Mountain Men Do Not Die of Heart Attacks: Investigation into the Death of Pope John Paul I

Excerpts from the book:  ‘In God’s Name’ by David Yallop

Monsignor Giuseppe Bossa, Apostolic Administrator of Venice

“In the eight years since he was in Venice, I saw Cardinal Luciani in bed only once because he was unwell.  That was for Influenza.  For the rest, the Patriarch of Venice was very healthy and he did not suffer from any illness.”

Professor Rama (Medical)  

“Luciano had low blood  pressure which under normal conditions oscillated around 120/80

Monsignor Mario Senigaglia, Secretary to Albino Luciano (1970-1976)

“Immediately before leaving for the conclave, and, in August 1978,  he had a full medical check up at the Stella Maris Clinic.  The results were favorable in all respects.

His working day in the Vatican was no longer than it was here in Venice.  In the Vatican he had many more advisers.  (in regards to stress)

Mountain men do not die of heart attacks.”


Challenge to The Vatican From David Yallop Author

“If the Vatican can prove me wrong on just two simple questions of fact”   (in this well researched book), and if they can prove that my account of the papers he was holding in his hands is incorrect, then I will donate every penny of my royalties from the sales of this book to cancer research.” 

The Vatican account of who found the body was their first lie.

The papers that Luciano was clutching was the “smoking gun”

Nearly twenty years later I am still waiting for the Vatican to respond.”                                   David Yallop


Preface                                                                                                                                                     “This book, the product of three years intensive research, would not exist without the active help and co-operation of many people and many organizations.  Very many of these only agreed to help on the strict understanding that they remained publicly unidentified.”Yallop

I can assure the reader that all the information, all the details, all the facts, have been checked and double checked to the extent multiple sources were available

I am sure that the fact that I recount conversations between men dead before my investigations began will be cause for comment.  How for example could I know what passed between Pope John Paul I and Cardinal Jean Villot on the day they discussed the issue of birth control?

Within the Vatican there is no such thing as a private audience that remains completely private.  Quite simply both men subsequently talked to others of what had transpired

These secondary sources, sometimes with deeply differing personal opinions on the issue discussed by the Pope and his Secretary of State, provided the words attributed.  Therefore while the dialogue within this book is reconstructed, it is not fabricated.”Yallop


I, Mary Anne, highly advise reading this book.  While it gives an excellent investigation into the death of the Smiling Pope, it also covers the intricacies of Vatican Banking.  Much can be learned from that part of the book which would give an understanding of the way things are today.  It covers the P2 Lodge of Masons and their dislike of the way Pope John Paul was running the Vatican.  It is closely connected to the papers found in the pope’s hand.