Heir to the Throne of France Promised by Mary in Apparition at Cotignac

 King Louis XIII and Queen Anne of Austria couldn’t believe it when they heard about the apparition in Cotignac. (Approved)  They had said many prayers for a son.  God heard the prayers of the King and Queen for an heir and sent Our Lady with a message.  She promised a child.  The child to be born was to be King Louis XIV.  He was the one to whom was addressed the urgent plea of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  To emblazon the image on the flags of battle.  For the soldiers to wear the image in the many wars.

Had France been consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Reign of Terror would probably not have been ….

The year is now 1638.  It is one hundred and fifty one years before the Reign of Terror in France:

Our Lady Appears in Cotignac and Promises a King for France                

“1638.  The kingdom was worried.  After 22 years of marriage, King Louis XIII and Queen Anne of Austria were without children.  The Queen continued praying fervently for an heir to the throne, but had many miscarriages. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace in Cotignac would soon play a big role in the answer.

On November 3, 1647, not far from the Louver, the Blessed Mother appeared to an Augustinian monk named Brother Fiacre while he was in prayer in the monastery of the church of Notre Dame des Victories.

The apparation was about the King and Queen.

The cry of a toddler had distracted him, explains an official history given by Our Lady of Victories.  It describes what happened on the first quarter hour visititation to him from Mary as recorded in the monasterys archives and countersigned by the vicar general and the priest.

He had turned his head to the side of the voice … and saw the Sacred Virgin surrounded by a beautiful and agreeable Light, with a child in her arms, dressed in a blue robe with stars, her hair hanging on her shoulders, three crowns on her head, sitting on a chair and saying:  ‘My child, do not fear, I am the Mother of God.”On this he threw himself on the ground to worship the child she held in her arms, thinking that it was Jesus Christ, but the Holy Virgin said to him:  “My child, it is not my Son, it is the child God wants to give to France.”

Then Our Lady asked for three Novenas from the Queen, and the son will be granted.  Specifically, one novena prayed at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Another there at Our Lady of Victories, and the last at an unknown shrine called Our Lady of Graces.

The monk was perplexed. Mary said “to spare any doubts, my child, to show you that I want the Queen to make three novenas to me, here is the same picture which is at Our Lady of Graces in Provence and the appearance of the church.

The monk and his superiors still had doubt, but in less than a week a babys cries again awakened Fiacre.  Again he sees Mary showing the child.  Fiacre believes and begins the novena for the Queen on November 8.  When the Queen is told, she too prays the novenas Our Lady requested in honor of her.  Then King Louis XIII orders Fiacre to find the sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces in Provence to pray the last novena there.

The trip to Cologne near the southeastern tip of France was trying.  When Brother Fiacre arrived, he was unsure if  he had found the right shrine.    Once he entered the chapel, he saw a painting being restored.  The very same image the Blessed Mother has shown him when she appeared November 3.  It was the chapel she requested.

Fiacre finished the Novena on December 5.  Exactly nine months later, on December5, 1638, their first child was born to King Louis XIII and Queen Anne.  They named him Louis-Dieudonne which means God -Given.

Overjoyed, the King declared a national act of thanksgiving and consecration of all of France to the “very Holy Virgin and Glorious Mary as special Protress of Our Land:

The King declared that on the feast of the Assumption each year he should commemorate “our present declaration at High Mass.  We similarly exhort all people that have a special devotion to the Virgin Mary on that day to implore her protection that God will be served  and revered in such a holy way that we and our subjects may finally reach the happy end for which we all have all been created.  Such is our wish.”

The consecration continued annually.

Louis XIII also named Our Lady of Victories in Paris and had it built in thanksgiving to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He credited her intercession for his victory over the Hugenots (Protestants) at LaRochelle which guaranteed the stability of the region.”National Catholic Register;  ‘Mary’s Little Known Appearance in France’ March 2017

The year after Queen Anne download 10.jpgdied in 1666, her son Louis XIV, had a plaque placed in the sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces to honor his mother’s memory and as a reminder that he was given to the people by the vows Anne made.  It remains there.

Louis XIV, the son of Anne of Austria and Louis XIII, would become the longest reigning of the Bourbon Kings  … the longest reigning of European monarchs – 72 years.

It was to him, Louis XIV,  that St. Margaret Mary Alocoque sent a letter requesting that France be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

St. Marguerite Marie Alocoque!  She who talked with Jesus.  She to whom He gave His Heart!

To Be Continued




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Haurietis Aquas: You shall draw water joyfully from the wellsprings of salvation

“Are you afflicted? Do your enemies persecute you? Does the remembrance of your past sins trouble you?  Do you feel your heart agitated by disquiet, by fear, or by passions? Come! Throw yourself into my arms.  Enter into My Heart.  I am the asylum and refuge of holy souls, and a place of shelter where your soul is in perfect security..” Cor Christi asylum perfugii in tentationibus and tribulationibus   (Blosi Consol of the Faithful Soul)       


“In this adorable Heart”, says St. Peter Damian, “we find all the weapons necessary for our defense, all the remedies suited to the cure of our diseases, all the most powerful aids against the assaults of our enemies, all the sweetest consolations to alleviate our sufferings, all the purest delights to fill our souls with joy.”

“The Sacred Heart of Jesus” says the devout Lanspergius, “is not only the seat of all the virtues, but it is also the fountain of graces by which these virtues are acquired and preserved.  Have a tender devotion to this loving Heart, which is so full of love and mercy.  Through it ask for all that you wish to obtain and offer of all your actions.  For this Sacred Heart is the treasury of all supernatural gifts.  It is the way by which we unite ourselves more closely with God, and by which God communicates Himself more lovingly to us.  You have in this Sacred Heart all the graces, all the virtues of which you stand in need, and you need not fear to exhaust this infinite treasure.

Have recourse to Me in all your necessities    6f8abfb8e21a33f44d91ca121d1b2699.jpg


“It is a good thing, it is a sweet thing,” cries out St. Bernard, to dwell in this Sacred Heart.  It is enough for me to call to mind Thy Sacred Heart, oh sweet Jesus, to be filled with joy.”


“My Heart is the treasury of all the graces, which I continually bestow upon you.  It is the fountain of all those interior consolations and ineffable delights with which I replenish My faithful friends.”  Jesus to St. Mechtildis













These are pictures of Paris.   That is not my headline, folks!!


If the Liberal attack continues and perseveres, our dear country is doomed.
Czech couples pictures and comments of Paris Today
It turns out that the second saying is now relevant in the literal sense: the modern capital of France is not similar to the one that is known to you .
“We went there not so long ago, just go for the weekend. We bribed the price of tickets, unusually low, but we were not in Paris for more than 10 years. We decided to refresh impressions, again inhale the French romance. The fact that the lowest price for Air France had alerted us, but nothing like this. “
“The flight was fine, then we boarded a train that took us to the center, and it was there that we experienced the first shock: not only was the Northern station all littered with debris,  there was not…

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Obama Care: Socialism on Steroids

Drawn From  ‘Michael Journal’  January 2010   

The Obama Care Health Plan was “Passed Without Reading”:  as advised by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.    This is ‘what could have been’  had we Americans been forced to continue on with Obama Care.  

 The segments referring to the elderly and terminally ill will be found at the end (as usual )

Doctors:  You will like Page 241: L. 6-8


“As a practicing physician I actually have read the bill.  I ask you respectfully, and, as patriotic Americans, to look at the troubling lines that I present”                                                 Stephen Fraser, M.D. 

Page 22:  Mandated that the government will audit books of all employers that are self-insured.

Page 30, Section 123:  There would been  a government committee which decided what treatments and’or benefits you get.

Page 29, Line 4-16:  Your health care would have been limited to a quota set by the government.

Page 42:  The ‘Health Choices Commissioner’ would have chosen your health care benefits for you.

Page 50:, Sec. 152:  Health care would have been provided to ALL non US citizens illegal or otherwise.

Page 58:  The government would have had real-time access to individuals’ finances and a “National ID Health Card” will be issued.

Page 59, Line 21-24:  The government would have had direct access to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer.

