Judas Departs From ‘The Last Supper’ – From the Visions of Bl. Anna Catherine Emmerich

“Judas was the third to whom Jesus presented the Blessed Sacrament, but it seemed as if the word of the Lord turned back from the mouth of the traitor…”

“I was so terrified at this sight that I cannot describe my feelings..  Jesus then said to Judas:  ‘ “What thou are about to do, do quickly.’ ”

The Lord then administered the Blessed Sacrament to the rest of the Apostles, who came up two and two, each one holding for his neighbor a little, stiff cover with an ornamental edge which had lain over the chalice.

Jesus next raised the chalice by its two handles to a level with His face, and pronounced into it the words of consecration.  While doing so, He was wholly transfigured and, as it were, transparent.  He was as if passing over into what He was giving.

He caused Peter and John to drink from the chalice while yet in His hands, and then He set it down.  With the little spoon, John removed some of the Sacred Blood from the chalice to the small cups, which Peter handed to the Apostles who, two by two, drank from the same cup

During the whole meal, I saw the little red monster with one foot like a bare bone sitting at Judas’ feet and often rising to his heart, but when outside the door, I saw three devils pressing around him.  One entered into his mouth, one urged him on, and the third ran in front of him.

It was night.

They seemed to be lighting him as he hurried on like a madman.