Pope Is Not A Psychiatrist

“It is not advisable to defend himself from people who seek the limelight, because it would  feed …their Megalomania” Pope Francis to Victor Manuel Fernandez, Archbishop of La Plata, Argentia and close personal friend,”  speaking of Archbishop Vigano. https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/18/popes-adviser-responding-to-accusers-feeds-their-megalomania/

Archbishop Fernandez, believed to be the ghostwriter of the Pope’s most controversial publication, Amoris Laetitia, said Monday that Archbishop Vigano is “psychologically unwell and should not be listened to. ”

Are either of these men trained in Psychotherapy?  If they are, they are certainly breaking the patient/Physician confidentiality at the very least.  It  does not seem that they are trained to diagnose mental illness.  Like …. they have probably never seen a ‘Catatonic Schizophrenic.’  This is the ability to remain in the same position, like a statue, for days on end.

An explanation is in order after that!

Megalomania is not a term to be slung around loosely.  It is a serious psychiatric disorder and comes with many symptoms.  I am not trained to diagnose, but, was trained as a student nurse at Seton Psychiatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  That is the same hospital that the former A.W. Richard Sipe was trained in.  He was the Psychotherapist of Boston Fame, and, I hear he was played in the move ‘Spotlight.’   I was about six years ahead of Sipe, but,  most likely we saw many of the same patients.

Megalomania comes with a slew of symptoms and is generally considered as part of another major psychiatric diagnosis, including schizophrenia. The Megalomaniac, or the one with Megalomania is sometimes afflicted with delusions of grandeur.  This is characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or extremely wealthy.  The delusions, or false beliefs, typically have a religious, scientific, or supernatural theme.  One client which we had was a woman who believed she was the Pope’s sister.  If we did not call her Sister (Popes last name), she would become enraged.  In those days (1950) they still used ‘rubber rooms.’  These walls and floors of these rooms were actually rubberized so that the client would not harm him/her self by banging the head, for example. Sister had to be put in one of these rooms.  We were afraid of her, and, we always called her Sister _______.  Believe me!

With the advent of medications for some of these disorders, the rubber rooms have been done away with, I hope.

Archbishop Fernandez said, in an interview Monday, that the ” Pontiff’s strategy of silence regarding the allegations against him stems from his policy of not feeding people’s craving for attention. ”  Of course that makes sense if one is dealing with a person who is diagnosed as a megalomaniac by a certified Psychotherapist.

It doesn’t make sense if one is the Pontiff addressing the peoples of earth and revealing what he believes about one of his Bishops … but what he really doesn’t know.

What kind of reply would come from His Holiness if President Trump said that he was “a megalomaniac”  because he allowed his picture to be featured on the front cover of Time Magazine?


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