Page 65, Sec. 164:  WAS a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions and community organizations such as ACORN.  (ACORN: government body that has been caught dealing in prostitution, fraud, embezzlement.  ACORN has received $53,000,000 in funds from the US government.  It is only one of many government-controlled community organizations.  As of now, (2010) many of them have gotten away with serious illegal activity without so much as a fine.)

Page 84, Sec. 203:  The government would have mandated ALL benefit packages for private health care plans in the “exchange”

Page 85:   Line 7:  Specifications for benefit levels for plans.  The government would have rationed your health care.

Page 91, Line 4-7:  The government would have used groups  ( ie: ACORN and AMERICORPS )  to sign up individuals for government health care plan.

Page 85, Line 7:  Specifications of benefit levels for plans.  ( AARP members – your health care Would have been be rationed.  RATIONED!! 

Page 102, Line 12-18:  Medicaid eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid.  (There would have gone your choice by the wayside)

Page 124, Line 24-25:  No company could have sued the government on price fixing.  No “judicial review” would have existed against government monopoly.

Page 127, Line 1-16:  For Doctors affiliated with the American Medical Association, the government could have told you what salary you could make.

Page 145, Line 15-17:  An employer must auto-enroll employees into public option plan.

Page 126, Line 22-25:  Employers would have had to pay for health care for part-time employees and their families.           (Employees would have been the losers here as employers would have been forced to reduce the work force, benefits and wages/salaries to cover such a huge expense.)

Page 149, Line 16-24:  Any employer with a payroll of 401k and above, who did not provide the public option would have had to pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.

Page 150, Line 9-13:  A business with payroll between $251k and $401k … who did not provide the public option would have had to pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.

Page 167, Line 18-23:  ANY individual who did not have acceptable health care according to the government would have been taxed 2.5% of his/her income.

Page 170, Line 1-3:  Any non resident alien would have been exempt from individual taxes.  (Americans would have had to pay)

Page 195:  Officers and employees of the government Health Care Administration would have had access to all Americans’ finances and personal records.

Page 203, Line 14-15:  “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.”  (Yes, it says that)

Page 239, Line 14-24:  The government would have “reduced physician services for Medicaid seniors”

Page 241, Line 6-8:  Doctors would all have been  paid the same.  (This is real socialism)

Page 253, Line 10-18:  The government would have set the value of a Doctor’s time, profession, judgment, etc.  (Literally-the value of humans.)

Page 265, Sec. 1131:  The government would have mandated and controlled productivity for “private” health care industries.

Page 341, Lines 3-9:  The government would have had the authority to disqualify Medicare Advance Plans, HMO’s,   (thus forcing people into the government plan)

Page 354, Sec. 1177:  The government would have restricted enrollment of “special needs people”   (unbelievable)

Page 379, Sec. 1191:  The Government would have created a huge bureaucracy via a “Tele-Health Advisory Committee”  This means health care by telephone

Page 425, Line 4-12:  Government would have mandated “advance-care planning CONSULTATIONS”  ( Think senior citizens end-of-life patients)

Page 425, Line 17-19:  The government would have been able to instruct and consult re: living wills, durable powers of attorney, etc.  (And it’s mandatory)

Page 425, Line 22-25, Page 426, Line 1-3:  The government would provide an “approved” list of end of life resources and guiding you in death.  (Also called “assisted suicide”)

Page 427, Line 15-24:  The government would have mandated a program for orders on “end of life”   (in other words … how your life would have ended)  

Page 429, Line 1-9:  An “Advanced Care Planning Consultant” would have been used frequently as a patient’s health deteriorated.

Page 429, Line 10-12:  An “Advanced Care Consultation” would have included orders for end-of-life plans.  In other words, promotion for euthanasia.  

Page 429, Line 13-25:  The government would have specified which Doctors can write an end of life order.  

Page 430, Line 11-15:  The government would have decided what level of treatment you will have at the end of your life.

Page 489, Sec. 1308:  The government would have covered marriage and family therapy.

Page 494-498:  The government would have covered mental health services including defining !  creating and rationing those services.


Dr. Stephan Fraser, M.D.

