Jesus’ Movements Were Measured and Solemn During the Institution of the Most Blessed Sacrament

“Every action of Jesus indicated the institution of the Holy Mass” 

“Each was preceded and followed by explanations and instructions.  I saw the Apostles after each noting down some things in the little parchment rolls that they carried about them.  Jesus’ turning to the right and left was full of gravity, as He always was when engaged in prayer.

Every action indicated the institution of the Holy Mass.

I saw the Apostles, when approaching one another and in other parts of it, bowing as priests are wont to do.

Private Instructions and Consecrations

Jesus now gave to the Apostles an instruction full of mystery.  He told them how they were to preserve the Blessed Sacrament until the end of the world, taught them the necessary forms for making use of and communicating it, and in what manner they were by degrees to teach and publish the Mystery.

He told them likewise when they were to receive what remained of the consecrated Species, when to give some to the Blessed Virgin, and how to consecrate It themselves after He had sent them the Conforter.

Then He instructed them upon the priesthood, the sacred unction, and the preparation of the Chrism and the Holy Oils.

The Holy Oils and the Ointment

Jesus spoke of different kinds of anointing, among them that of kings. He said that even widked kings who were anointed, possessed a certain interior and mysterious power that was wanting to others.

Then Jesus put some of the viscous ointment and oil into the empty box and mixed them together, but I cannot say whether it was at this moment or at the consecration of the Bread and Wine that the Lord blessed the oil.

After that I saw Jesus anointing Peter and John, on whose hands, at the institution of the Blessed Sacrament, He had poured the water that had flowed over His own, and who had drunk from the chalice in His hand.

From the center of the table, where He was standing, Jesus stepped a little to one side and imposed hands upon Peter and John … first on their shoulders and then on their head.  During this action, they joined their hands and crossed their thumbs.  As they blowed low before Him (and I am not sure that they did not kneel) the Lord anointed the thumb and forefinger of each of their hands with Chrism, and made the Sign of the Cross with it on their head.  He told them that this anointing would remain with them to the end of the world.

James the Less, Andrrew, James the Greater, and Bartholomew, were likewise consecrated.

I saw too that the Lord twisted crosswise over Peter’s breast the narrow scarf that he wore around his neck, but that on the others He drew it across the breast over the right shoulder and under the left arm.

He told them that after they have received the Holy Ghost they were to consecrate bread and wine for the first time and they were to anoint the other Apostles.”


From the visions of Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich