Poor Foote ! Poor Poor Foote !

Courtesy: Boston College Library Irish Section  JUNE 9, 1917   

A MARKED COPY ALWAYS EXCITES INTEREST – EVEN IN AN EDITOR’S OFFICE.  We got one the other day.  It was marked in blue pencil.  Above the name of the paper – SPRINGFIELD DAILY NEWS – WAS WRITTEN IN DISPLAY LETTERS – ??????

Arrow heads pointed downward to a paragraph framed in blue lines which we quote for our readers’ benefit: –

“None of the residue of the estate of William H. Foote, late postmaster of Westfield, which is left for the purpose of establishing free beds in the Noble Hospital of Westfield, must be used in providing free beds for those of the Roman Catholic Faith, according to the terms of his will, which has been filed for probate.

The will provides that the free beds shall be established with the residue at the expiration of two life interests in the estate.

The clause of the will containing this provision is as follows: –

I direct my trustees to turn over to the trustees of Noble Hospital of Westfield all of my estate then in their hands, principal and accumulated income, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining free beds for the respectable poor of Westfield, without regard to sex, color, race or religious creed, with the exception that such free beds shall no be available for persons belonging to or professing faith in the Roman Catholic Church.

I am led to make this distinction and exception because of the reason that I am:

(1)  a member of the Republican political party

(2)  a member of the Masonic Fraternity

(3)  a Protestant

Poor Foote   !!!               Poor Poor Foote   !!!                                                                            0 4.jpg

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