Lipa Apparition Notes : WWII Japanese Soldiers and A Story of The Rose Petals


The Vatican has overturned the approval of ArchBishop Ramon Arguelles for the apparitions of Our Lady at Lipa in the Philippines. This is another surprising turn of events in the story of the ping pong game that has been being played between the Vatican and the Bishops of Lipa. Especially in view of the supernatural happenings there viewed by thousands of people, and, the utter holiness of the Carmelite nuns involved.

During World War II The Japanese had invaded the Philippines and established it as a district headquarters where supplies were stocked and prisoners held.  Those who could fled to Manila or to the countryside.  Others were not as fortunate.  Sixteen thousand men, women and children were herded into a diocesan seminary that had been converted into a prison and were bayoneted to death, their bodies and building burned in a huge ghastly holocaust.

Japanese soldier Jintaro Ishida knows.  He…

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