Vatican Overturning of Local Bishops Affirmation on Lipa is Validly Questionable

With this happening since 1948, it is not surprising that people of the Philippines and the world are confused.  We need the Vatican to stop playing ping pong with Lipa and Fatima.

It doesn’t look like Pius XII signed Anything@

A decision made by the Vatican on the apparitions in the Philippines some 60 years ago has confused Filipino Catholics

“The devotees are unhappy, unsatisfied and not at peace with themselves” said retired Archbishhop Oscar Cruz of Lingayen Dagupan.

The prelate said devotees of the Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace have been asking for “some sort of review”

Our Lady had identified herself as “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace”

Rose Petals fell from the sky in showers.   Some had miraculous images on them.  It was noted by many that the petals fell straight down to where thousands of people stood even though a wind was blowing.  Botanists have examined the petals and determined that they were from a variety of rose which grew in Russia.  An overpowering fragrance of roses has been reported to usher in the showers.  The people knew and all could be heard to shout “showers coming” Many cures have been reported from the rose petals.

In December of last year, the Vatican issued a decree declaring the 1948 Marian apparitions at a Carmelite Monastery in Lipa, in Batangas province had no supernatural origin.  The Vatican statement overruled the decision of the local Bishop that the apparitions were of “supernatural origin” They base their opposition on an alleged decision of Pope Pius XII which said it was not supernatural.

Father Paul Kramer records that “According to Canon Law, if there appears on a decree of the Holy Office such words  as “with the approval of the Supreme Pontiff” or after consultation with the Supreme Pontiff ” then the decree has the authority of a papal act.  If a diocesan decree has such a phrase as “after consultation with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” (as is the case with the Declaration of the Diocese of Brooklyn on the alleged apparitions of Bayside) or “with the approval of the CDF” then the decree has the force of a Roman cuial act.

There is no such clause on the April 11, 1951 decree:                                                                      April 11, 1951                                                                                                                                          We, the undersigned Archbishops and Bishops, constituting for the purpose of a special have attentively examined and reviewed the evidence and testimonies in the course of repeated, long, and careful examinations, have reached the unanimous conclusion and hereby officially declare that the above mentioned evidence and testimonies exclude any supernatural intervention in the reported extraordinary happenings – including the shower of petals at the Carmel of Lipa.     (There was more than one shower)

If Pius XII whispered his “definitive confirmation”, or wrote it, signed it and put it in a drawer – but it was not noted on the decree, then the decree has no force beyond its own face value, and the alleged “definitive confirmation” would be utterly bereft of any judicial force whatsoever.  The onus is on the CDF to produce the evidence of the alleged confirmation, otherwise the claim must be dismissed by by the CBCP as apocryphal.  It is standard procedure to note the approval of a higher authority on the decree itself.  Such a notation is nowhere to be found on the decree.  April 1951;  and it is inconceivable that Pius XII issued some other decree confirming the 11/05/1951 decree on Lipa, since such a decree is totally unknown to ever have existed, and unless duly promulgated, it would remain bereft of all juridical force.

Whoever it was in the CDF who claimed that Pius XII (made a “definitive confirmation in 1951”, and “declared they were not of supernatural originn”, must have studied Canon Law at the Alice in Wonderland Institute, or elsehas perpetrated a deliberate act of fraud in order to deceive the Catholic hierarchy and faithful of the Pilippines.’


This reviewing Commission which signed the above written declaration:’Manila, April 11, 1951

Gabriel M. Reyes; Archbishop of Manila (Signed)

Mariano Madriaga;  Bishop of Lingayen  (Signed)

Cesar M. Guerro;  Bishop of San Fernando  (Signed)

Juan Sison;  Auxiliary Bishop of Nueva Segovia (Signed)

Vincente Reyes;  Auxiliary Bishop of Manila  (Signed)

Rufino Santos  Apostolic Administrator of Lipa April 11, 1951  Concordat cum originali

Egidio Vagnozzi  Apostolic Nuncio    (Signed)



Meanwhile China continues to militarize islands in the South China Sea as Our Lady prophesied at Lipa in a 1948 secret to the see Sister Teresita Castillo that China would invade the world through the Philippines.  And who is complaining about China now owning the South China Sea?381323f21fdcd33abd84f1b52f391252.jpg
































Lipa Mediatrix Prophecy Coming True as China Militarizes on Reefs: VII Council Dislike the title ‘Mary Mediatrix’

Photo:  American plane photographing Chinese ships around militarized reef islands.