Bold Face emphasis and placing this fact sheet in the past tense:   by maryanne
















TransGenderism and Heart Ache

Kiley Crossland 10/06/17   World Digital Assistant Editor:  Reports on Marriage, Family, Sexuality

In an interview with The Telegraph of London Professor Miroslav Djordjevic lamented the lack of research on transgender people changing their minds and undergoing surgery reversal.  He splits his time between New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital and his clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.  Doctor Djordjevic is a world leading genital reconstructionist surgeon.  He is an Assistant Professor of Urology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia  (wikipedia)

“The number of reversal patients has continued to grow”  In 2012, Dr. Djordjevic had “two patients completing reversals” and six prospective patients”

According to Djordjevic, some patients report crippling depression and suicidal ideation after their reassignment surgery.”

So far, all of his reversal patients have been adult transgender people who want to restore their male genitalia.

Djordjevic said he fears one major problem is that some clinics are just out for financial gain.

“I have heard stories of people visiting [clinics] who only checked on whether or not they had the money to pay.  We have to stop this” he said.

Another problem, according to Djordjevic,  is growing pressure to treat patients at younger ages.  In the last 20 years, the average age of his patients has dropped from 45 to 21.  He does not do surgery on anyone younger than 18, but fears the World Professional Association for Transgender Health will soon reduce their guidelines for gender reassignment surgeries to include minors.

The rates of minors seeking treatment for gender dysphoria (dysphoria:  a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with ones life:  google)  continues to rise.

In April, (10/06/17), the only clinic in England that sees minors for gender identity development services reported that it saw 2,016 referrals in the previous 12 months, a 42 percent increase from the year before, on top of a 104 percent increase from the year before that.  The number of children being treated for gender identity disorder at Scotland’s Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow quadrupled in the past three years, according to an article published this week in the Glasgow newspaper The Herald, from under 50 in 2013 to more than 200 cases last year.

Walt Heyer, a former transgender person who says his life was “devestated” by gender transition,” has been writing about the increasing problem of gender change regret for 10 years.  He praised Djordjevic for speaking out:

“The well respected surgeon Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, and, Psychotherapist James Caspian are discovering what I have known all along:  regret and detransitions are on the rise because too many ‘gender affirming’ surgeries are performed on people who don’t need them.”  Walt Heyer



cropped-file_Heyer_Walt03Final-web-e1451507004662.jpgWalt Heyer is a former transgender who regrets his chang deeply, and travels extensively to share his story at conferences, churches and universities.  He has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.  His many books and on line help are welcome resources.



Davids’ Male Nature Was Never Suppressed After His Transgender Surgery as a Child. Pity the Children!

The Rheimer twins were born minutes apart.  Later, David, had received a a botched circumcision surgery at 7 months of age. The Doctor had used an electric cautery machine with a sharp cutting needle to sever the foreskin.  Bad choice of instrument  in my opinion, because it severed  the tiny penis of the little baby. A clamp and a scalpel would have held all steady, and, is the usual choice . The Canadian family, seeking help, saw an American, Doctor Money, (appropriate name)  on television. They were impressed and desperate and wrote to  him, and, he accepted them as clients.

David Reimer was born on August 22, 1965, 12 minutes before his twin brother.  His parents named him Bruce and his brother Brian.  Both babies were healthy and developed normally until they were seven months old, when they were discovered to have a condition known as phimosis, a defect in the foreskin that makes urination difficult..

The Reimers were told by their Doctor that the problem was easily remedied with circumcision.  During the procedure at the hospital, a doctor who did not usually perform such operations was assigned to the Reimer babies.  He chose to use an electric cautery machine with a sharp cutting needle to sever the foreskin. “The electrical equipment had malfunctioned and the surge in current had obliterated the tiny penis” was their ‘story.’ The Doctor was inexperienced and the instrument of choice was wrong.


At eight months of age, David became the unwitting subject of “sex reassignment.”  His grieving parents, too trusting in the words of Doctors, heard of an American Doctor named Money, who advised them that it would be better to raise him as a girl.  Dr. Money was experimenting with sex conversion at the time.  He recommended castration and hormone treatments. He was a psychologist.  Not a Doctor. Canada was suffering under some form of socialized medicine at this point in time.  I have personal knowledge of friends there who suffered, including one man who died in the emergency room of a massive heart attack … after he had told them about chest pain several times with nothing having been done. No Cardiac Testing.

