Bishops of France To Open Cause For Sister of King Louis XVI – Servant of God Madame Elisabeth

“Madame Elisabeth de France was a devotee of the Sacred Heart at the court of King Louis XVI, her brother.  She remained the very image of piety until her death by guillotine in 1794.”       France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart   Raymond Jonas p94

 Beheading Of A Martyr

“She was repeating the Psalm De Profundis as she awaited her turn in line.

She went up the scaffold steps with a firm step and looking up to heaven, she allowed the executioner to seize and bind her.

As she did so a little silver medal of the Immaculate Conception was revealed.

As the executioners assistant tried to take this away from her she said:  “In your Mother’s name, monsieur … cover me”  These were her last words.  Immediately the pure soul of Elisabeth de France passed on to its’ reward.

No other execution, it is said, caused so much emotion among the bystanders:  No one cried ‘Viva La Republique!

Everyone went sorrowfully away.

All the accounts and all the memoirs of the time agree in saying that when Madame Elisabeth received the fatal blow an odour of roses was diffused over the Place Louis XV …

And her gentle life has left a fragrant memory in the hearts of her countrymen, and, throughout the world.”

Madame Elisabeth de France  1764-1784    Mary Monica Maxwell Scott    p284-285                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Joseph_Ducreux,_Madame_Élisabeth_(1768) 2.jpg

Holy Madame Elisabeth!  Pray For Us!  Viva La France!  Viva Cristo Rex!

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