Pope Pius VI: Speaks on the Execution of King Louis XVI of France: Would That Francis Could Talk Like THIS !

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In Quare Lacrymae one can sense the shock that went through Europe at the regicide of Louis XVI.  The old order of Christian Europe had been shaken to its foundations.”  BY ADMIN  THE JOSIAS

Acts of our most holy lord Pope Pius VI in secret consistory on Monday, June 17, 1793, on occasion of the killing of Louis XVI, Most Christian King of France.

Translated by Coemgenus

“Venerable brothers,

Why should tears and sobs not choke off Our words?  Would not groans, rather than speech, better represent that pain of soul We are forced to express, as We inform you of the horrible spectacle of cruelty and barbarity done at Paris on the 21st of January this year?

By a conspiracy of impious men, the most Christian king Louis XVI has been condemned to death, and the sentence has been carried out.  (King Louis XVI was beheaded by the Masonic French Revolution which had the intent of overthrowing Crown and Altar)

But what sort of a sentence was this, and, with what reasoning was it passed?  We will briefly call to your attention that:    it was brought about without authority and without law by the National Convention – for that Convention, after the form of the more excellent monarchical regime had been abolished by them,   placed all public power at the disposal of the people … who are governed by no reasoning nor counsel … who judge few things by the truth … and many of them judge by opinion.

The people are inconstant, easy to deceive and lead into every base deed;  they are ungrateful, arrogant, and cruel;  they rejoice in human blood, in slaughter and in funerals;  they are filled with pleasure by the pains of the dying, just as was seen in the amphitheaters of the ancients.

When the more savage part of this People, who were not content to have rejected the imperial power of their king, but also wished also to rob him of his life,  decreed men to be judges of the King … who had accused him and had revealed a mind hostile to him.

In the process of judgment itself some even more wicked men were called forth, so that the number of those condemning might prevail over the others.

But as they could not increase this number, the king was sacrificed by less than the number required by law.  

From so many wicked and perverse judgements, from so many stolen votes, what sad, horrible, and in all ages execrable thing could not be feared and expected?  But because the horror of such an evil deed had deterred many from the crime, stirring up great controversy among the delegates, it was found necessary to cast votes again, the result of which, even though it proceeded from the votes of conspirators, they pronounced legitimate.

Here we must pass over many things done contrary to law, and completely null and invalid … as can be read in the august speeches of the defense attorneys., and everywhere in the public papers.

We must also omit what the king was forced to endure and suffer before his final punishment.  For in the meanwhile he was taken in to long custody in different prisons, from which he did not come forth except to appear in the dock before the Convention.

His Confessor was put to death.

The king was sequestered from his beloved royal family, and subjected to other sorts of hardships to bring him pain and disgrace, at which no one in whom there was any shred of humanity would not shudder.

Louis’s nature was known and perceived by all to be gentle, beneficient, clement, patient, loving towards his people, devoid of severity and rigor, easy and most indulgent towards all.  It was by this nature that he was induced to convoke the Esstates of the realm that were demanded, and which came crashing down on royal authority and finally on his own head.”

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