Pope Benedict IS THE POPE

Bishop Gracida continues to try to make us understand “How and Why Benedict’s resignation was invalid” and Francis is an anti-pope. Thank you for research and reason!


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Canon Law itself declares Pope Francis,AntiPope

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The clear, precise, and sound reading of the Code of Canon Law leads to the inescapable conclusion that Pope Francis is an “antipope” in every sense of the word, and that the law itself declares it.

As has been demonstrated in the article,“How and Why Pope Benedict’s resignation is invalid”, there is no other authentic reading of Canon 332 §2 other than that the renunciation ofmunusis the necessarysine qua noncondition of a papal resignation.

This canonical argument is supported by 35 reasons, debated in Scholastic form, in the article,“The Validity of Benedict’s Resignation must be questioned, Parts I and II”, why a renunciation ofministerium, in the form had in the papal declarations of Feb. 11, 2013, cannot signify a…

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