Cardinal McCarrick’s Unofficial Role in Vatican-China Relations

“For over 20 years McCarrick travelled to China on at least eight occasions, sometimes staying in a state-controlled Beijing seminary.”

“He often served as an unofficial bridge between the Vatican and Chinese government appointed Bishops until 2016. Before allegations of sexual abuse and harrassment becoming public this summer, the former Cardinal had been an outspoken proponent of a deal between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Church under Pope Francis, according to Chinese reports.

“I see a lot of things happening that would really open many doors because President Xi and his government are concerned about things that Pope Francis is concerned about.”  McCarrick told The Global Times, in an exclusive interview in February 2016.”

The interview quoted McCarrick as saying that the similarities between Pope Francis and Xi Jinping could be a “special gift for the world.”  Catholic Herald Monday Sep 17, 2018

Similarities between atheism and Catholicism?  It is not written anywhere  in the Catholic Herald what these ‘similarities’ which McCarrick speaks of could possible be.

Pius XII writes in ”Cupimus Imprimus’ which is a letter to the Catholic Church in China during a particularly hard persecution by Communism that “As everyone knows, and can easily see, there is certainly no lack of those who endeavor to seize earthly power  … but the Church neither aspires to this, nor seeks it.  In fact, she tries to propagate the truth of the Gospel, which adorns the hearts of men, improves them and makes them worthy of heaven…..the Church is brighter than the sunlight…..”

What truth has changed to make atheism and Catholicism similar?  Truth, which never changes, has yet been changed again by a Cardinal of the Catholic Church … he proclaims.  However, it cannot be changed, as both he and Pope Francis will discover.

The Catholic Herald also informs us that “McCarrick traveled to China in February 2016 to “visit some old friends”

His previous visits included meetings with Wang Zuo’an, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, and the late Bishop Fu Tieshan, former president of Bishops’Conference of the Catholic Church in China (BCCCC), an organization no recognized by the Holy See” The Global Times reported.

In June 2014, David Gibson reported in the Washington Post that McCarrick had traveled to China in the past year for “sensitive talks on religious freedom”

This detail aligns, in part, with the 11 page testimony of former apostolic nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.  Vigano recounted a meeting with McCarrick in June 2013 in which he told of a meeting he had with Pope Francis “yesterday” and “tomorrow I am going to China.

McCarrick was hosted by the Beijing seminary during at least two trips to China, according to a 2006 State Department document made available via Wikileaks.

The vice-rector of a Communist approved seminary, Father Shu-Jie Chen, described twice hosting McCarrick in an account found in a cable from Christopher Sandrolini, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.

Chen described himself as a “king’ of the seminary saying that he “could do what he wanted within its’ walls.

Sandrolini also noted that the vice rector “downplayed the persecution of the underground church calling its members uneducated and elderly.”


“A cable from U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Francis Rooney in March 2,000, noted that Archbishop Claudio Celli, who was at that time the Holy See’s principal China negotiator, insisted that McCarrick was not in a position to negotiate with China and that his visits to China were “unofficial”

There appears to be a gap between McCarrick’s trips to China between 2006 and 2013, though McCarrick’s influence was still active.

In 2009, the archbishop had a message relayed to a friend in China through Nancy Pelosi, then speaker of the House of Representatives.  Pelosi conveyed McCarrick’s greetings to Bishop AloysiusJin of Shanghai, formerly a leading Chinese Jesuit.

Pelosi relayed Cardinal McCarrick’s good wishes to Bishop Jin.  Bishop Jin said he and Cardinal McCarrick had exchanged visits, beginning when the latter was Bishop of Newark”  the State Department cable reads.

During McCarricks time as Archbishop of Newark, Aloysius Jin Luxian was not recognized as a bishop by the Vatican.  He was ordained a coadjutor Bishop of Shanghai without papal approval in 1985.  His position was not recognized by the Vatican until 2004.  Bishop Jin died in 2013.

Both the State Department and Chinese media recorded a 1998 visit to China by Archbishop McCarrick.  On that trip he was one of three American clerics to visit China to discuss religious freedom, meeting with Bishop Michael Fu Tieshan, vice chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Standing Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress.

Fu was made a bishop by Beijing without approval of the Pope.

Chinese media reported that McCarrick paid a visit to the National Seminary in Beijing in 1998.

