Cleansing Angels Moved Over the Earth In 1960 But They Are Held Back For A Time Since 1966

Messages from Heaven to a holy,  elderly Carmelite Nun,  faithful to her Carmelite vows, known to me, whom I shall call Sister John Francis.  I publish from her handwriting …

Our Lady’s Christmas Message 1966          “I am Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart.”  

” I see that My people have become wiser and they are no longer concerned with their own unwise ways. Others seek their own ways in the darkness of satan  I am Mary, the Mother of God.  I warn you, all my children … I was able to hold back the avenging angels from moving  since 1960  Now must I see them moving over the earth in this program of destruction which shall cause fear to all hearts.?”

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Pope St. Pius X Appears radiating God’s Light to Man                                                               “Out of darkness I saw a figure seated on a chair.  He alone was in sight.  All around him was darkness.  The figure I saw was Pius X.  There was not doubt of it.”



I heard the voice say (about Pius X)  ‘ ” He radiated God’s light to men for his soul was in the Light of His God ‘ ”

“I next saw a series of churchmen.  They came one after another and they were in various degrees of light.  Our Blessed Lord used these churchmen to show how his light was leaving the Church over a long period of time as these churchment forgot the mission they were sent for … to bring forth souls to God.”

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“While these church men were in their various stages of light running to lesser light … I saw the features of some people who were in this darkness.  They would move like a circle around until they were overshadowed by these churchmen.  Some were of light, some of darkness … these churchmen.”

“Then I saw the agonizing face of our Blessed Lord, just His face;  it was bruised and it’s look would cause a stone to break”

“Then I saw Him at the scourging.  This was hard to look upon.  It faded away when I saw other scenes of our Blessed Lord that passed too rapidly to concentrate on. ”

Jesus:  “It shall take another hundred years to purify it and make it once more a Holy Church, a Catholic Church, whose identifying mark shall once more be that it is Holy unto its’ God because my light has returned to it. ”




Despite this darkness of my Church, you children have won  (1966 ) a victory for my Holy Mother.  My Father can no longer say no to your love for my Mother.  It is too overwhelming.  He gives to My Mother more time.  He shall allow Her way of love to prevail.  I want now only to see you spread my Mother’s love over the earth.  My Father holds back the avenging angels.  They shall no longer move.  You have now My Holy Mother.  Draw your children to My Heart as only you can, O loving Mother of your God.”

“I am Our Lady of the Immaculate  Heart.”



Serve My holy Mother in all love now that you have gained for Her such a victory from your God.”

Our Lady: “I come to the wicked world of sin, foulness … the cesspool of filth, and it matters not. I come to snatch you from your own darkness of  hearts and minds as you live lives apart from your living God.  I have come to earth to draw you to my Heart,  .and into the light of love of your loving God,

Ever since satan’s fall from grace the greatest happiness he finds is to lead souls away from God, damning them for all eternit.  His time is growing short.  I shall not let him continue to enslave my people.

The eighth prophecy spoken by your loving God is at this time reaching fulfilment.  What your loving Jesus told in 1960 of  the eighth prophecy is now unfolding on earth.

And this shall be a sign spoke the Lord jesus;

“There shall unfold ten prophesies before the third world war shall be upon  your day.”  No nation shall emerge victorious.




The words of Our Lady of LaSalette, and so many other apparitions convey the same message as those of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart to Sister John Francis.

The calls of Her Heart resound with a battle cry, a most certain trumpet of sound from heaven to earths’ children to live their lives in the ways she has given and to resist evil.

“Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?”  Song of Solomon 6:10