Obama Care: Socialism on Steroids


Drawn From  ‘Michael Journal’  January 2010   

The Obama Care Health Plan was “Passed Without Reading”:  as advised by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.    This is ‘what could have been’  had we Americans been forced to continue on with Obama Care.  

 The segments referring to the elderly and terminally ill will be found at the end (as usual )

Doctors:  You will like Page 241: L. 6-8

“As a practicing physician I actually have read the bill.  I ask you respectfully, and, as patriotic Americans, to look at the troubling lines that I present”                                                 Stephen Fraser, M.D. 

Page 22:  Mandated that the government will audit books of all employers that are self-insured.

Page 30, Section 123:  There would been  a government committee which decided what…

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