The Sacrament of Matrimony

Why did Catholics allow the beautiful word ‘Matrimony’ to just ‘slide away?’  Oh yes, there is a reason!

The Cathechism of the Catholic Church still calls it ‘The Sacrament of Matrimony’ … Both Editions.   So why don’t we?

It’s something like ‘Have a Nice Day’  It fits everybody’s PC vocabulary which is now pretty well ensconced in their word bag  Everybody who’s getting married calls it marriage … there’s gay marriage for example, and, all the other marriages. Satan is busy destroying the Godly family as Our Lady of Fatima told Cardinal Caffara in a letter to  St. Lucy of Fatima, was to happen as the last battle between Our Lady and ‘itself’

When I got married, it was called ‘Holy’ Matrimony! WOW !  Let’s take a look at this never heard word:


“Matrimony:   The word first appeared in middle English sometime in the 14th century.  It enters English through the Old French word matrimoignie, which comes from the Latin matrimonium.

The root matr … is derived from the Latin word mater, for mother;   the suffix … mony refers to a state of being, a function, or a role.

Therefore, matrimony is literally the state that makes a woman a mother.

The term highlights the extent to which reproduction and childbearing are central to marriage itself.

In Canon Law 105 is we read these words:  ” The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring”                                                                                                                                          – 542851                                                                          Scott P. Richert









The White Rose Leaflets

Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans were leaders of a group of students who wrote and distributed anti National Socialist Philosophy.  (Nationalsozialismus/Nazi) leaflets which they wrote and printed themselves.  Sophie converted to Catholicism after reading Cardinal Newman.

  “When terror is in the air” and when  “a wave of unrest goes through the land we will allow ourselves no  rest until many join the cause and in a great final effort this system can be shaken off.”  The Scholls

After all, an end in terror is preferable to terror without end.”    Hans Scholl                                                                              download 4.jpg

Geschwisget ersi     The Scholl Siblings

The Second Leaflet of many by the Scholls:”

“After all, Hitler states in an early edition of “his” book (a book written in the worst German I have ever read, in spite of the fact that it has been elevated to the position of the Bible in this nation of poets and thinkers.

It is unbelievable to what extent one must betray people in order to rule.

If at the start this cancerous growth in the nation was not particularly noticeable, it was only because there were still enough forces at work that operated for the good, so that it was kept under control. (Hitler’s National Socialism)

As it grew larger, however, and finally in an ultimate spurt of growth attained ruling power, the tumor broke open and infected the whole body.  The greater part of its former opponents went into hiding.  The German intellectuals fled to their cellars, there, like plants struggling in the dark, away from light and sun, gradually to choke to death.

Now the end is at hand.  Now it is our task to find one another again, to spread information from person to person, to keep a steady purpose, and to allow ourselves no rest until the last man is persuaded of the urgen need of his struggle against this system.

Since the conquest of Poland three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way.  Here we see the most frightful crime against human dignity, a crime that is unparalleled in the whole of history.  Jews too are human beings.  Someone may say that the Jews deserve their fate.  This assertion would be a monstrous impertinence;  but let us assume  that someone said this – what position has he then taken toward the fact that the entire Polish aristocratic youth is being annihilated?  May God grant that this program has not yet fully achieved its aim as yet!  All male offspring of the houses of the nobility between the ages of fifteen and twenty were transported to concentration camps in Germany and sentenced to forced labor, and all the girls of this age group were sent to Norway, into the bordellos of the SS!

Why do German people behave so apathetically in the face of all these abominable crimes? Crimes so unworthy of the human race!

Hardly anyone thinks of it.  It is acceepted as fact and put out of mind.  The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals.  They give them the opportunity to carry on their depredations; and of course they do so.

Is this a sign that the Germans are brutalized in their simplest human feelings, that no chord within them cries out at the sight of such deeds, that they have sunk into a fatal consciencelessness from which they will never never awake?

It seems to be so, and will certainly be so, if the German does not at last start up out of his stupor, if he does not protest wherever and whenever he can against this clique of criminal, if he shows nosympathy for these hundreds of thousands of victims.  He must evidence not only sympathy, no, much more, a sense of complicity in guilt.Printing press used to create the leaflets.jpg

This Printing Press was used to print thousands of leaflets, stunning in their ability to awaken the multitudes and …  detested by Hitler for obvious reasons.  The leaflets  were spread by hand by the students in the group.

