Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace Prophecies in 1949 through Teresita Castillo About “Murder and Bloodshed in your country (Philippines)” Duerte Helps Matters Along

Photo Teresita Castillo before she entered the convent of Carmel in Lipa Philippines. She saw the Blessed Virgin and received her messages after she became a young Carmelite.

This message escaped destruction by fire as all the messages of Mary, on paper,  given at Lipa were ordered destroyed … by the hierarchy Below the message is a video of Pres. Duerte speaking and fulfilling the prophecy of Mary.

“Pray, my child.  The people do not heed my words.  tell my daughters that there will be persecution, unrest, murder and bloodshed in your country.  The enemy of the Church will try to destroy the faith which Jesus had established and died for.  The Church will suffer much.  Pray for the conversion of sinners around the world.

Pray for those who rejected me and those who do not believe my messages in the different parts of the world.  I am really sad but consoled by those who believe and trust me.  Spread the meaning of the rosary because this will be the instrument for peace throughout the world.

Tell the people that the rosary must be said with devotion.  Propagate the devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  Do penance for priests and nuns but be not afraid, for the love of my Son will soften the hardest of hearts and my motherly love will be their strength to crush the enemies of God.  What I ask here is the same as I asked at Fatima.

I bless this community in a very special blessing.  All these can be revealed now.

I repeat to you that I am Mary Mediatrix of all Grace.  This is my last apparition here.”

Grace means Charity … 

President Rodrigo Duterte:  March 2017. Some sixty years after Mama Mary’s last message.  Not speaking as a person who has sanctifying grace within his heart.

Asia Times by Eunice Barbara C Novio  December 11, 2018                                              March 2017 when President Rodrigo Duterte visited the Filipino community in Bangkok, his battle cry was to get rid of the addicts who “rape, kill, rob your daughters and sons”  The Filipinos cheered and clapped their hands , hoping for a messiah.

Sometime in June, I woke up to the ringing of my phone.  A Filipino friend in Thailand asked me for the assistance of friends in the media and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).  Her nephew was apprehended for an old case and died in the custody of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology  (BJMP)  less than 24 hours after he was turned over by the Caloocan City police in the Philippines.

My friend was a staunch supporter of Duterte.  She cheered when he promised to kill the addicts.  Probably, she was one of those  DDS (Duterte Diehard Supporters) who rejoiced when the CHR’s budget was reduced to US$19.  Crying on the phone she asked me:

Why this happened?  My nephew was sick”

This is the reason why human rights are important” I replied.

Meanwhile, charges against Kerwin Espinosa and Peter Lim, confessed drug lords, were dropped.  Lim is a close friend of Duterte. The $100-million shabu (methamphetamine) shipment that slipped past the Bureau of Customs was never recovered.

These personalities involved in drugs are given due process.  The Philippine government protects their human rights even as Duerte continuously mocks the Catholic Church,   human rights and UN human rights experts, including Agnes Callamard, special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

During his State of the Nation address on July 23, 2018, Duterte focused his speech on the “war on drugs”.  He mocked human rights advocates, the and the international community for their silence on drug problems, and deaths of police officers and soldiers in the line of duty.

“Your concern is human rights.  Mine is human lives” Duterte said

As usual Dueterte lied.  He keeps on lying about his concern for human lives.  Huan life is essential in human rights but his “war on drugs” as left more than 20, 000 people dead and the number is rising.

The Church and the human rights advocate never get tired of campaigning against illegal drugs as well as the senseless killings, even though Duterte orders the police to shoot them for “obstructing justice” Yet, the apparitions of Lipa remain suppressed by the Church. The investigations were shoddy, the prelates were forced to lie under threat of excommunication.  This will be covered in another post. Philippine Catholics were cheated of their rights to the truth.  The whole world was deprived of the special grace which the truth of an apparition of Our Lady would give them.  A great solace in the soul in these barbaric times.

Duterte has repeatedly insisted that he is a leftist, a socialist, but not a member of the Communist Party.  The Diplomat Asia 




Extrajudicial Killings Are Killings On the Spot Without Trial or Reason