China’s Dream To Invade the Philippines is Coming True – Mary’s Prophecy at Lipa

We will be looking more closely into the ecclesiastical investigations of this apparition on this site. Most of the messages were ordered to be “destroyed” and “burned” This prophecy about China was not and is coming true.


Cardinal Ricardo J. Vidal, Archbishop Emeritus of Cebum, has written to the Philippine Bishops that on October 17, 1949, ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ during an apparition to Teresita Castillo,  warned that “China’s dream, is to invade the Philippines.”

What Our Lady prophecied in 1949, in an apparition loaded with miracles, cures and conversions … is literally coming true.

China’s Island Building is at its highest rate of activity on the Paracel and Spratly Island chains.  Beijing has reclaimed more than 2000 acres since December 2013, more land than all other claimants combined in the past forty years,  according to a US. Defense Department report.

Satellite imagery has shown unprecedented activity from China on Subi Reef and Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratlys, including the possible construction of helipads, airstrips, piers radar, and surveillance structures.

An artificial island, built on a reef, arm,ed by Chinese Communists could become a reality…

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9 thoughts on “China’s Dream To Invade the Philippines is Coming True – Mary’s Prophecy at Lipa

  1. hellenback7

    So one post damning Duterte and the next damning the Chinese.

    It really is hard to tell which of these dictatorships is the most evil.
    I am becoming worn out trying to figure out what to hope and pray for, other than that God’s ultimate Will be accomplished quickly. …very quickly.

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    1. They’re both Communistic. China wants the Philippines. It was in the messages of Our Lady. Father Paul Kramer explains it well, but I read it too. It was told to Teresing by Our Lady that China would invade the Philippines. Xi needs the colaboration of Duterte.

      The Church is against giving Mary the title ‘Mediatrix of All Grace’ I read comments against it in the FIRST schema for Vatican II which was tossed aside. Yikes. We need to help each other. Thanks for your help in making me think more.


  2. hellenback7

    And don’t forget this too bright for words “senior Vatican official”…(while China kills thousands and takes Canadians prisoner).

    “Bishop Sánchez Sorondo said that China was implementing Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ better than many other countries and praised it for defending Paris Climate Accord. “In that, it is assuming a moral leadership that others have abandoned”, he added.


  3. He’s not really bright but I know what you mean. Bishop Sorondo has evil in his heart… his words imply his approval of the two child policy where women are still dragged off for abortions should they break the policy (Life Site) He resembles Herod, who had the little tiny boy babies slaughtered, hoping to kill the Christ Child. There is a darkness of soul there which is a result of the lack of sanctifying grace. This leads to believing that Socialism and its twin, Communism, have “a moral leadership that others have abandoned” When grace is lost, the demons get in. Grace is charity according to Father John Hardon. Thanks so much for your comment, hellenback7. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary soon triumph. She said it would be “late”


  4. hellenback7

    Mary Anne, you do realize I was being sardonic? There isn’t a complete logical thought between them.
    I just can’t let myself go the demonic route yet.
    I mean lies and treachery seem pretty evil abd Saran is the fathering lies but I don’t know if these guys are actually possessed
    It’s still hard for me to believe the worst of a Pope.
    The bright side is that I’d Francis really is as bad as some believe, then things might be wrapping up real soon and the sooner the better.
    Things might get tough but no matter what happens we need to keep it simple and know Christ Love’s us.

    We need to do our best to find and follow His Will, frequent the the Sacranents while they’re available and treat others properly…

    God’s Love for us is unfailing and we can count on Him fulfilling His promises.


    1. Its mind shocking. Some of his utterances that is … like souls who die with sins on them “are-annihilated” I don’t need to hear these heretical statements. He twists the Word of God … like the Our Father. Ur right. Keep it simple and stay in the state of grace. Our Lady said the Rosary has received much greater power for these days too. God bless

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