, sadly, desert Me and take part in pagan practices.”   Message from Jesus to Maria Divine Mercy who suffers and begs for your prayers.


Photo Credit Featured Image:  Ines San Martin/Crux     Tabernacle is a hanging glass structure that makes up the receptacle for Eucharistic adoration in the Church of sannta Maria in the neighborhood of Almagro, located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina

Future pope once called host-turned-to-blood a ‘mark of the Lord’

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  1. (This is where this comment actually belongs; please delete from previous article)
    An amazing story! This miracle belongs to all mankind! I think it shows two things:
    Firstly, that Our Lord, in His Mercy to BerGOGlio, has made His True Presence crystal clear; that Bergoglio may have no excuse in dismissing or downplaying the reverence due this Most Holy Sacrament. That it may be clear that he rejects Christ’s True Presence ‘knowingly’; not out of ignorance. God provides a clear sign of contradiction-as always- a stumbling block to His enemies. Secondly, Eucharistic Miracles Have increased for those who keep their eyes open, because signs and miracles there will be!! One of the battles and a clear sign of apostasy will be through the abomination of desolation which will be enacted and the “Daily Sacrifice” which will be abolished. This is when they will seek- through changing the words of the Consecration, and of various parts of the Mass- the reality of the Eucharist which is the Life of the World. This is prophesied in Revelations. So Eucharistic miracles exist so you may know and be warned of the important reality of Christ with us. And they are rejected so that you may know the wolves from the true shepherds. Thank you so much for sharing it! God be with you.


  2. Thank you Donna! It didn’t occur to me that this is proof that PF is fully aware of his lies and baleful misdeeds There is So much to think about. Can you BELIEVE that the POPE called the Eucharist a “mark” and a “song” ? Sometimes he says this or that or writes it and it doesn’t sink in with me fully. I wonder if this is a sign of brainwashing setting in somehow … just because the mouth that is uttering this heresy is hiding behind a little white skull cap and a white cassock. Pope’s attire from which ugliness of speech pours! I will start drinking holy water and perhaps cooking with my blessed salt.


    1. I think it is a sign that we generally think well of people and we find it difficult -especially with his language, to even understand what he means, let alone where he’s coming from. It takes time to analyse his words. Yes what he said is weird and insufficient; deliberately. It is misleading. Good idea about holy water and blessed salt. Pray the Lord opens our eyes to deceit- each one!

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