Haurietis Aquas: You shall draw water joyfully from the wellsprings of salvation

“Are you afflicted? Do your enemies persecute you? Does the remembrance of your past sins trouble you?  Do you feel your heart agitated by disquiet, by fear, or by passions? Come! Throw yourself into my arms.  Enter into My Heart.  I am the asylum and refuge of holy souls, and a place of shelter where your soul is in perfect security..” Cor Christi asylum perfugii in tentationibus and tribulationibus   (Blosi Consol of the Faithful Soul)       


“In this adorable Heart”, says St. Peter Damian, “we find all the weapons necessary for our defense, all the remedies suited to the cure of our diseases, all the most powerful aids against the assaults of our enemies, all the sweetest consolations to alleviate our sufferings, all the purest delights to fill our souls with joy.”

“The Sacred Heart of Jesus” says the devout Lanspergius, “is not only the seat of all the virtues, but it is also the fountain of graces by which these virtues are acquired and preserved.  Have a tender devotion to this loving Heart, which is so full of love and mercy.  Through it ask for all that you wish to obtain and offer of all your actions.  For this Sacred Heart is the treasury of all supernatural gifts.  It is the way by which we unite ourselves more closely with God, and by which God communicates Himself more lovingly to us.  You have in this Sacred Heart all the graces, all the virtues of which you stand in need, and you need not fear to exhaust this infinite treasure.

Have recourse to Me in all your necessities    6f8abfb8e21a33f44d91ca121d1b2699.jpg


“It is a good thing, it is a sweet thing,” cries out St. Bernard, to dwell in this Sacred Heart.  It is enough for me to call to mind Thy Sacred Heart, oh sweet Jesus, to be filled with joy.”


“My Heart is the treasury of all the graces, which I continually bestow upon you.  It is the fountain of all those interior consolations and ineffable delights with which I replenish My faithful friends.”  Jesus to St. Mechtildis