This sad story was known as the “John/Joan” case and was widely publicized, giving credence to arguments presented in the 70’s by feminists and others that humans are sexually neutral at birth and that sex roles are largely the product of social condition

“Doctor Money was a psychologist specializing in sex change. He believed that it wasn’t biology that determines whether we are male or female, but how we are raised.

For Doctor Money, David was the ideal experiment.  Here was a child he believed should be brought up as the opposite sex, who even brought his own control group with him – an identical twin.

If it worked this would provide irrefutable evidence of Dr. Money’s theory.

When Bruce (later David) was 17 months old, he became Brenda.  Four months later, on July 3, 1967, the first surgical step was taken – castration. (Surgical removal of the tiny delicate testicles of this poor baby boy.

Dr. Money stressed, post surgery,  that, if they wanted the sex change to work, the parents must never let Brenda or her twin brother know that she had been born a boy.

From now on the Reimers had a boy and a ‘girl’

For several years Doctor Money (his real name) reported on Reimer’s progress, describing apparently successful female gender development and using this case to support the feasibility of sex reassignment. He wrote his paper and made his case!

Mrs. Reimer reported that the child was very rebellious and acted very masculine.  “I could not persuade her to do anything feminine” she once said.  Brenda had no friends.

She did not like wearing dresses.  She loved to play with her brothers toys, and, be with his friends. She was lonely and a sad child.  Doctor Money, at this time, had been pressuring the family to bring David in for surgery during which “a vagina” would be constructed.  Estrogen was given during adolescence to induce breast development.  From the age of 22 months into his teen aged years, Reimer had urinated through a hole that surgeons had placed in the abdomen. What a tragedy for a little boy.

The parents, after these stressful years, had decided against any more surgery and told Brenda, in opposition to Dr. Money’s advice, that she had been born a boy.


“I could see that Brenda wasn’t happy as a girl”  Janet Reimer recalled.

Brenda soon decided that she wanted to be what she was supposed to be … a boy, and, she chose the name of

Reconstructive surgery was done, as it should have been.  Too late for David though. He did eventually marry and although  he couldn’t have children, the girl he married had three and David was happy for a time as a Father.

But …  the effects of the hormone treatments given to a little boy to change him into a girl had taken their toll and he developed a form of schizophrenia.

Hormone Treatments are given to some children.  They are called ‘Puberty Blockers’

Slowly, David went into a deep depression.  He had lost his job, and, become separated from his wife.

In 2002, his brother died from a drug overdose.

Two years later, David committed suicide …

No one should have to live a life like these two … the abuse of Dr. Money had taken its toll.

No One.

Los Angeles Times Saturday May 15, 2004 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 2

In this writer’s opinion, David could have had reconstructive surgery, rather than a castration,  and, his parents should have brought a medical malpractice action against the Doctor who did the surgery.  The money they won would have helped these two working class parents through their terrible struggle.

About Doctor Money:                                                                                                                             Much information can be found on the internet about him as he was one of the early advocates of transgender ideology and therapy, and, greatly revered by the feminist movement.  There are accounts of how the two Reimer brothers suffered sexual abuse on their frequent “visits to the Doctor” in many places. What I read of it was terrible.

David Reimer went public with his story, and, John Colapinto published a widely disseminated and influential account in Rolling Stone Magazine December 1997.

John Colapinto eventually wrote a book ‘As Nature Made Him:  The Boy Who was Raised as a Girl’

God Himself “from the beginning made man male and female” (Matthew 19:4) “and He blessed them saying, “Increase and multiply” (Gn 1:28). Thus it is that the things that in this respect are naturally found in man are also good and proper., as the Church has often stated in order to proclaim the sanctity and dignity of marriage.”      Draft of a Dogmatic Constitution on Chastity, Marriage, The Family, and Virginity:  A portion of the Discarded Schemas of Vatican II.