One day, Sophie thought she had an opportunity to spread more leaflets as she was walking down a hall at the Munich University, where there was a railing where one could see the floor below.  She thought no no one was there.  She scattered a few leaflets over the railing.  A janitor saw her and called the SS.

She was arrested and taken to the SS station and peoples court all in one.  She was convicted of high treason and beheaded all on the same day. Hans Scholl was also found guilty of high treason and Christopher Probst.  They were all executed a few hours after the judgment by Johann Reichart in Stadelheim Prison.  Scholls last words were “Es lebe die freiheit”  ( Long live Freedom)

On the day that Germany was finally conquered, their leaflets were dropped by the Allied planes all over Germany.  wr monument.jpg

These leaflets are a treasure to read.   We need a Sophie Scholl!!

We need all her friends!  We thank you for trying, Scholl Siblings!

Thanks for the Inspiration.

Did Francis Know What This Gift of a Ferule Really Was?

This was presented to Pope Francis, Merciful and not guilty of Clericalism, on  August 11, 2018, at a gathering which he held with 70,000 Italian youth in the Circus Maximus, the place where the chariot racing once took  place.

The two young ladies pictured are presenting the apparent ferule as a gift to be  used at the upcoming Youth Synod, which began yesterday October 4, 2018

Did the Pope just put it away without an examinatiion?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Nonetheless, he carried it proudly in procession to the opening of the Youth Synod which was to take place with a Mass in St. Peters Square.

The ‘ferule’ is unusual, being made of wood.  Looking closely at it, one can see the figure of Christ at the ‘Y’ juncture.A3C083E5-63A9-4873-A67F-D8E398B72C95.jpg It would not be unusual for Francis, in his humility, to prefer a wooden ferule. We skate on thin ice!

But it is not a ferule.  It is a stang, a ritual tool in witchcraft.  If you have a stang, and only a witch would, you can do anything.  You can use it for an altar, you can ‘cast circles’ with it, and, it is portable for outdoor rites and festivals.

Casting circles?  What is that?  It is a term used in Wiccan tradition for setting up a temporary space as a psychic boundary.  To ‘cast a calm’ hold your stang in your right hand and point it outwards as you turn your body sunwise essentially drawing a circle with your stang.  As you do so you can recite a charm or call on your guardians.  When the circle is complete, drive your stang into the ground.  The calm is cast.  Let it be so.  Or, as Malachai Martin writes, in describing the chant response during the black mass he wrote of in his book:  ‘Keys of the Kingdom,’ ‘So mote it be’  Now you can perform your rite, spell, or invocation while in this protected space between the worlds.

Your stang can also be a conduit.  Sit or lay beside your stang in  the protected ritual space when you practice hedgecrossing.  You may find that having a stang as conductor for your spirit to travel down to the underworld, or up to the heavens,  significantly aids in your travels.  Think of the stang as a horse or chariot.  It is your ride to the otherworld.  If you wrap yourself in an animal hide while performing this rite you will be able to practice hag riding,  as when, your spirit travels through the stang,  it will take on the form of the animal.  You will be riding the animal, rather than your stang.

Your stang can also be used as a tool of fate.  (Not yours)

From a stang as distaff one can spin thread to represent a specific person’s soul.  Simply spin thread to represent the soul  Use magical thread and spin counter clockwise for use in spells and charms.  To bind someone’s spirit, the woven thread is kept sealed in a box or bottle after it is taken off the tines (without cutting it).  To unbind someone, the thread is removed and burned or cut up with a ritual knife.  The thread generally used is red to represent life force and energy.  Not the red threaded bracelet on the left wrist of the young lady presenting the ferula to the Pope.                                                                          

Comment:  “I do disagree that fallen wood has no spirit in it.  A few months ago my betrothed found a piece of wood on the ground when we were out in the forest and handed it to me saying “this would be a good height for a walking stick.  A couple of weeks later I took it out when going into the same forest for a bat walk.  Some time into the walk I became aware that something was wrong, so I tuned in.  It was the stick … worrying that it would be thrown away and wanting to be used for something.