August 2, 2003, the South China Morning Post, reported that McCarrick “spent three days in Beijing earlier this week on what was ostensibly a private visit.”

On Sept. 14, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Holy See could be about to enter a deal with China which would include the recognition of seven illicitly consecrated bishops serving in the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association- a state sponsored form of Catholicism whose leaders are chosen by Communist authorities.”

We, who are ‘rigid’ and have babies like rabbits, know now … that the deal has been concluded.  Pope Francis has officially thrown the ‘uneducated, elderly’ of the underground church under the proverbial bus.


Ride the Wind in ‘Witchcraft’ – an old B24

By Dave Sheehy (Aerodog)

These bombers came and went in one day because of weather and – so – I missed a flight but my son, Aerodog, wrote it all up for me.  Here we go:

“The preflight briefing is completed and we are mounting up as directed.  The seat belts are WW2 style buckles and foreign to us as modern flyers.  The flight crew has an eagle eye and makes sure we all figure out how to buckle ourselves in.

The first engine starter engages and soon we are hearing the big radial engines coughing into a rolling idle.  A smoke cloud rolls into the bomb bay under our feet.  The smell, vibration and sound of a WW2 bomber starting a mission is filling every sense and creating anticipation of what is to happen.

The brakes squeal as the aircraft taxis to the run up area.  These are expander tube brakes and they are very efficient when it comes to stopping an airplane.  The big bomber stops at the run up area just off the end of the runway.

The crew now starts the preflight engine run up.  The throttles are pushed up and the propeller levers are cycled to send warm engine oil to the prop domes to ensure proper operation of the pitch change mechanism of the blades.  Magnetos are turned off and then on to ensure proper operation.  There are no computers in this flying machine.  All systems are verified operational by the pilots.  The airframe is shaking and vibrating under our feet and seats and we can feel that this bird wants to go.

The engine noise is unlike any other aircraft flying.  The waist gun ports on the sides of the fuselage are wide open with no window glass and the full force of the noise and wind is awe inspiring!  We gather speed and lift off the runway 0 7.jpginto the skies over Plymouth.  The pilot presses a button and a bell rings to signal that we go explore the aircraft for the next 30 minutes.

My seat mates and I are actually strapped into floor positions just forward of the waist gun openings.  We stand up and we can feel the floor pushing up and falling as the pilots climb through some slight chop in the air.  The open gunports are strangely not windy inside the airplane but when you man the machine gun mounted in the port you can feel the air load pushing back on the gun barrel as you move it.  I feel the same feeling that a WW2 gunner felt as his plane headed out for a mission over Germany as far as the flying experience, and, I think about how scared those kids must have been knowing that death waited for them during each mission.0.jpg

My next stop after the waist gun mounts is the tail gun turret. It is a tiny space where you can sit on a small bench and place your feet on the pedals that once controlled the movement of the turret as the gunner tracked inbound enemy fighters.  You can grip the triggers and peer through the optical gunsight.  All this exploring is done with the wind rushing by your ears and the tail of the big bomber swinging gently side to side as the crew circles our plane out over Kingston.  I can  see Rocky Nook and the beaches of Plymouth below.  Odd to see the sights of Kingston looking through a machine gun sight.  I make my way forward to the bomb bay, remembering that during our preflight mission briefing we were advised NOT to step off the catwalk onto the bomb bay doors because they WILL open and you don’t want to take that trip.  The engine noise is louder here and I take my earplugs out for a few seconds to enjoy it.  Absolutely mind numbing amount of noise in between those four radials.

One of the drawbacks to having a full passenger load of 10 on the mission is the other people tend to jam up the catwalks and access to the cockpit.  I have toured this airplane on the ground already and decided to spend my mission time as a waist or tail gunner, so after a quick tour of the bomb bay I return to the waist guns and start taking pictures with my Nikon.

Flying in the B24 with the open gunports is probably the high point of my 3 bomber missions with the Collings foundation.  The B24 is huge and the open side ports allow for excellent air to ground photo opportunities.

On today’s flight we have a 93 year old guy who was on a US Navy destroyer in WW2.  As a group, each time he needed to climb over or up on, or into a turret or ladder we lifted him up to make sure he got to see everything.  He was pretty happy to have the experience!  There was also a fighter pilot walking around the airplane before we left and images 3.jpg  he was a Tuskegee Airman!  A red tailed P51 pilot from WW2.  I heard someone asking him if he flew a bomber and he replied, no, I escorted them home.  Classic understatement!

