May Your Tribe Increase, Father Paul Kalchik

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Parishoners in Chicago Ill., had a flag burning even last week cutting and burning an LGBTQ flag that once hung in the sanctuary at the parish’s first Mass . The event was scheduled for Sept. 29, the Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels, but the Chicago archdiocese … heeding complaints by gay activists … called the pastor, Fr. Paul John Kalchik, and ordered him not to hold the event.  A handful of parishoners took things into their own hands and decided they would burn the flag themselves. The ‘banner’ which was hanging for Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and one of the founders of AGLO, cost $1,000 in a parish which was struggling to hit $4,000 a week.

Ah! At last!

The Rising of the Laity!!

Father Kalchik is a victim of homosexual rape and abuse.  Once at the age of 11 and again at age 19.  He has been pastor of Resurrection Parish for 11 years.  He issued a heartfelt plea to Pope Francis in an open letter calling for an end to clerical cover up.

His strongly worded articles and homilies calling for reform in the Church, in particular denouncing the honosexual predation of clerics, has drawn down the ire of Cardial Blaise Cupich and the Chicago archdiocese, who have threatened to remove his priestly faculties and derail his priestly career.

This parish obviously loves their pastor.  Here are the words of one parishoner:

The Burning of the Banner

“It is important to understand why the rainbow cross banner that hung in Resurrection Church when it was  formed in 1991 has been burned.  This was no regular rainbow flag, but a banner merging the Cross with the rainbow.  It was not an  innocent litttle flag. It was a signal that this parish would be the new “gay” parish, as Father Daniel Montalbano’s previous church, St. Sebastian, and home to gay Mass had been burned down.

Longtime parishoners and deacons have given accounts of the gay Masses that were held in the basement of the rectory and the wild all male parties in the parish house.  The real story of Father Montalbano’s death in 1997, at the age of only 50 is too sordid to be detailed on paper. In cleaning out the rectory, many things, including vestments that were used in the hidden Masses, were taken to Father Paul’s family farm and burned there.

Somehow, the rainbow banner was tucked away, but recently found.  It is visible in the pictures of the 1991 Mass with Cdl Bernardin and Fr. Montalbano.

Also shown is the parish’s first Easter Candle, which is curiously sporting a rainbow too.

It Sounds as though this parish has had enough!  Cardinal Blase Cupich has to go they say

Imagine!  Threatening to take away the priestly faculties of a priest like Father Paul, who was terrorized and abused himself by these monsters.

Yes, monsters !  See the story of Paul Shanley, Pervert Priest on this web site.

May God Help Us!!


2 thoughts on “May Your Tribe Increase, Father Paul Kalchik

  1. Hat Tips and Kudos to the brave parishoners of Resurrection Parish and may all the blessings of heaven be yours. I have been reading the history of your beautiful church since this writing and the comments of other people. All are with you. Was it ever exorcised after Bernardin and Montalbano got finished with it? It should have been … in the eyes of this lay person who shares your grief.

    The mitred head of your diocese is not a psychiatrist. The priest, if he needs help, will, like your brave pastor, research the credentials and orientation of a good (GOOD) one. Not one chosen by the deep state to brainwash and modernize, which I doubt would be possible to accomplish with Father Kalchik, anyway, after reading the few homilies of your pastor. Someone suggested starting a ‘GoFundMe’ for him which I am just throwing your way … not a bad idea.

    Again I say “May Your Tribe Increase Father Kalchik’


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