“I plan to carve some protective ogham when the stick is dry enough and I have tools and a vice set up.  But, it is happy now to be used as a walking stick and I use it at present to cast a circle.” Querus Robur




Pray! Pray! For the Holy Father!  St. Jacinta Marto 

Oh! God of the Trinity, help us!

Our Lady of the Clergy, Help our Priests                                                                                                      And our Seminarians!

                                     Viva Cristo Rey!   Ecclesia Vivat!                                                         

Pope Opens Youth Meeting as Sex Abuse Survivors Stage Sit In

ABC News  Pope Francis urged Catholic bishops to dream of a future free of the mistakes of the past as he opened a global church leadership meeting Wednesday amid renewed outrage over the Priestly sex abuse and cover-up scandal.

Yet down the block from the Vatican’s synod hall, about two dozen abuse survivors staged a sit in, demanding their cause be taken up at the meeting and voicing outrage that some of the delegates had covered up for abusive priests.

“Make Zero Tolerance Real” read one protest sign.

Francis welcomed more than 250 priests, bishops and cardinals … as well as 34 young Catholics … to a monthlong meeting on ministering to future generations, urging young and old to listen to one another without prejudice.

He prayed for God’s help to ensure the church “does not allow itself from one generation to the next, to be extinguished or crushed by the prophets of doom and misfortune, , by our own shortcomings, mistakes and sins”

There’s the “prophets of doom” again, generally meaning the Fatima children and the children of LaSalette.  ms

The Oct. 3-28 synod comes amid new revelations about decades of sexual misconduct by priests and cover-ups in the U.S., Chle, Germany, and, elsewhere.  That has sent confidence in Francis leadership to all-time lows among the American faithful.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center found that just 31 percent of U.S. Catholics felt the pope was doing an excellent or good job in addressing the abuse issue, down from 45 percent in January and 55 percent in 2015.

Those cases, coupled with the release of devestating studies about decades of abuses and cover-ups in Pennsylvania and Germany that predated his papacy, have fueled doubts about his oft-stated pledge of having “zero tolerance” for that, since implicated bishops remain in place.

“Pope Francis talks about zero tolerance, and that bishops who cover up should be removed and put on trial” said Alessandro Battaglia, who was 15 when he was abused by a Milan-area priest who last month, was convicted, and, sentenced to over 6 years in prison.

The current archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, testified at the trial of the Rev. Mauro Galli that he had transferred Galli to another parish rathen report him to police or keep him away from other potential victims, as Battaglia’s family had requested.

Despite publicity about the case, Francis named Delpini archbishop of Milan in July and named him a papal delegate at the synod.

“What is this ‘zero tolerance?” Battaglia asked at the protest Wednesday.  “If he wants to give a sign of zero tolerance and coherence and credibility, remove him (Delpini)”

Among those participating in the protest were the hearing impaired victims of the notorious Antonio Provolo Institute in Verona, Italy, where deaf children were sodomized for years by Catholic priests and brothers.  The victims have found no justice even though Francis and the Vatican were informed of their plight in 2014.  They are no preparing a case to take to Italian prosecutors.

“Clericalism is a perversion and is the root of many evils in the church” he told the delegates.  “We must humbly ask forgiveness for this and above all create the conditions so that it is not repeated.”

Clericalism is a perversion?  I don’t think so.   It may be classed as a culture in the Church where the clergy and newly formed lay positions since Vatican II (Liturgist ex.) think they are above the ordinary lay.  How can a Priest or Lay Liturgist think that, just because he or she is there to help and to instruct … he or she can sexually attack a child.  Where is the connection?  Where does it turn into evil lust? 

Francis choked up during his homily when he welcomed two Chinese bishops to the gathering, the first time Chinese bishops have attended a Vatican synod.  That was made possible thanks to a landmark agreement with Beijing over bishop nominations that unified the Chinese Catholic leadership for the first time in decades.

Yes, something like the Treaty of Metz where Cardinal Eugene Tisserant met with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Metz, France, and a treaty was signed agreeing to absolutely not mention the word communism at Vatican II in exchange for the attendance of Russian Orthodox ‘biggies’ at the  Vatican II Council.  m.a.


photo : Bishops and Cardinals attend a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis for the opening of a synod, a meeting of bishops, in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican.