Governor Cuomo Demonizes the Church

Cuomo says: ” I’m with the Pope on this ”  (Babies as legal victims of homicide by their elders)  Is the Pope also ‘with’ Cuomo?


Cuomo Demonizes Catholic Church
January 28, 2019Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest attacks on the Catholic Churchmade by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

Celebrating the imminent passage of the Child Victims Act, Gov. Andrew Cuomo lashed out at the Catholic Church again today.

Cuomo lamented the repeated failure of the bill to get past the New York Senate, until today. He said, “we were foiled by the conservatives in the Senate.” Then he took it back. “I don’t even believe it was the moderates in the Senate. I believe it was the conservatives in the Senate who were threatened by the Catholic Church. And this went on for years.”

Threatened? Which members of the Catholic Church threatened which members of the Senate? We need names. What was the content of the threat? This is serious business. Cuomo did…

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Did Saint Francis Predict Pope Francis?

“Did St. Francis predict the coming of Pope Francis?” Yes, it looks that way by what he said.

Catholicism Pure & Simple


The Remnant

Did Saint Francis Predict Pope Francis?

Traditionalists are often derided by neo-Catholic commentators for relying on supposedly apocryphal quotations from Popes or saints bearing on the current ecclesial crisis.  But these critics never demonstrate that the oft-cited quotations are apocryphal; they merely assert that they must be, as they seem too good to be true.  This is often done in comment boxes or responses to online queries at neo-Catholic websites, wherein the neo-Catholic commentator professes he can find no source for a given quotation—meaning he hasn’t bothered to do any serious investigation beyond a few Google searches.

Take this quotation of Pius XII, for example, speaking in 1931 when he was still Monsignor Pacelli, serving as Pius XI’s Secretary of State:

I am worried by the Blessed Virgin’s messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace…

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Tina Griego is a Free-Lance reporter for the Denver Post.  She writes

some really good stuff and she is a strong advocate for LEGAL
Immigration; homework on issues is part of her make-up and fabric!

What if they left?

Not Democratic, not Republican, not liberal and not conservative. Just
the facts by a good reporter!

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America ? I, Tina Griego,
journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled,
“Mexican Visitor’s Lament.”

I interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting
Denver last week. Hernandez said, “Illegal aliens pay rent, buy
groceries, buy clothes. What happens to your country’s economy if 20
million people go away?”

Hmmm, I thought, what would happen?

So I did my due diligence, buried my nose as a reporter into the FACTS
I found below. It’s a good question… it deserves an honest answer. Over 80% of

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Birth of the Messiah as Seen Thru the Eyes of Bl. Anna Katherine Emmerick

Bl Anna Katherine Emmerick was born on Sept 8, 1774 and Died on Oct 9, 1824.  She was a Roman Catholic Augustinian Canoness Regular of Windesheime, beatified Oct 3, 2004 Pope John Paul II, and, was a stigmatist and mystic.

Birth of The Child Jesus

“I saw Joseph arranging a seat and couch for Mary in the so-called Suckling Cave of Abraham, which was also the sepulcher of Mar aha, his nurse.  It was more spacious than the cave of the crib.  Mary  remained there some hours, while

Joseph was making the latter more habitable.  He brought also from the city many different little vessels and some dried fruits.  Mary told him that the birth hour of the Child would arrive on the coming night.  It was then nine months since her conception by the Holy Ghost.  She begged him to do all in his power that they might receive as honorably as possible this Child promised by God, this Child supernaturally conceived; and she invited him to unite with her in prayer for those hard-hearted people who would afford Him no place of shelter

Joseph proposed to bring some pious women whom he knew in Bethlehem to her assistance;  but Mary would not allow it, she declared she had no need of anyone.  It was five o’clock in the evening when Joseph brought Mary back again to the Crib Cave.  He hung up several more lamps, and made a place under the shed before the door the the little donkey, which came joyfully from the fields to meet them

When Mary told Joseph that her time was drawing near and that he should now betake himself to prayer, he left her and turned toward his sleeping place to do her bidding.  Before entering his little recess, he looked back once toward that part of the cave where Mary knelt upon her couch in prayer, her back to him.