Fatima had a Third Secret, and, so did Lipa.  One we didn’t get “all of” and the other we got. Teresita of Lipa told Cardinal Vidal, who was the Archbishop of Lipa, to “Pray hard for China.  China’s dream is to invade the whole world, including the Philippines.  “Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to devesttation.” This was in 1948 as the Philippines were recovering from a brutal beating by the Japanese during WWII.

In 1948 Mary, at Lipa in the Philippine Islands revealed herself as “Mediatrix of All Grace”  … as she revealed herself at Lourdes as “I am the Immaculate Conception”

“The power of Mary over all the devils will especially shine forth in the latter times, when satan will lay his snares against her heel:  that is to say, her humble slaves and poor children whom she will raise up to make war against him.” St. Louis de Montfort 

  So!  Why are the Catholic Church ‘fathers’ arguing against giving her honor and meaning to the world?  Because it is too much Mary to the protesters against the Catholic Faith (Protestants)


During Vatican II , at the last chapter of the schema on the Church, this title presented “a thorny problem” for the Council.  Cardinal Bea, president of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, felt it necessary to state that the question before the council is not the devotion of anybody but the accuracy of doctrine.  Cardinal Bea has a vested interest in promoting ecumenism, and he liked “Mary, Mother of the Faithful.”  Wouldn’t that suit everybody? (Ecumenism is heresy.)

Among the more doubtful arguments used to support the title at the Council,  “Mother of the Church” was favored.  It has  been said that the Church is the family of God (no more Mystical Body of Christ?)  Mary must be the “Mother of the Church” since she is already the “Mother of all men, the Mother of Protestants, of Mohammedans, of unbelievers, and so forth.”  From Terms “Mother of the Church” “Mediatrix” present problem for Council

Cardinal Vidal talks to his people about the the prophecy that  “money being the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction”

“This is an echo of the encyclical “Quadrigesimo Anno” on the reconstruction of the social order. PPius XI May 15, 1931   “This accumulation of money and power generates conflict between states.Countries employ their power and shape their policies to promote every economic advantage of their citizens, but also because they seek to decide political controversies that arise among nations through the use of their economic supremacy”

China is an economic giant.  A Military Giant.  The path through the Philippines is not far from the U.S.    Lipa is a true apparition.  Giving Our Lady the title Mary Mediatrix  will spoil the plans of those in our Bishopric and Cardinalship who are plotting against us. For what is a world without grace but a dark and evil planet.  If the world knows how to get grace and understands …. that “Go to Mary” is the defense against  the plans of the One Worlders … the world can change things  … with prayer … the weapon of the Rosary  A world at prayer is a world at peace.    2.jpgAmerican plane views militarized island reefs close to Philippines and photos ships

Spies In The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR): The Moscow Patriarchate Was Founded by Stalin in 1943


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“Former KGB Lt. Col. Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who defected to the U.S. in 1993, is the author of two books:  KGB/FSB’s New Trojan Horse:  Americans of Russian Descent and Russian Americans:  A New KGB Asset. 

 In his books he describes the grave concerns being felt by many Americans of Russian descent about the fact that, on May 17, 2007, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, (ROCOR), signed an Act of Canonical Community with the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.


ROCOR was originally established by White Russians who fled the Bolshevik Revolution and settled in America.  These new concerns are founded on the known history of the Moscow Patriarchate, that it was founded by Stalin in 1943 for the specific purpose of…

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Obama Care: Socialism on Steroids


Drawn From  ‘Michael Journal’  January 2010   

The Obama Care Health Plan was “Passed Without Reading”:  as advised by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.    This is ‘what could have been’  had we Americans been forced to continue on with Obama Care.  

 The segments referring to the elderly and terminally ill will be found at the end (as usual )

Doctors:  You will like Page 241: L. 6-8

“As a practicing physician I actually have read the bill.  I ask you respectfully, and, as patriotic Americans, to look at the troubling lines that I present”                                                 Stephen Fraser, M.D. 

Page 22:  Mandated that the government will audit books of all employers that are self-insured.

Page 30, Section 123:  There would been  a government committee which decided what…

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