Father Mateo Correa Magallanes Shot to Death For Not Breaking Seal of Confession in 1927 During Cristero War


The Mexican Revolution began with the creation of a Mexican constitution in 1917.  The Freemasonic government sought to establish power and dominion in the country and limit the power of the Catholic Church, which threatened this.

This government removed many privileges of the Catholic Church. No longer could it be recognized politically.

No longer could it hold land.

When Catholic resentment came to a boiling point, the Cristero Rebellion began                   From Zachary John Mintzer  Senior Seminar  Western Oregon University 2010


Many poor Catholic families suffered deeply with the loss of sons and fathers.




Mexico was ripening for the Masonic harvest when Plutarco Calles came to power 1927                                     G_016_Calles



Father Mateo Correa Magallanes, of Tepechitlan, Mexico, had just administered First Holy Communion to a youth who years later was to become a martyr.Blessed Miguel Pro.

As it happened, Father Correa himself was to die for the faith in the same year.


Father Correa was arrested by soldiers as he was bring Holy Viaticum to an invalid.   He immediately consumed the Host he was carrying to save it from desecration.

After spending several days in jail, Father Correa was asked by a military officer, General Eulogio Ortiz, to hear the confessions of some imprisoned members of an insurgency movement, the Cristeros.

The devoted priest did not decline this opportunity to administer the sacrament to those who faced either hanging or shooting ny a firing squad.

After hearing the confessions, Father was brought back to his place of detention.

General Ortiz demanded of Father Correa, under pain of death, that he reveal the contents of the confessions of the condemned men.

“But don’t you know, General that a priest must guard the secret of confession?

I am ready to die”

He was shot to death on February 6, 1927.

Born 1860                                                                                                                                                  Died  1927                                                                                                                                                Canonized Saint by Pope John Paul II May 21, 2000


G_016_Persecution2 2


download 3    Saint Mateo Correa Magallanes, Pray For Us !   Pray for Us that we may endure with the fortitude which you exemplified for us.  We suffer daily within wickedness as you did.  Thank you for your heroic martyrdom!

Viva Cristo Rey!

The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Las Lajas by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

shrine-700x438 3

In 1754, an event took place in Colombia that continues to baffle geologists and other scientists.  This event was the miraculous appearance of the image of Our Lady of Las Lajas (Our Lady of the Rocks)

Have you heard of it?  Most Catholics outside of Columbia are completely unaware of its existence.  To be honest, I had never heard of it either until a few years ago.  I came across the story of this incredible image while doing research for my book   Champions of the Rosary:  The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon  (http://fathercalloway.com/books-and-gifts/champions-rosary-history-and-heroes-spiritual-weapon

All my friends know that I absolutely love leading pilgrimages.  http://www.pilgrimages.com/frcalloway/

In fact several times a year I lead pilgrimages to such places as Rome, Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, Poland, and the Holy Land.  One place I’ve never been on pilgrimage is Colombia.  But after I learned about the miraculous image of Our Lady of Las Lajas, making a pilgrimage to Colombia is now on my bucket list.  It might become a bucket list destination for you, too.  Here’s why:

As the story goes, one day a woman named Maria Mueses de Quinones was walking with her deaf and mute daughter, Rosa, through a very treacherous and rocky area on their way home from a nearby village.  When a storm broke out, Maria and her daughter took shelter in the rocky cliffs of a canyon.  All of a sudden, little Rosa spoke for the first time, declaring that she saw a beautiful woman who was calling her.

Maria did not see or hear the woman, but was amazed that her daughter could now speak.

A few days later, Rosa disappeared from the village.  Her mother instinctively knew to return to  the rocky canyon where she would find her little girl.  Incredibly, when Maria went to the rocks, she found Rosa playing with a little child whose mother stood nearby.

It was an apparition of the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus.  Maria and her daughter decided to keep this event secret, but would frequently return to the rocks to pray and ask Our Lady for her permission.

After a few months, little Rosa suddenly fell ill and died.  Distraught, Maria took her deceased daughter to the rocks to ask Our Lady to intercede with her Divine Son to bring Rosa back to life.

Miraculously, Rosa came back to life!

When Maria returned to the village and the people saw that Rosa was alive, their interest was piqued about this place where little Rosa had miraculously recovered her speech and even come back from death.

The villagers followed Maria and Rosa to the rocks to see the place themselves.  While they were there, someone noticed a beautiful image of Our Lady on the rocks.  Neither Maria  nor Rosa had seen the image there before.  No one knew who had painted it or where it had come from.  In the beautiful image, Our Lady is holding the Child Jesus and handing St. dominic a rosary;  the Child  Jesus is extending a friar’s cord to St. Francis of Assisi.

After extensive investigations, civil authorities and scientists determined that the scene was not a painting at all.  The image is miraculously part of the rock itself!

Geologists have since bored core samples from several places in the rock and discovered that there is no paint, dye, or pigment on the surface of the rock.   The colors of the miraculous image are the colors of the rock itself and extend several feet deep inside the rock! The only man made aspects of the miraculous image are the crowns above the heads of Jesus and Mary that were later added by local devotees.  For more than two centuries, the location has been a place of pilgrimage and devotion.  In 1951, the Church authorized devotion to Our Lady under the title of “Our Lady of Las Lajas” and the church built around the image has been declared a minor basilica.


Isn’t this amazing!  The entire Catholic world knows about the miraculous tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but hardly anyone outside of Latin America knows about the incredible –  image of Our Lady of las Lajas.