He saw the cave filled with the light that streamed from Mary, for she was entirely enveloped as if by flames.  It was as if he were Moses, looking into the burning bush.  He sank prostrate to the ground in prayer and looked not back again.

The glory around Mary became brighter and brighter, the lamps that Joseph had lit were no longer to be seen.  Mary knelt, her flowing white robe spread out before her.  At the twelfth hour, her prayer became more ecstatic, and I saw her raised so far above the ground that one could see it beneath her.  Her hands were crossed upon her breast, and the light around her grew even more resplendent.  I no longer saw the roof of the cave.

Above Mary stretched a pathway of light up to Heaven, in which pathway it seemed as if one light came forth from another, as if one figure dissolved into another, and from these different spheres of light other heavenly figures issued.  Mary continued in prayer, her eyes bent low upon the ground.

At that moment she gave birth to the Infant Jesus.  I saw Him like a tiny, shining Child, lying on the rug at her knees, and brighter far than all the other brilliancy.  He seemed to grow before my eyes.  But dazzled by the glittering and flashing of light, I know not whether I really saw that, or how I saw it.  Even inanimate nature seemed stirred.  The stones of the rocky floor and the walls of the cave were glimmering and sparkling, as if instinct with life.

Mary’s ecstasy lasted some moments longer.  Then I saw her spread a cover over the Child, but she did not yet take It up, nor even touch it.  After a long time, I saw the Child stirring and then heard It crying, and then only did Mary seem to recover full consciousness. She lifted the Child, along with the cover that she had thrown over it, to her breast and sat veiled, herself and Child quite enveloped.  I think she was suckling It.

I saw angels around her in human form prostrate on their faces.  It may, perhaps, have been an hour after the birth when Mary called St. Joseph, who still lay prostrate in prayer.  When he approached, he fell on his knees, his face to the ground in a transport of joy, devotion, and humility.  Mary again urged him to look upon the Sacred Gift from Heaven, and then did Joseph take the Child into his arms.

And now did the Blessed Virgin swathed the Child in red and over that in a white veil up as far as under the little arms. The upper part of his Body, from the armpits to the head, she wrapped up in another piece of linen.  She had only four swaddling cloths with her.

She laid the Child in the Crib, which had been filled with rushes and fine moss over which was spread a cover that hung down at the sides.  The crib stood over the stone trough, and at this spot the ground stretched straight and level as far as the side passage, where it made a broader flexure toward the south.  The floor of this part of the cave lay somewhat deeper than where the Child was born, and down to it, steps had been formed in the earth.  When Mary lad the Child in the Crib, both she and Joseph stood by it in tears, singing the praises of God.”

What Happened in the Temple and in Rome that Night

“I saw something very wonderful taking place in the Temple.  The writings of the Sadducees were more than once hurled by an invisible force from the places in which they were kept, which circumstance gave rise to unaccountable dread.  The fact was ascribed to sorcery, and large sums of money were paid to hush the matter up.

I saw that in Rome, across the river where numbers of Jews dwelt, a well of oil gushed forth spontaneously, to the wonder of all the witnesses.  And when Jesus was born, a magnificent statue of the god Jupiter fell with violence from its place.  All were struck with fear.  Sacrifices were offered and another idol, I think Venus, was interrogated as to the cause.  The devil was forced to speak by its mouth, and he proclaimed that it had happened because a virgin unmarried had conceived and brought forth a Son.  He told them also of the miracle of the oil well.  Where this took place there now stands a Church in honor of the Mother of God.  I saw that the pagan priests were deeply disturbed by the whole affair.  They searched their writings, and discovered the following history:

About seventy years previously this idol (Jupiter) had been greatly venerated.  It was magnificently ornamented with gold and precious stones, grand ceremonies were held in its honor, and numerous sacrifices offered to it.  But there was in Rome at that time an extraordinarily pious woman who lived on her own means.  I know not for certain whether she was a Jewess or not; but she had visions, uttered prophecies, and informed many persons as to the cause of their sterility.  This woman had thrown out words to the effect that they should not honor the idol at so great a cost, for that they would one day behold it burst asunder in their midst.”

This speech proved so offensive that she was imprisoned and tormented until by her prayers she obtained from God the information as to when that misfortune would happen.  The pagan priests demanded what had been revealed to her, and when at last she replied:  “The idol will be shattered when an Immaculate Virgin shall bring forth a Son,” they hooted at her , and released her as a fool.  And now the people recalled the fact and declared that the woman had spoken truly.

I saw also that the Roman consuls. of whom one was named Lentulus and who was a friend of St. Peter and an ancestor of the martyr-Priest Moses,  made notes of this occurence, as well as that of the bursting forth of the oil well.”






Helpful Short Excerpts of Pope Leo XIII on Church and State from ‘Cum Malta’

Three paragraphs from the Encyclical CUM MALTA;  December 8, 1882

Paragraphs 6-9

6.  “Here, however, it will be fitting to recall the mutual relations of the spiritual and of the temporal order, for many minds on this matter, fall into a two-fold error.

There are some, for instance, who are not satisfied with distinguishing between politics and religion, but separate and completely isolate the one from the other;  they wish them to have nothing in common,  and imagine that the one should exercise no influence over the other.

Such men, in truth differ but little from those who desire the exclusion of God, the Creator and Sovereign of all things, from the constitution of the State.  The error they profess is the more pernicious in that they thereby rashly debar the State from its most abundant source of prosperity.  

The moment religion is removed, those principles are of necessity shaken on which the public welfare most of all rests….

These (principles of State government) derive their greatest forces from religion, among the first of these which are government with justice and moderation, obedience from a sense of duty, the submission of the passions to the yoke of virtue, to render to each his due, and, to leave untouched that which is another’s.

7.  But, though this opinion, (removal of religion),  is to be avoided, the contrary error must likewise be shunned. Those who identify religion with some one political party and confound these together to such a degree as to look on all of another party as undeserving any longer of the name of Catholic.  This is an intrusion of political factions into the August realm of the Church;  it is an attempt to break the union of brothers, and to open the gate and give access to a multitude of grievous troubles.

8. The spiritual and temporal orders being, therefore, distinct in their origin and in their nature, should be conceived and judged of as such.  For matters of the temporal order – however lawful-  however important they be – do not extend, when considered in themselves, beyond the limits of that life which we live  on this our earth.

But religion, born of God and referring all things to God, takes a higher flight and touches heaven.

For her will, her wish, is to penetrate the soul, man’s best part, with the knowledge and the love of  God and to lead in safety the whole human race to that City of the Future which we seek for.

9. It is then right, to look on religion and whatever is connected with it by any particular bond, as belonging to a higher order.  Hence, in the vicissitudes of human affairs, and even in the very revolutions in States, religion, which is the supreme good, should remain intact; for it embraces all times and all places.  Men of opposite parties, though differing in all else, should be agreed unanimously in this:  that in the State the Catholic religion should be preserved in all its integrity.

To this noble and indispensable aim, all who love the Catholic religion ought, as if bound by a compact, to direct all their efforts;  they should be somewhat silent about their various political opinions, which they are, however, at perfect liberty to ventilate in their proper place.

The Church is far from condemning such matters, ( ventilating political opinions), when they are not opposed to religion or justice.

Apart and removed from all the turmoil of strife, she carries on her work of fostering the common weal, and of cherishing all men with the love of a mother, those particularly whose faith and piety are greatest.”

Pope Leo XIII                                                                                                                                            Encyclical  Cum Malta    December 8, 1882

Pope Benedict IS THE POPE

Bishop Gracida continues to try to make us understand “How and Why Benedict’s resignation was invalid” and Francis is an anti-pope. Thank you for research and reason!


From Rome

An International Venue for Catholic Thought

Canon Law itself declares Pope Francis,AntiPope

Jan10byThe Editor


The clear, precise, and sound reading of the Code of Canon Law leads to the inescapable conclusion that Pope Francis is an “antipope” in every sense of the word, and that the law itself declares it.

