Santa Maria sopra Minerva Basilica: Without Francis’ Laser Light Show

Photos by Jen Brown  visit

This little church is located behind the Pantheon. It was once a temple for the goddess Minerva.  It became Christianized when Christians became victorious over paganism. Hence the word ‘sopra’ meaning over.  Santa Maria over the pagan goddess Minerva.

download 17.jpgThis is Santa Maria sopra Minerva Basilica.

Most people have viewed Francis’ laser beams sweeping over this beautiful church making it appear to crumble and fracture in upon itself.

“A much older Roman history is just beneath the grounds of the church.  Temples to Isis, Minerva, and Serapis once stood in this now sacred spot.  There’s a hidden Roman history beneath many famous sites in Europe.  Santa Maria sopra Minerva is no exception.  We know that Gnaeus Pompey  (famous for the civil war against Julius Caesar), built the Minervium and dedicated it to the Roman goddess Minerva (Greek: Artemis).  However, this temple may be built upon an even oldersite.  Many sacred sites in Europe have a long history.  Some date all the way back to the Iron Age.”JenBrown

The Egyptian hieroglyphs on the obelisk below are dedicated to the Pharoah Apries.  He is mentioned in the Bible (Jeremiah 44:30) as Hophrah.  The Egyptian obelisk below is dedicated to an Egyptian Pharaoh, sitting on an elephant carved by the famous sculptor Bernini, in front of an ancient Christian Church in Rome.  (Minerva) ”  Jen Brown                                                                           sm-minerva-elephant 2.jpg  “No records exist as to when the Minervium was Christianized.  We know that nuns from Constantinople took over the site in the eighth century.  Most of the early Christian history has been lost.  All we have are archaelogical remains and a few ancient writings.  Jen Brown

The Minervium is a Basilica with exquisite artwork


This is the body of St. Catherine of Sienna which is enshrined in the Basilica.

“She pressed hard for internal reform of the Church.  John Paul II chose to declare her Co Patron of Europe”  Pope Benedict XVI  November 24, 2010  General Audience in Paul VI hall

The National Catholic Register’s Edward Pentin says “A lightshow projected onto a number of church facades in Rome at the end of October’ Synod was extremely disturbing and even sacrilegious for some observers”

The Minervium was one which was melted and swept to pieces with a Laser light show after which it seemed to collapse into itself  like a 911 nightmare  …   designed for the enjoyment of Francis the Destroyer …  of the Church.

Perhaps St. Catherine of Sienna was getting to him.  She spoke up to Popes.