One Interrogation of Teresita Castillo, the Seer of Lipa

“Then he go mad with me … Mayroong diyan … there was an ashtray there and he took hold of it …..”

Photo:  A rose petal.  On it the Blessed Virgin holding Jesus is seen. One can even see little angels on the edges.  These floated down from the sky in a wafting slow manner… even when the wind was blowing hard.  Thousands scrambled to obtain one.

This article is a sample of the aggressive stance the Vatican II and others before them have taken against this apparition, and, particularly against giving Mary the title of ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ which is what she called herself at Lipa.  Just like she said at Lourdes:  “I am the Immaculate Conception”    She said at Lipa: “I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”


The postulant Teresita was picked up in a car by Monsignor Santos and, chaperoned by Sister Stephanie of the Cross.  She was brought to the hospital of the University of Santo Tomas ((UST) in Manila.

“Am I sick?  (Bakit, may zakit ba ako?)  I wanted to ask him, (Bakit ako dinala dit, may sakit baga ako?) Why was I brought here?  No.  But as usual, mortification of the tongue, you see, because they say than when you mortify inner feelings like that, it is better than any external instrument of penance.  So I did.  I kept my mouth shut.”  Teresing Castillo    (They called her ‘Teresing’ … she played the piano and sang.)

Teresing was subsequently interrogated at UST by psychologist Father Angelo Blas, and a noted psychiatrist, Father Leopoldo Pardo.  Father Blas (Psychologist) was the first to question her.

He started by asking:  “Do you have a tendency in the family, do you have a tendency na, or do you have a member of your family who became insane?

“Not that I know of, Father” I said.  “Well, headaches, yes Father.  Other diseases I don’t know.”

“The accusation of a lesbian relationship with Mother Cecilia also resurfaced.  For three hours, he was pounding on me.  I was quiet but I was firm with my statements.  So he took one piece of paper and gave it to me.”

“Now sign that.” he said.

So, Ay, Father, I will have to read it first.  So I read it and it said there that everything (about the apparitions of Our Lady) is a hoax, fraud, and all my imagination because I just want to be popular, and to be loved, like that.  And so I did not sign.  Father, I said.  I’m sorry .  I cannot sign this.

“Why?”  he said”

“Because what you have written here is not true.  Sabi ko (I said)  What I am tell you is true, but what you are tell me here is not true, so how do you expect me, Father, please.” I said, “I cannot. Really.”

Then he got mad with me and stood up.  There was an ashtray there.  He took hold of the ash tray and sabiko, “Katapat ko lang ibabato yata ‘to sa akin” He’s going to throw it at me, I told myself.

So, when he stood up, I changed my, I left my place. I went a little bit toward the right side, ay , left side.  Sure enough, the, the ashtray flew.  And so I started to shake.  My knees were shaking talaga oo.  I felt that I was pale and my knees started to give way.

“Why don’t you like to sign?”  he said.

And I said:  “Father I really cannot sign.”

“How about … Kindly tell Arch, ah, Doctor Pardo (Psychiatrist)  to kindly come here because I need him.

“He was pacing the the room.  His hands were in this position (illustrates by putting her hands on her waist), and then he said:

“You know, do you know that even Carmelites can imagine things?”

“Yes, Father”

“Then, he said, do you know that members of Carmelite contemplative orders have more tendency to imagine things?”

I did not say anything to him, and so when we were like that, ….”Father, I’m not feeling well because I felt I was going to faint.  I said, (her voice broke, her eyes began to tear) “I’m not feeling well, Father,  sinabi ko talaga.  So, (nervous laughter covers her mouth in embarrassment, then breaks down, removes her glasses, wipes her eyes with trembling hands …”Father, I’m not telling a lie”  I told him that.  “If you want to punish me, you can send me out if you like, but I’m not telling a lie.”

E, siguro (maybe) he did not, he did not believe.  So he left me.  I was asking for blessing, he did not bless me.  And so I told Sister Stephanie, “Sige na, (go ahead) you call Doctor Santos,” because I was really crying.

 Doctor  Santos came the following day and I was crying and so I told him, “Please, I don’t want this anymore. I said “it’s not prudent because he (Father Blas) asked me to sign something that, that’s not true and I really told him:  “I swear before God, I’m not telling a lie.”

So he (Doctor Leopoldo Pardo, Psychiatrist) said: “It has to be, it has to be, hija (daughter).”  referring to the fact that she would have to be re-interrogated by Father Blas (Psychologist)

Sabi niya …It has to be, it has to be, hija daughter”  referring to the fact that she would have to be re-interrogated by Father Blas.

From:                                                                                                                                                         The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lipa                                                                          A Compilation of Statements






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  1. hellenback7

    I’m not sure what the point of this post is supposed to be.
    If St.(Padre) Pio was doubted by his superiors as a fraud, it’s hardly news that others would be.

    As Christ said to those in His day in the parable “Even if someone returned from the dead, you would not believe..”
    Christ did rise and people do still refuse to believe those who witnessed His Resurrection and declared it to the world.
    We deserve anything that happens as a consequence to our lack of Faith.


    1. Hi hellenback7, it is just a sample of the whole story of Lipa and the aggressive stance the Church has against it. I guess I should have written that.. I intend to write more on it, as I receivved more info. There is a ton of it.Thanks for your response.


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