As has been demonstrated in the article,“How and Why Pope Benedict’s resignation is invalid”, there is no other authentic reading of Canon 332 §2 other than that the renunciation ofmunusis the necessarysine qua noncondition of a papal resignation.

This canonical argument is supported by 35 reasons, debated in Scholastic form, in the article,“The Validity of Benedict’s Resignation must be questioned, Parts I and II”, why a renunciation ofministerium, in the form had in the papal declarations of Feb. 11, 2013, cannot signify a…

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Vatican May Be Deciding Fate of Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

From The Boston Pilot by Ed Condon Jan. 8, 2019

Analysis:  The non-trial of Theodore McCarrick

Vatican City, Jan 7, 2019  CNA   “Sources at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith have confirmed that allegations against McCarrick are being considered through an abbreviated approach called “an administrative penal process.”

That decision gives insight into the strength of evidence against McCarrick, and suggests that resolving sexual abuse allegations against the archbishop is a top priority for Pope Francis and other senior Vatican officials.

Canon Law outlines specific processes for handling allegations of sexual abuse by clerics.  All of these are reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.  When the charges involve a bishop, the CDF requires specially delegated authority from the pope to handle the case.

A full canonical trial is a lengthy affair.  Depositions of witnesses and alleged victims are taken by the court at which a prosecutor, called the “promoter of justice” in canon law, and lawyers for the defense are present.

Written argumentation is exchanged through a panel of judges, with precise timelines, manners of proceeding, and legal minutiae that must be observed at each step of the way, n order to ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.

Key among McCarrick’s accusers is James Grein, who gave evidence before specially deputized archdiocesan officials in New York on Dec. 27.

As part of the CDF’s investigation, Grein testified that McCarrick, a family friend, sexually abused him over a period of years, beginning when he was 11 years old.  He also alleged that McCarrick carried out some of the abuse during the sacramet of confession – itself a separate canonical crime that can lead to the penalty of laicization.

The CDF has also reportedly rceived evidence from an additional alleged victim of McCarrick – 13 at the time the alleged abuse began – and from as many as 8 seminarian – victims in the New Jersey dioceses and Metchuen, in whihch McCarrick served as Bishop.

Because of the collection of that evidence, McCarrick now faces multiple canonical chages of sexual misconduct and abuse concerning both minors and adults, including solicitation in the confessional.

Use of the abbreviated administrative process, which is only employed in cases of compelling evidence, indicates that McCarrick is likely to be convicted on at least some of the charges.

According to CDF sources, the investigative phase of the process has now been formally concluded and McCarrick has been given the chance both to speak in his own defense.  His canon lawyer may also submit arguments on his behalf.

The CDF is expected to formally assess the evidence and defense within the next week, and to reach a final determination.

While many Catholics, including some bishops, have expressed frustration at a lack of resolution to the McCarrick case, his process is proceeding at break neck pace, at least by canonical standards.

Nevertheless, the  CDF has been unde pressure from the Pope, together with several senior American cardinals, to resolve the matter before the heads of the world’s bishops conferences gather in Rome next month for a crisis summit on the recent sexual abuse scandals.

Some announcement of a decision is highly likely ahead of that meeting

McCarrick is likely to be laicized if he is found guilty.

The Church has refrained from dismissing clerics who are either too old, infirm, and without other means of support, recognizing a moral obligation by the Church to see to their basic subsistence.

But while he McCarrick is old and in failing health, he is also known to be financially independent..  As one source in Roma told CNA  “The CDF don’t usually laicize someone if it means they’ll be living on the street, but McCarrick has always had money to throw around.”

It also seems likely that as a technical matter, it will be Pope Francis, not the CDF, that declares a verdict and imposes a penalty on the archbishop.”

“Prominent voices like Cardinal Sean O’Malley and Marie Collins, the abuse survivor and former member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, have called for a change in the CDF’s legal definition of “vulnerable adults” who are classed alongside minors by the CDF in sexual abuse cases.

Currently, a vulnerable adult is someone who “habitually lacks the use of reason”  O’Malley and Collins have both called for the definition to be broadened to include other victims, especially when sexual abuse is accompanied by an abuse of authority or power.  Such a redefinition would include McCarrick’s alleged seminarian-victims.

If the Rome meeting next month sets out to narrowly treat the issue of minors, and seems to exclude other victims of coercive sexual abuse, the figure of Theodore McCarrick might still cast a shadow over anything it tries to achieve.”

Mountain Men Do Not Die of Heart Attacks: Investigation into the Death of Pope John Paul I

Excerpts from the book:  ‘In God’s Name’ by David Yallop

Monsignor Giuseppe Bossa, Apostolic Administrator of Venice

“In the eight years since he was in Venice, I saw Cardinal Luciani in bed only once because he was unwell.  That was for Influenza.  For the rest, the Patriarch of Venice was very healthy and he did not suffer from any illness.”

Professor Rama (Medical)  

“Luciano had low blood  pressure which under normal conditions oscillated around 120/80

Monsignor Mario Senigaglia, Secretary to Albino Luciano (1970-1976)

“Immediately before leaving for the conclave, and, in August 1978,  he had a full medical check up at the Stella Maris Clinic.  The results were favorable in all respects.

His working day in the Vatican was no longer than it was here in Venice.  In the Vatican he had many more advisers.  (in regards to stress)

Mountain men do not die of heart attacks.”


Challenge to The Vatican From David Yallop Author

“If the Vatican can prove me wrong on just two simple questions of fact”   (in this well researched book), and if they can prove that my account of the papers he was holding in his hands is incorrect, then I will donate every penny of my royalties from the sales of this book to cancer research.” 

The Vatican account of who found the body was their first lie.

The papers that Luciano was clutching was the “smoking gun”

Nearly twenty years later I am still waiting for the Vatican to respond.”                                   David Yallop


Preface                                                                                                                                                     “This book, the product of three years intensive research, would not exist without the active help and co-operation of many people and many organizations.  Very many of these only agreed to help on the strict understanding that they remained publicly unidentified.”Yallop

I can assure the reader that all the information, all the details, all the facts, have been checked and double checked to the extent multiple sources were available

I am sure that the fact that I recount conversations between men dead before my investigations began will be cause for comment.  How for example could I know what passed between Pope John Paul I and Cardinal Jean Villot on the day they discussed the issue of birth control?

Within the Vatican there is no such thing as a private audience that remains completely private.  Quite simply both men subsequently talked to others of what had transpired

These secondary sources, sometimes with deeply differing personal opinions on the issue discussed by the Pope and his Secretary of State, provided the words attributed.  Therefore while the dialogue within this book is reconstructed, it is not fabricated.”Yallop


I, Mary Anne, highly advise reading this book.  While it gives an excellent investigation into the death of the Smiling Pope, it also covers the intricacies of Vatican Banking.  Much can be learned from that part of the book which would give an understanding of the way things are today.  It covers the P2 Lodge of Masons and their dislike of the way Pope John Paul was running the Vatican.  It is closely connected to the papers found in the pope’s hand.










Pierce Corcoran,22,Killed by Illegal Immigrant

killed by illegal immigrant with no license and no car ins. His grieving Mom speaks. So very sad.

Justice For Pierce Corcoran

Pierce Kennedy Corcoran(August 4th, 1996-December 29th, 2018)was killed in a head on car accident on Chapman Highway in Knoxville, TN. The other driver in question, Franco Cambrany Francisco Eduardo, is being detained by ICE on charges of illegal immigration, failure to have a driver’s license and failure to purchase car insurance.

The following is a message from Pierce’s mother, Wendy Corcoran:

A Mother’s Message:

Pierce Corcoran was only 22 years old when he was killed by an illegal immigrant in a car crash on December 29th, 2018.

Pierce Corcoran, born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. A responsible, hardworking and loving son, brother and grandson. Pierce’s life is to be remembered and celebrated for his relationship with his Heavenly Father, his love for others, and his determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Was he perfect? No, but he was taught to care about others and his impact on them. He was…

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