Thanks Aerodog –  Great Ride

Thanks Collings Foundation – you’re awesome!!

BREAKING: Viganò releases new ‘testimony’ responding to Pope’s silence on McCarrick cover-up

Thank God for Archbishop Vigano. Thank God!!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has today issued a new extraordinary testimony, responding to Pope Francis’ refusal to answer the charge that he knew of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual abuse, yet made McCarrick “one of his principal agents in governing the Church.”

In the four-page document, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States also responds to the Pope’s recent homilies which seem to cast himself in the role of Christ and Viganò as the diabolical “Great Accuser.”

“Has Christ perhaps become invisible to his vicar? Perhaps is he being tempted to try to act as a substitute of our only Master and Lord?” Archbishop Viganò asks in the new statement, sent to LifeSiteNews today.

Dated Sept. 29 , the liturgical feast of St. Michael the Archangel, and bearing the Archbishop’s episcopal coat of arms and motto, Viganò:

  • explains why he believes he had a duty to come…

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“Do More Than Just “See” Evil by the Reverend Father Paul Kalchik

Father Paul Kalchik not only burned the sacrilegious flag which once hung in the sanctuary of Resurrection Catholic Church.  He spoke out against evil.  For this he must hide from the Cardinal and his gang?  That in itself is pure evil. 

DO MORE THAN JUST SEE EVIL                                                                                                        FATHER PAUL KALCHIK

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.  God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  Dietrich Bonheoffer.  Hanged by the Nazis, “naked” just before the end of World War II.

In the New Millennium, the word evil is seldom used, even among the clergy.  Also ironic is how fashionable it is today, to promote the occult with T shirts depicting “Demon Disciples”, “Pentagrams”, Zombies, Vampires and so forth.

I remember speaking to a young man recently, in our Church after Mass, telling him to junk his T shirt and get another.  It was red, and proclaimed the wearer as the Spawn of Satan.  Now there’s a charming sentiment, to wear on our chest to Church.  Just a few years ago, I would never imagine people wearing T shirts in public that celebrate the devil, or demons, or something from the occult, let alone wear it to Church.

It says a lot about how blase so many have become to evil and its various manifestations in our community these days.  All but forgotten about are the atrocities of the last world war, described through Bonheoffer’s lenses, or for that matter those we know from Scripture.

The crowd at Jesus’ trial setting free a convicted murderer, as compared to the guiltless Christ!

“Oh, but Father it’s only a T shirt” said the Spawn of Satan’s mother, getting back at me after Mass that Sunday morning.

Oh, give me a break!  What does the shirt say.  What about the truth!  This son of yours is made in the image and likeness of God.  Not Satan.  The shirt says a lot!  Frankly it makes fun of the truth and tells the whole  world that what we do here is meaningless.  Please wake up to the fact that this is what is being said!

Whatever happened to the three pack of plain white cotton T shirts for $12.99 that supported our cotton industry and were something wholesome.

I wonder what St. John Vianney would say if he came into Resurrection Catholic Church on a Sunday morning during Mass?  I wonder?               Father Paul



download 7.jpg

ArchBishop Carlo  Maria Vigano saying Mass reverently, as all true Priests from the line of Melchisedech do.   He also is in hiding for telling the truth.  He must hide from the Pope and his gang!  What times we live in!  What would we do without Priests who preach truth?  Perish!!  As we are doing!!

Thank you both.  You don’t know how many souls you have saved with your words and acts.

May the ‘Rising’ of the Catholic laity and their Priests begin!!  We’re tired of being called names and listening to twisted sentences.


Like This !            imgres 6.jpg           This was said to us.  It is a lie!

Sacreligious Flag Should Be Burned

The First Commandment:

“I am Yaweh your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

You shall have not gods except me.  (Ex, 20:1-6)

The Council of Nicea included among the legitimate objects of Catholic worship “precious and lifelike figures of the Cross”  There appears to be a sacrilege here when Catholics have on their altar, an image which brings to mind a situation which is sinful.  Nicea says that the honor paid to the image passes on to the one who is represented. Catholic honor just  the cross and what it represents … not the flag and what it represents.

Therefore, with this flag draped above the altar for all to look at and contemplate, a situation of sacrilege is present where Catholic have to look at the Cross atop the emblem for  Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer people.  It boggles the minds of Catholics who wish to pray at the time of the Consecration.

