“Do More Than Just “See” Evil by the Reverend Father Paul Kalchik

Father Paul Kalchik not only burned the sacrilegious flag which once hung in the sanctuary of Resurrection Catholic Church.  He spoke out against evil.  For this he must hide from the Cardinal and his gang?  That in itself is pure evil. 

DO MORE THAN JUST SEE EVIL                                                                                                        FATHER PAUL KALCHIK

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.  God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  Dietrich Bonheoffer.  Hanged by the Nazis, “naked” just before the end of World War II.

In the New Millennium, the word evil is seldom used, even among the clergy.  Also ironic is how fashionable it is today, to promote the occult with T shirts depicting “Demon Disciples”, “Pentagrams”, Zombies, Vampires and so forth.

I remember speaking to a young man recently, in our Church after Mass, telling him to junk his T shirt and get another.  It was red, and proclaimed the wearer as the Spawn of Satan.  Now there’s a charming sentiment, to wear on our chest to Church.  Just a few years ago, I would never imagine people wearing T shirts in public that celebrate the devil, or demons, or something from the occult, let alone wear it to Church.

It says a lot about how blase so many have become to evil and its various manifestations in our community these days.  All but forgotten about are the atrocities of the last world war, described through Bonheoffer’s lenses, or for that matter those we know from Scripture.

The crowd at Jesus’ trial setting free a convicted murderer, as compared to the guiltless Christ!

“Oh, but Father it’s only a T shirt” said the Spawn of Satan’s mother, getting back at me after Mass that Sunday morning.

Oh, give me a break!  What does the shirt say.  What about the truth!  This son of yours is made in the image and likeness of God.  Not Satan.  The shirt says a lot!  Frankly it makes fun of the truth and tells the whole  world that what we do here is meaningless.  Please wake up to the fact that this is what is being said!

Whatever happened to the three pack of plain white cotton T shirts for $12.99 that supported our cotton industry and were something wholesome.

I wonder what St. John Vianney would say if he came into Resurrection Catholic Church on a Sunday morning during Mass?  I wonder?               Father Paul



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ArchBishop Carlo  Maria Vigano saying Mass reverently, as all true Priests from the line of Melchisedech do.   He also is in hiding for telling the truth.  He must hide from the Pope and his gang!  What times we live in!  What would we do without Priests who preach truth?  Perish!!  As we are doing!!

Thank you both.  You don’t know how many souls you have saved with your words and acts.

May the ‘Rising’ of the Catholic laity and their Priests begin!!  We’re tired of being called names and listening to twisted sentences.


Like This !            imgres 6.jpg           This was said to us.  It is a lie!