Cardinal George Pell – Is this prophecy about him?

“Do not despise prophesy”Thesssalonians 5:20 Many look down on ‘The Book of Truth’ prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy. Too many of her prophecie have come about. I understand she is suffering and asking for prayers. This is certainly true about Cardinal Pell. Who else?



“My dearly beloved daughter, how My Heart is breaking because of theplight of My sacred servants and the difficult trials which they will have to face because of My enemies.My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of Justice. Then, when he has been demonized, many of My sacred servants will be taken to task, should they dare to utter grievances against the new laws, which are not of Me and which they will have to witness being introduced into My Churches.” (April 10, 2014 @ 5:22pm).

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Do you know why he is being persecuted?

Defender of Church Doctrine:

An article on  Friday, April 22, 2016 stated:

  • “There was puzzlement in Rome about the appointment of Cardinal Pell to the Curia. The most credible explanation seems that Pope Francis thus, made the same attempt as that made…

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One thought on “Cardinal George Pell – Is this prophecy about him?

  1. An amazing story! This miracle belongs to all mankind! I think it shows two things:
    Firstly, that Our Lord, in His Mercy to BerGOGlio, has made His True Presence crystal clear; that Bergoglio may have no excuse in dismissing or downplaying the reverence due this Most Holy Sacrament. That it may be clear that he rejects Christ’s True Presence ‘knowingly’; not out of ignorance. God provides a clear sign of contradiction-as always- a stumbling block to His enemies. Secondly, Eucharistic Miracles Have increased for those who keep their eyes open, because signs and miracles there will be!! One of the battles and a clear sign of apostasy will be through the abomination of desolation which will be enacted and the “Daily Sacrifice” which will be abolished. This is when they will seek- through changing the words of the Consecration, and of various parts of the Mass- the reality of the Eucharist which is the Life of the World. This is prophesied in Revelations. So Eucharistic miracles exist so you may know and be warned of the important reality of Christ with us. And they are rejected so that you may know the wolves from the true shepherds. Thank you so much for sharing it! God be with you.


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