It is a sacrilege to have this above the place where the hands of the Priest actually bring down God from heaven.  Physical.  Real.  A supernatural occurence has happened.  Thought our eyes do not see it, as Catholics we believe it.  It is our faith.  Jesus Christ, true God and true Man … Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity are present.  The Priest has consecrated simple bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.

He shouldn’t be forced to consecrate that for which he has given his life …  under this flag representing sin.

With this being the faith of the Catholic, why should not a man who has given away his whole life to the Priesthood, and, holding these articles of faith like a song in his heart, want to get rid of the flag … even burn it.  It is recommended  even to burn objects which carry sin.

And Catholics should not be forced to look at an emblem which represents sinfulness.  This is something that can never be changed.  Truth is the same today and tomorrow.

A sacrilege is the violation or contemptuous treatment of a person, place, or thing publicly dedicated to the worship or service of God.

A sacrilege is personal when directed against a person in Holy Orders (Priest), or a religious such as ill treatment or sins against chastity, for which this flag actually calls for.

It is called local when committed in a holy place, such  as willful  homicide in a Church.

It is called real when committed against a sacred objecct,  e.g., treating the Blessed Sacrament irreverently or administering or receiving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin.”                                                                                                                                                             The Catholic Catechism                                                                                                                          John A. Hardon, S.J. 

So, it was a sacrilege to have the flag of homosexuality in the Catholic Church draped above the altar of Sacrifice.  The situation had added gravity when considering the terrible death of Father Montalbano.+

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace. Amen

Father Paul Kalchik made a good point when he wrote, in his little paper of July 9, 2015:

“I wonder what St. John Vianney would say if he came into Resurrection Catholic Church on a Sunday morning during Mass?   I wonder.”              Father Paul

I wonder how many have actually read the life of St. John Vianney.  When he reached his first assignment, he noted the dancing and the drinking going on in  the town.  He lay prostrate on the ground outside his new little shabby church in Ars, and, cried all night.

“God, save my parish.  Oh God, please help me save my parish. ”  His tears were profuse.

Excerpt From ‘Blood of The Martyrs’

From the Book ‘Blood of Martyrs’ by Theresa Marie Moreau with permission 

When the papers are signed by Francis and XiPing giving full control of Catholics to an atheistic state … the persecution of Catholics in progress for so many years … will heighten and Chinese Underground Catholics will suffer …. as it is written below.

Blood of the Martyrs:   Theresa Marie Moreau  with permission

Father Chrysostomus Chang plumbed the depth of his human will for a supernatural strength. With only a few minutes remaining of his life in the material world, he lifted his thoughts to the spiritual..  Through screams from the mob, he addressed his confreres at his side one last time, to prepare them not for death,but for life, everlastting life.

“We’re going to die for God.  Let us lift our hearts one more time, in offering our total beings, he said.

Helpless, the six Trappist monks stood, handcuffed and chained on a makeshift platform, targets of a frenzied hatred that surged toward them.

The blood encrusted, lice-infested men, wearing rags caked in their own filth, had nowhere to run, no one to help them.  After six months of mind rending interrogation and body rending torture, it was over.  It was all over.

The verdict had just been read by the Chinese officer.  Death.  To be carried out immediately.

Hundreds of crazed peasants, with fists raised, with contorted faces, with spit-covered lips, screamed rehearsed slogans of approval for the approaching slaughter.  Executioners – reliable party henchmen – rushed to ready their rifles to exterminate the Roman Catholic monks, believers in the superstitious cult, lovers of the God on the Cross imported from the Imperialist West.

And so it happened on January 28, 1948, in the dead of winter, in an Pu, an un -mapped village, a frigid heathen hell in the Mongolian mountains, somewhere in the frost covered north of the Republic of China.

Just over the ridge from the pandemonium staged by the soulless Chinese Communis – believers in the materialistic cult, lover of the god of death and destruction – lay the charred ruins of Our Lady of Consolation, the once-majestic abbey the monks had called home.

Jostled in the madness, the monks fell to their knees.  With their swollen hands tied and chained behind their backs, they couldn’t even cross themselves [ In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost –a final time.

The death squad – Communist soldiers at the ready – loaded their rifles with fresh rounds of ammo.

Shots rang out.  One, then the next, followed by the next, the monks collapsed upon the blood-splashed frozen ground.  Their lifeless bodiies dragged to a nearby sewage ditch and dumped into a heap, one on top of the other.  Alerted by the shots, wild dogs, roaming the village’s dirt roads, scavenging for scraps, hurried over to the bodies to investigate.  Sniffing, they lapped up the warm blood, steaming in the icy air.

It was all over.

Our Lady of Consolation was no more.



Eccles and Bosco is saved

Eccles and Bosco is saved

“Eat up your greens” says Pope Francis

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 06:56 AM PDT

Pope Francis has given us the definitive – indeed Magisterial – message of today’s Gospel about the feeding of the 5000. OUT go all references to Jesus feeding us, to bread, to any spiritual aspects of this miracle. But IN comes…Pope Francis message

“Eat up your greens! Or do something else with them.”

Coming soon is the Pope Francis Recipe Book, with a whole chapter on what to do with your leftover fish and bread. Eat it yourself (“we never thought of that”), turn it into something different (“if we had some roast beef, we could make it into roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, if we had some Yorkshire pudding”), give it to the poor (“Fish and bread? You joking, guv? The Anglicans are offering us gluten-free vegetarian…

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May Your Tribe Increase, Father Paul Kalchik


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Parishoners in Chicago Ill., had a flag burning even last week cutting and burning an LGBTQ flag that once hung in the sanctuary at the parish’s first Mass . The event was scheduled for Sept. 29, the Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels, but the Chicago archdiocese … heeding complaints by gay activists … called the pastor, Fr. Paul John Kalchik, and ordered him not to hold the event.  A handful of parishoners took things into their own hands and decided they would burn the flag themselves. The ‘banner’ which was hanging for Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and one of the founders of AGLO, cost $1,000 in a parish which was struggling to hit $4,000 a week.

Ah! At last!

The Rising of the Laity!!

Father Kalchik is a victim of homosexual rape and abuse.  Once at the age of 11 and again at…

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The Rainbow Flag With a Cross

Parishoners of Resurrection Church, Avondale, Chicago burned this  flag with the rainbow colors signifying LGBTQ,  overlaid with a transparent Catholic Cross.  And all hell broke loose!

The current pastor, Rev. Father Paul Kalchik had planned to burn the flag, which gives conflicting ‘faith’ signals, and had published the date in the church bulletin.

This is what he wrote:

“On Saturday, September 29, the Feast of Saint Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, we will burn, in front of the church, the rainbow flag that was unfortunately hanging in our sanctuary during the ceremonial first Mass at Resurrection parish.”

A footnote on his announcement stated, “U.S. Church homosexual scandal is a sequel to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Father Kalchik, himself, was the victim of abuse twice in his life and is still being treated for PTSD   (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)  He is a very well loved priest by his parish according to sources I have sought information from.

Now, why should all this cause a disturbance?  It has.

This has caused the LGBTQ community much trouble. They have had to protest on the sidewalk … bringing along their small children.

Cardinal Cupich, who is close to Pope Francis,  ordered that the flag not be burned.


YUKYUK_o 2.jpg

Parishoners then took it into their own hands and burned the flag.  Nonetheless, it appears that Cardinal Cupich will carry out the punishment.

Father Kalchik will be ordered to undergo psychotherapy, and, he will not be moved, as he had been planning on,  from Resurrection Parish to one which is close to his parents. Whether or not the priest will be seeing two psychotherapists remains to be seen.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has this to say on the display of flags in Catholic Churches:

“The origin of the display of the American flag in many parishes in the United States appears to have its origins in the offering of prayers for those who served during the Second World War (1941-1945).  At that time, many Bishops and pastors provided a book of remembrance near the American flag – requesting prayers for loved ones – especially those serving their country in the armed forces – as a way of keeping before the attention of the faithful the needs of military families.  This practice has since been confirmed in many places during the Korean, Viet Nam and Iraqui conflicts.

The Bishops Committee on the Liturgy has in the past encouraged pastors not to place the flag within the sanctuary itself, in order to reserve that space for the altar, the ambo, the presidential chair and the Tabernacle.  Instead, the suggestion has been made that the American flag be placed outside the sanctuary, or in the vestibule of the Church together with a book of prayer requests.

It remains, however, for the diocesan Bishop to determine regulations in this matter.”

Sources:                                                                                                                                             USCCB                                                                                                                                              Chicago Sun Times                                                                                                                           Chicago Tribune