‘The Wing Coven’ Welcomes Hillary

Yes, it really happened. Hillary was awarded “an honorary lifetime Wing membership 


She tweeted of her time at the coven that she was “inspired by their passion and commitment”

“The group is called The Wing.  It was started by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016.  It is not a woman’s club. Gelman said,  “We’re a coven, not a sorority”  Gelman’s mother is actress Lena Dunham’s therapist, and the younger Gelman was reportedly the inspiration for Dunham’s show ‘Girls’.”

Now we see perhaps where some of the Hollywood hate is blowing from. Witches mean business.  They would like your childrens souls …. yes, they will settle for yours., but a childs is easier to get with public control over education.  Witches in our Government?  Yes!

Are they “good witches or bad witches”  They are witches.  They all do magic and cast spells.  They’re not well intentioned spells either.  Whoever heard of casting a good spell?  Their power, such as it is, does not come from God.

‘The Cut’ reported that ‘One of the Wing’s inaugural events was a festive Election Night Party (attended by about 80 women) in anticipation of a Clinton victory.  That night, of course, didn’t go as planned.”

The New York Times reported coven members hoped that night would be a ‘crowning even.  It wasn’t.

When is a Coven not a Coven?

The Wing operates several covens around the country.  That is, they called them covens until news that Hillary attended a meeting came out.  Then they switched the names of their meeting places to “spaces”

Get Shopping Ladies                                                                                                                              Maybe they weren’t trying to scrub the word after all.  Because on the shopping section of their shopping  site:   witches.the wing.com/apply    you can buy all kinds of coven-graded merchandise.  Such as the ‘Web Coven Beanie’ .  The beanie features a badge with the slogan ‘Incantations, shouts and Chants’ and has the words ‘wing spells’ right below the sigil of a half moon over a “W”  The buyer is advised that the beanie will ‘Keep your magic warm’

The beanie is a perfect match for the “Wing Coven Longsleeve Tee.  This has the words ‘Wing coven Member’ encircling a pentagram, a design long the favorite of witches and satanists everywhere.

If pentagrams aren’t your thing you might consider the Ouija Tee, which is very like the Ouia board.  And don’t forget to pick up the Fortune Tell Her Pack, which has a Ouija-like planchette pin.  The charming slogan for this product is “Ask and you shall receive whatever the hell I decide.  The job will be done even before you announce your shirt is the ‘I dare you to tell me to smile more’ tee.

As Catholic are taught early on, in school and at home, the ouija board conjures evil spirits up. Demons to be exact.

Man Oh Man

The Wing publishes the magazine No Mans Land which, featured in its inaugural edition a man wearing a dress on its cover.  Make the title At Least One Man’s Land,  then.  But Gelman also admitted, “We have a lot of members who are transgender, who are trans women,” which means lots of members who are men.  Which leaves us with Many Man’s Land. 

The large number of men admitted makes the stories that The Wing is being investigated by the New York Human Rights Commission.  Bureaucrats were let out of their cubicles and sent to the covens to sniff out any -wait for it – discrimination.  Seems having ‘women only covens might be against some City regulation that nobody ever heard of or wanted.  Or maybe the regulations were wanted when men had their own single sex hideouts.  Only now these rules with teeth are coming back to bite the witches.

The magic isn’t working ladies.  Maybe it’s time instead to say a prayer instead to the one Power that can really make things happen.”

On the Web Site of the Wing recent happenings include New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand schooling us on the state of American democracy, and where do we go from here.   https://www.the-wing.com/happenings/  Senator Kirsten has also been seen at the gatherings of the Wing.

They are bad witches.  Ask the survivors of Benghazi.  Witchcraft has even extended to the shoes of the Pope.  It was evidenced when he carried a stang into the conference on youth.  He knew what it was.  His eyes lit up as he accepted it a week previously from a young girl with a red ribbon tied around her wrist, signifying blood.  Strange how obsessed the witches are with blood.  For example, the statue of Our Lady they smeared it all over a few Christmas Eves ago in Oklahoma City.  They hate the Blessed Virgin because she is so powerful over them… and so radiantly pure and good.

God will strike in an unprecedented manner.  In the twinkling of an eye.

Friends, we are in trouble.  Put on the armour of God. Gather together under the banner of ‘Faithful and True’.

Let us be silent no longer!






































































If You’re Up Late…

Written by Achilles Gold Roman Catholic Priest on August 26, 2018

Achilles and his Gold

…you may have heard that an Archbishop has accused Pope Francis of grave wrongs in handling the Theodore McCarrick case. The Archbishop, a long-time Vatican official and former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S., has called upon the Pope to resign from office.

Archbishop ViganoSome will question the credibility and reliability of the Archbishop’s written testimony.

As you know, dear reader, I have spent the past two months in a state of great agitation regarding the McCarrick case. Some have wondered if I might have lost my good sense, or even my spirit of Christian mercy.

If nothing else, I think that Archbishop Viganò’s written testimony does vindicate me in my sense of the profound gravity of the situation.

