The Arrest of the Lord as Seen in Vision by Bl. Anna Catherine Emmerich

It was now half past eleven o’clock … three hundred men were stationed at the gates in in the streets of Ophel.  An orange moon rose higher into an inky sky, wisps of black cloud passing over its surface … harbingers of danger.   Judas went forward with twenty soldiers, followed at some distance by four common executioners … “

“They wore helmets, and from their doublets hung leathern straps around their hips just like the Romans … it was the Temple guard.”  They are the ones who paid Judas.  It was feared that he would run off in the blackness of the night and they would not capture Jesus.

They carried swords, and, spears, and one lantern.

Jesus took some steps toward the band and said in a loud, distinct voice:  “Whom seek ye?”  The leaders answered:  “Jesus of Nazareth,” whereupon Jesus replied:  “I am He”  But scarcely had He uttered the words when, as if suddenly attacked by convulsions, they crowded back and fell to the ground one upon another.  They writhed on the ground as if struck with epilepsy.”

Jesus bade them to arise.

Then Jesus addressed them:

“Ye are come out with spears and clubs to apprehend Me as if I were a murderer.  I have daily taught among you in the Temple, and ye dared not lay hands upon me;  but this is your hour.

It is the hour of darkness.”