Chinese Communist Party: ‘Guide, Boycott and PREVENT’ the Faith among Students and Teachers

New Oxford Review    “The attempt to stop the spread of religions – and of Christianity in particular – in the world of school and university has been going on for years.  Research from the University of Shanghai research reveals at least 60% of students are interested in learning about Christianity and there is a continued growth of young catechumens in official and underground communities.

To curb the increase in conversions among young people, already in the past: students were expelled from schools because they were found praying in the university buildings.  Furthermore, since the new regulations have been applied, the strict prohibition on minors under the age of 18 entering churches attending catechism lessons has been implemented.

According to a government representative on a video, which was in Chinese, but transcribed below:

Right now, we may see the conflict in ideology, especially the aspect of religion in our schools.  It is general that teachers and students believe in religion.

Therefore the Party, the state and government divisions should guide, boycott, and prevent.  On October 5, the State Council will send a team to Zhejiang for inspection.  From September 25 to 30, Zhengjing provincial authorities will come to Wenzhou to inspect first, and they raised that Lucheng District must be inspected.

A few years ago, our Tengaqiao Town was inspected for this reason.  They si=aid Tengqiao Town must pay special attention.  Municipal and district authorities have began inspectiion since today.

First our staff will enter the registered religious places to inquire whether our teachers or staff work as clergymen.  If teachers are clergyman, you should take some measures.

Some teachers are leaders of laypersons, even administers of religious places.  Second, Security Division, iterated specially the private preaching sites, or unregistered sites,  (underground). From today to October 5, policemen stay there.  See how school should do?  Schools do not preach.  Teachers do not preach, involve in religions.  Students do not believe in religions.  Religious elements are not allowed in campus.

Teachers, including temporary teachers are not allowed to preach to students. 

Teachers are not allowed to  believe and preach.