Enough is enough!!!

This is explicit heresy directly from the mouth of Pope Francis. Why can’t he be charged with the delict of heresy NOW before the Synod. I’m only a layman. I can see it. It must be done to save our Church.



This was sent to me from a friend.  I somehow missed this, although I must say I am not surprised. I am sure that it is all in preparation for the upcoming synod. A few months ago, there was the statement about “yucca” being used instead of wheat for the hosts used at Mass. Everyone jumped on it immediately, and the Vatican backtracked.

But they won’t give up. It is a clue. They are up to something – something very devious no doubt, and planting little seeds in the minds of the faithful. Okay, so people now know that it has to be wheat. So they had to drop another little poisonous seed – thatJesus is present in the bread!!!

Do they think that they can deceive people?The answer is “yes”- they think they can deceive and mislead people.

In fact Jesus is NOT present in the…

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One thought on “Enough is enough!!!

  1. hellenback7

    I read mist of the article.

    What I believe is that Jesus doesn’t need protecting and that He IS protecting any and all who are faithful to Him. God grants His Holy Spirit to those who ask humbly with a repentant heart.

    The gates of hell will not prevail simply because Christ gave His Word and His Life to prevent it from happening. It may appear to be happening but it isn’t.
    Simply Pray (and pray simply) as you wait out the storm.

    I believe that in a sense that is perhaps even beyond what he may have perceived or meant to convey in his Sonnet, that what Milton said is true;

    “They also serve who only stand and wait”.

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