Whether or not I will ever make it to Colombia to see this incredible image remains unseen, but if you ever find yourself in Colombia be sure to visit this holy shrine.  The basilica itself looks like something out of Lord of the Rings!

Our Lady of Las Lajas, pray for us!

By Father Donald Calloway, MIC                                                                                                           Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC , has been a priest for 15 years and currently serves as Vicar Provincial and Vocation Director for the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.  He is the author of eleven books, a popular speaker at conferences, and frequently leads pilgrimages to Marian shrines around the world.

To find out more about his books and pilgrimages, go to    http://www.fathercalloway.com



Based on JPII’s ‘Univeri Dominici Gregis’, well researched by Bishop Gracida, the uppermost thought that the sea of Peter can be declared vacant by Twelve Cardinals due an invalid conclave. Must read!


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Why Is the Remnant’s Matt Sounding like Jimmy Akin & Why is he Ignoring the Bishop Gracida Solution?

We are in the greatest crisis in the history of the Church,which is equal to the Arian crisis, because we appear to have a heretical Pope and his pro-gay bishops network who make the immoral Borgia Popes and their inner circles look like choir boys.

It seems that Remnant editor Michael Matt understands the depth of the crisis saying we must fight for the restoration of the Catholic Churchand the papacy including getting a “serious” Catholic Popeto replace Pope Francis.

He says we must join forces with non-Catholic conservatives to help us get rid of Francis by critiquing his globalistevil politics.

All of which Iagree, but then he starts sounding like Jimmy Akinon the Open Letter saying you can’t make acase of heresy out of twisted “airplane utterances.”

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History of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris — The Freelance History Writer

In light of what happened on April 15, 2019, I thought I would write a history of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. The fire that engulfed this magnificent building at first appeared to be devastating. While the church did sustain a great deal of damage, there is enough of the edifice remaining for restoration […]

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Cleansing Angels Moved Over the Earth In 1960 But They Are Held Back For A Time Since 1966

Messages from Heaven to a holy,  elderly Carmelite Nun,  faithful to her Carmelite vows, known to me, whom I shall call Sister John Francis.  I publish from her handwriting …

Our Lady’s Christmas Message 1966          “I am Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart.”  

” I see that My people have become wiser and they are no longer concerned with their own unwise ways. Others seek their own ways in the darkness of satan  I am Mary, the Mother of God.  I warn you, all my children … I was able to hold back the avenging angels from moving  since 1960  Now must I see them moving over the earth in this program of destruction which shall cause fear to all hearts.?”

images 2

Pope St. Pius X Appears radiating God’s Light to Man                                                               “Out of darkness I saw a figure seated on a chair.  He alone was in sight.  All around him was darkness.  The figure I saw was Pius X.  There was not doubt of it.”



I heard the voice say (about Pius X)  ‘ ” He radiated God’s light to men for his soul was in the Light of His God ‘ ”

“I next saw a series of churchmen.  They came one after another and they were in various degrees of light.  Our Blessed Lord used these churchmen to show how his light was leaving the Church over a long period of time as these churchment forgot the mission they were sent for … to bring forth souls to God.”

images 12

“While these church men were in their various stages of light running to lesser light … I saw the features of some people who were in this darkness.  They would move like a circle around until they were overshadowed by these churchmen.  Some were of light, some of darkness … these churchmen.”

“Then I saw the agonizing face of our Blessed Lord, just His face;  it was bruised and it’s look would cause a stone to break”

“Then I saw Him at the scourging.  This was hard to look upon.  It faded away when I saw other scenes of our Blessed Lord that passed too rapidly to concentrate on. ”

Jesus:  “It shall take another hundred years to purify it and make it once more a Holy Church, a Catholic Church, whose identifying mark shall once more be that it is Holy unto its’ God because my light has returned to it. ”




Despite this darkness of my Church, you children have won  (1966 ) a victory for my Holy Mother.  My Father can no longer say no to your love for my Mother.  It is too overwhelming.  He gives to My Mother more time.  He shall allow Her way of love to prevail.  I want now only to see you spread my Mother’s love over the earth.  My Father holds back the avenging angels.  They shall no longer move.  You have now My Holy Mother.  Draw your children to My Heart as only you can, O loving Mother of your God.”

“I am Our Lady of the Immaculate  Heart.”



Serve My holy Mother in all love now that you have gained for Her such a victory from your God.”

Our Lady: “I come to the wicked world of sin, foulness … the cesspool of filth, and it matters not. I come to snatch you from your own darkness of  hearts and minds as you live lives apart from your living God.  I have come to earth to draw you to my Heart,  .and into the light of love of your loving God,

Ever since satan’s fall from grace the greatest happiness he finds is to lead souls away from God, damning them for all eternit.  His time is growing short.  I shall not let him continue to enslave my people.

The eighth prophecy spoken by your loving God is at this time reaching fulfilment.  What your loving Jesus told in 1960 of  the eighth prophecy is now unfolding on earth.

And this shall be a sign spoke the Lord jesus;

“There shall unfold ten prophesies before the third world war shall be upon  your day.”  No nation shall emerge victorious.




The words of Our Lady of LaSalette, and so many other apparitions convey the same message as those of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart to Sister John Francis.

The calls of Her Heart resound with a battle cry, a most certain trumpet of sound from heaven to earths’ children to live their lives in the ways she has given and to resist evil.

“Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?”  Song of Solomon 6:10