Namely, that an honest and public resolution to McCarrick’s case is absolutely necessary for the Church in America, and also for the Holy See. Without such an honest and public resolution, how…

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Doctor Describes His Abortion Procedures

Dr. Anthony Levatino testifies before a Washington, D.C. Congressional Committee in favor of the bill sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks that would have banned abortions nationwide after 20 weeks of pregnancy. After losing his daughter in a terrible automobile accident, he became pro life.

May 23, 12:52 PM  Washington, D.C.

“Chairman Franks and distinguished members of the subcommittee, my name is Anthony Levatino.  I am a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist.  I received my medical degree from Albany Medical College in Albany, N.Y. in 1976 and completed my OB-GYN residency training at Albany Medical Center in 1980.”

“I appreciate your kind invitation to address issues related to the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act  (H.R.1797)”

During my residency training and during my first five years of private practice, I performed both first and second trimester  abortions.  During my residency in the late 1970’s, second trimester abortions were typically performed using saline infusion, or, occasionally prostaglandin instillation techniques.  These procedures were difficult, expensive and necessitated that patients go through labor to abort their pre-born children.  By 1980, at the time I entered private practice first in Florida and then in upstate New York, those of us in the abortion industry were looking for a more efficient method of second trimester abortion.

The Suction D&E procedure offered clear advantages over older installation methods.  The procedure was much quicker and never ran the risk of a live birth.  Understand that my partner and I were not running an abortion clinic.  We practiced general obstetrics and gynecology but abortion was part of that practice.  Relatively few gynecologists in upstate NY would perform such a procedure and we saw an opportunity to expand our abortion practice.

I performed first trimester suction D&C abortions in my office up to 10 weeks from last menstrual period and later procedures in an outpatient hospital setting.  From 1981 through 1985, I performed approximately 1200 abortions.  Over 100 of them were second trimester Suction D&E procedures up to 24 weeks gestation.

Imagine that you are a pro-choice obstetrician like I once was.  Your patient today is 24 weeks pregnant.  At twenty-four weeks from her last menstrual period, her uterus is two finger-breadths above the umbilicus.

If you could see her baby, which is quite easy on an ultrasound, she would be as long as your hand plus a half from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump not counting the legs.  Your patient has been feeling her baby kick for the last 2 months or more but now she is asleep on an operating room table and you are there to help her with her problem pregnancy.

The first task is to remove the laminaria that had earlier been placed in the cervix to dilate it sufficiently to allow the procedure you are about to perform.  With that accomplished, direct your attention to the surgical instruments arranged on a small table to your right.  The first instrument you reach for is a 14 French suction catheter.  It is clear plastic and about nine inches long.  It has a bore through  the center approximately 3/4 of an inch in diameter.  Picture yourself introducing this catheter through the cervix and instructing the circulating nurse to turn on the suction machine which is connected through clear plastic tubing to the catheter.  What you will see is a pale yellow fluid that looks a lot like urine coming through the catheter into a glass bottle on the suction machine.  This the amniotic fluid that surrounded the baby to protect her.

With suction complete, look for your Sopher clamp.  This instrument is about thirteen inches long and made of stainless steel.  At the end are located jaws about 2 1/2 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch wide with rows of sharp ridges or teeth.  This instrument is for grasping and crushing tissue.  When it gets hold of something, it does not let go.  A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure.  The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus.  Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can.

At twenty four weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls.  Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard-really hard.  You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 6 inches long.  Reach in again and grasp whatever you can.  Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length.  Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.

The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head.  The head of a baby that age is about the size of a large plum and is free floating inside the uterine cavity.  You can be pretty sure you have hold of it if the Sopher clamp is spread about as far as your fingers will allow.  You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see white gelatinous material coming through the cervix.  That was the baby’s brains.  You can then extract the skull pieces.  Many times a little face will come out and stare back at you.

Congratulations!  You have just successfully performed a second trimester Suction D&E abortion.  You just affirmed her right to choose.

If you refuse to believe that this procedure inflicts severe pain on that unborn child, please think again.”

Dr. Levatino Presents a Case Where the Mother’s Life was Seriously Threatend

“”A patient arrived one night at 28 weeks gestation with severe-pre-eclampsia or toxemia.  Her blood pressure on admission was 220/160.  This patient’s pregnancy was a threat to her life and the life of her unborn child.  She could very well be minutes or hours away from a major stroke.  This case was managed successfully by rapidly stabilizing the patient’s blood pressure and “terminating” her pregnancy by Caesarean section.  She and her baby did well.  This is a typical case in the world of high-risk obstetrics.  In most cases, any attempt to perform an abortion “to save the mother’s life” would entail undue and dangerous delay in providing appropriate, truly life-saving care.

During my time at Albany Medical Center I managed hundreds of such cases by “terminating” pregnancies to save mother’s lives.  In all those hundreds of cases, the number of unborn children that I had to deliberately kill was zero.

Despite the above testimony, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 1797) was passed and the TV’s of the world broadcast pictures of American legislators rejoicing and high five-ing one another as the results of the votes were announced …

For shame.


“Behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to his works”  Apocalypse XXII; 12